Nokia’s Plans in 2010

Buy nokia mobile phone can be anywhere, the range of models from this manufacturer is impressive, but unfortunately Nokia recently announced that halve a model line of smartphones. The first half of 2010 will be pretty difficult for Nokia without a viable device that could exceed the desire to rivals, said analyst Tero Kuittinen MKM Partners. He notes that sales of Nokia N97 and continue to fall further decrease, while the stripped-down model of the Nokia N97 Mini generally not been hit since the early sales, especially high volume of sales was through the Internet shop nokia Competition to be diligent: the part of the market that lose Finns, claim line BlackBerry, iPhone and Android-smartphone. Analyst Kuittinen adds that Nokia smartphones running Symbian 3 linger until the second half of 2010, as successor to the N900 Maemo released only in 2011. Nokia plans for the first half there is no flagship device – an alarming sign, given that the new Business E-series smartphones are similarly not sold too well. In the past few years, flagship companies such as Nokia N96 or Nokia N97, were announced in February, but final products entering the market in the second half. Perhaps this situation will be repeated again in 2010. The decision was made in order to not put on the market similar to each other device, differing only in the design and only certain functions (such as the Nokia N97 and Nokia N900, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini).

Concentrating on small smart phone, Nokia will try to make them unique, grind them. In addition, the analyst notes that Nokia can not rely on the device from low-end, because they do not bring Company sale. Only appeared on the market touchscreen Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, which became a hit online shop nokia phones it would bring good profit, but he was more than a year. And here is one of the cheap smart phone, Nokia 6303 classic, that without a contract worth 177 USD, even new was not popular. Several technologies have either recently launched or are being finalized, and hope for them in the near future is not necessary. The strategy, which led to the problems of Nokia, sharply contrasts with the to the behavior of the company's competitors. Apple, HTC, RIM and others are rarely allowed a large number of devices to be in the market for over a year. Sometimes successors were after several months of each other. So, HTC has released in the spring of Magic only only for the summer in order to produce improved Hero. The company's success in the face.