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In the experimental practice of attributive projection is confirmed in the first place. Projective techniques allow to diagnose the individual style of relationships with other people (conformity, leadership, authoritarianism, etc.), the leading motives and ways of their implementation, the degree of harmony or conflict affective sphere, a means of resolving internal and external conflicts, self-esteem, etc. Projective tests are a set of techniques integrated study of personality, based on the psychological interpretation of the results of the projection. Projective techniques – techniques of mediated learning person, based on the construction of specific, plastic (slabostrukturnoy) stimulus situation, the desire to resolve the actualization of which helps in the perception of trends, attitudes, relationships and other personal characteristics. Projection is considered as perceptual effect as a manifestation of personality in the perception, reflected in the experience of previously existing practices and emotional (S.

Rubinstein, LF Burlachuk). In assessing the validity and reliability of projective techniques, we share the view that many of these techniques are inherent in a holistic approach to the characterization of the individual, but we can not agree that this leads to reduce the reliability of the information. Unambiguous interpretation of the classification to date does not exist. Most benefits occur psychodiagnostics methods that representatives of each psychological lines used, but the priority for market analysis are the most likely methods of observation, experimentation, interviews, survey. While the majority of the use of projective techniques attributed only to representatives of the psychoanalytic concept of (A. Adler, 3.Freyd, Erich Fromm, Carl Jung), these methods are actually applied humanistic psychology (the method of free association, Rorschach test – Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers), socio-behavioral focus (TAT, "Unfinished proposals" – D.

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Corporate events, festivals – a very important element in the life of any company. Large corporations spend millions and millions of dollars on the formation of corporate identity, corporate culture and corporate activities that reinforce what is called the “corporate spirit”. The meaning of this absolutely clear: the closer a company – the greater its success in the market, the healthier environment within the company – the more it success in the marketplace, the better the relationship between company employees and their bosses – the greater its success in the marketplace, the better the relationships between employees – the greater the success in the market. Nothing so contributes to the success and profit growth Companies like atmosphere of unity, friendship and understanding. It was such an atmosphere should be formed and corporate events, corporate holidays. All work is done for the organization of corporate events – from performances and to design the room florists – in the end it is necessary to create the right atmosphere, which later turned into pure profit. Organizing a corporate holiday, formation of the atmosphere, team spirit – it’s fine, filigree setting.

Setting up a complex mechanism consisting of a set of personalities, personalities of your employees, which eventually should create a single symphony corporate spirit, a perfect harmony of effective business. Reasonable and logical to entrust this work to professionals. Professionals who can arrange for you to truly high-quality, original, exclusive corporate event. Thus, the authorities will save yourself some trouble and difficulty, and the staff just to enjoy a cheerful holiday friendly, pleasant memories of which will remain for a long time. If you need to organize a corporate event – remember that the level of the organization of corporate parties depends on the prestige of your company and your employees to respect their superiors. Correctly organized corporate party – rallied employees, enhance team spirit and contribute to the development of corporate culture and the establishment of informal networks within the company. A well-structured corporate governance best any “team training”. Our experts will organize a high-level corporate party – according to your individual scenario or offer you your own original and creative ideas.

Arranged by us corporate evening remembered by everyone as the evening a successful and wealthy company. Advertising Agency DeCor organize for you a holiday from start to finish, we suggest you measure “turnkey” – from the stage of development concept, scripting, and ending with an exclusive design hotel rooms, which include phytodesign, floral decoration for the hall. After years of work in various areas of show business, the head of our department Special Projects Elena Dunaevskaya established relations with almost all Russian “stars” as well as with many foreign pop stars – in order to invite them to your holiday, we do not need intermediaries. In our file cabinet is the artists almost every possible genre – an entertainer, striptease and circus troupe – all that will be pleasing to you to your holiday, birthday, anniversary. Rent and design fields, laser light show and sound special effects, as well as organization of photo and video – all of these efforts we will undertake. Rely on professionals to organize your corporate event.

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