The Ideal Marriage Age

“Marry the right person. Check out music downloads for additional information. Such a decision will be determined over ninety percent of your happiness or unhappiness, “the American best-selling author H. Jackson Brown announces certainly not wrong. find the suitable man for life but is often not so simple as dar. Should we marry the first love of his life – or wait until you are mature? When is the right time to step to the altar? Is there an ideal age for marriage, a “too early” or “too late” or “just right”? Marriage age is increasing in the amount already in his lifetime to the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) the age of marriage in the “better” districts was relatively especially in male contemporaries. Freud himself married his junior by five years with wife Martha 30th The women of higher socio-off social stood out, her innocence and her dowry at the time for the wedding. But today, the higher the social status of the man, the less Lenze it often his wife in the relation. Especially from the mid 70-s years the age at marriage began to climb the Central Europeans in general.

Meanwhile, the majority of married men aged 30-33 years and most women 28 to 30 Fifteen years ago, dared Both men and women still do at 30 this big step for the (ge-) trusted companionship. To marry young couples sometimes a mistake, learn to know each other very young, often run the risk of a few years, “the right” for each other. They were grown in the time of their life together in their intellectual development are more matured. Many love it grow and mature, but apart – often approached through their professional careers – to characters who no longer have much in common with each other. The small Duckmauschen is about a seasoned and confident woman, her partner, which they saw at the beginning of their relationship to, but evolved in that time only sparingly on.

A certain degree of dissatisfaction and Disappointment creeps into the relationship, you have to say less and it always comes as a result not uncommon to break. Have the two in the meantime “ver married”, then a divorce, the painful result. Jung can marry so sometimes quite go up in smoke, but why get married only after fifteen years of relationship lacks, yes, unfortunately, each stimulus. For: Freshly fallen to the altar – it has already! Often, however, proved to marriages of couples who know each other because of previous relationships later learned, stable and durable because of the personal maturity of both partners. Thus, the marriage would be in an advanced age, the more ideal variant. Deep, intimate feeling to finally do the right thing to say that there probably is no “ideal” age for marriage. It is true that marriages fail at a young age by the (still) missing and later onset of maturity of both, but do not have. Whether you are the right partner at his side and wants to marry him, the you feel! Not the duration of the relationship and the age, but the intimate, deep feelings for each other must agree. As mentioned earlier, it also said the Jackson H. Brown so aptly: “Remember that a good marriage depends on two things: first, to find the right people and secondly, the right to be human.”