Moscow Restaurants

In Moscow, there are now more than 2,500 restaurants (about half of the total number of points of public catering), and the list is constantly updated. Despite a rather impressive figure, the number of restaurants in Moscow – just a drop in Sea compared with other world capitals. In Paris, for example, there are 14 000 schools, "haute cuisine", and in New York City – 17 000. But even with this relatively small number of Muscovites and guests are always choice. Want to "beautiful views"? There is a restaurant on the water and winter porches. Those who prefer a concrete jungle wilderness can go to a country restaurant.

For fans of "bread and circuses" are all sorts of sports bars, restaurants and karaoke venues. For those who do not want to rack their brains over how to get home after a restaurant meal, you should pay attention to the restaurants at hotels. As for "features of national cuisines', in almost all of them (including the author) are presented in the metropolitan restaurants sufficiently. The most popular are still restaurants in Moscow Italian (or European) and Asian cuisine. However, fans of gastronomic delights, too, have a place to roam. For example, in the newly opened restaurant "Daikon" is presented not only their traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisine, but also rare, even for Moscow, the Indonesian and Singaporean. And in the restaurant "The Hindu" the chef is ready to please visitors … Indian rolls, which is added to rice cooked with Indian spices.

Smart Technology

"Smart Technology" is now in Irkutsk Two modern hypermarket of electronics and household appliances was opened in October in Irkutsk company "M. Video". The area of each of them more than 2 thousand square meters. meters and can accommodate several thousand in addition to Technology more titles and a new approach to sales. The company has assured all customers "M.

Video" will please a wide range of consumer electronics, low prices, high quality service and excellent atmosphere of new stores. That the overall mean yield of Irkutsk consumer electronics market to a new level. The company "M. Video" well aware that a major purchase, whether purchasing a home theater refrigerator or washing machine, are equally important for all family members. That's why there was implemented a new "family" approach to shopping, which will be equally interesting to both adults and children. All We guarantee our customers a comfortable shopping: they can test new products or, for example, play computer games or watch a 3D-TV sitting in a comfortable chair – all the shops of the company laid out identically, with account being taken of the best Russian and foreign experience. Now, all these innovations available to Irkutsk. In mid-October in shopping centers "Jam Mall" and "Universal" have opened two new hypermarket "M.

Video", each area of more than two thousand square meters. meters. However, the new approach to sales – is not the only bonus that will get customers "M. Video". In addition, all visitors are guaranteed a wide range of consumer electronics, low prices, 100 percent protection against counterfeit products and excellent service. Ensure that value for money and the company manages through direct deliveries from equipment manufacturers and work only with the best of them. Opening the capital of two new Angara "M. Video", no doubt, a momentous event not only for Irkutsk, but also for the company. For her, it marks an important step in the development of networks in the regions of Siberia. Today Irkutsk – this is the easternmost town in the network "M. Video", which is strategically important in its further movement to the east. In 2010, "M. Video" is among the leaders in sales of electronics and home appliances in Russian. Today company owns a chain of 200 hypermarkets in 77 cities across the country. However, the company says that this is not the limit and are planning to open before the end of the year there are about 20 shops. .