Reduction Of Phonograms

Below I will provide simple, affordable even for beginners, describing several basic concepts that will sooner or later acquires any, communicating with the computer people. Jill Schlesinger recognizes the significance of this. In future, all these terms you will meet many times in text so that it is better to decide what I have in mind. midi and wav – hard to explain, but I'll try. This – the main file formats that contain digital information that is transferred to the playback device (sound card, synthesizer, sampler, digital recorder, etc). where the information received successfully converted to analog and fed to an amplifier from the speakers that we hear the sound.

The difference between midi and wav files, such as between raster and vector graphics. WAV-file – the sound form in the 'pure'. Roughly speaking, it – like a tape recorder. You can apply for entrance whatever the sound source, burn it, and then reproduce, copy, 'glued' to the other fragments, accelerate / decelerate, 'cut' as whole pieces, and separate frequency and so on. and tp. (Human imagination is limitless!).

However, all this requires a huge amount of memory available. (WAV Size = (Bits / 8) * Channels * Time * Rate, ie, 1 sec. Audio from CD-quality is 176,400 bytes!) Of course, there are different compression algorithms, but nevertheless it does not relieve us from this problem. One of the most popular professional editors wav – Sound Forge company Sonic Foundry. MIDI-file contains only the sequent (see below) and keeps audio form (although there are fighters who still put their sound waves directly into the MIDI-file, but we believe it is a perversion, and will not be considered).

British Music Hall Of Fame

Once it became clear that the studio albums do not justify the commercial expectations, Black Sabbath used the trick previously tested by The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac: The original structure assembled to work on the concert collection, which added a couple of new studio tracks. A double CD-set Reunion, recorded in Birmingham and united Iommi, Osbourne, Butler and Ward, in England, without success, but in the U.S. went platinum. For the track Iron Man Black Sabbath got its first “Grammy (Best Metal Performance). The band continued to tour, and completed a reunion tour in his Birmingham December 22, 1999. In February 2001 year, Black Sabbath announced that the newly merged to participate in the sixth Ozzfest’e, moreover, continue to work together in the studio.

However, collaboration with producer Rick Rubin did not work out and the project was delayed for indefinitely – even more so, that Osborne has become more popular than your family reality show. In 2004, Black Sabbath returned to active: Nichols replaced in the keyboardist Adam Wakeman, Rick Wakeman’s son, to this known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne. In 2004 and 2005, the band performed headlining Ozzfest on. In November 2005, Black Sabbath were inaugurated at the British Music Hall Of Fame and performed at the ceremony. March 13, 2006 a similar event was conducted in the American Hall of Fame rock n ‘roll, with the difference that the group had not made itself: instead, Metallica performed the Hole In The Sky and Iron Man. After the release of compilation Black Sabbath: The Dio Years Dio, Iommi, Butler and Appice returned to live performances by the new name of Heaven and Hell. Bill Ward refused to cooperate with Heaven And Hell, but promised that he will join the original composition Black Sabbath, if any, will meet again. At the moment the musicians Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice reunited for a joint tour, which goes under the name Heaven And Hell, not Black Sabbath.

On tour played songs recorded during the band Dio album from Heaven And Hell, Mob Rules and Dehumanizer, but also from the new album The Devil You Know, released on Heaven and Hell in 2009, Ozzie Osborne responded to the painful reunion of a group without him. At first, he almost did not comment on the activities of Heaven and Hell, saying that “this project has no relation to Black Sabbath, there is only one Black Sabbath. In 2009, Osborne filed a lawsuit against Iommi, requiring a it half the rights to the name Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath laid the foundation for the further development of heavy and doom metal, and many of their albums is called the prototypes of modern thought. In the years 1970-2000 a total circulation of Black Sabbath album close to a hundred million.

How To Play The Guitar At Home. Chords And Sheet Music For Guitar

The mass of citizens, what they want to learn to play guitar, addressed to various sources, note that they are available now. Quite a few services on the internet, various tutorials, many of them can actually buy in each store of books, intended to help consumers in resolving this issue. At the same time today, I would like to advise citizens of what is already playing the guitar, and not averse to improve personal skills, as well as and the person who dreams to learn this art from the elementary truths, the resource is made and successfully operating online. It is offered in its pages all the possible chords, what will help you learn and show own talents in the future. Credits think about how to present a considerable number of the required information, what is intended to help both people who are already acquired certain skills, as well as beginners. On pages service offered to many popular magazines that can tell us about the guitar mastery and well-known artists.

Recommendations pros of the highest level will be useful to every user absolutely portal and will be simply fun and informative. Absolutely all of the programs for the guitar, what you see on the site should be very useful, and by downloading them on your home PC, if necessary, to use them successfully. In addition to all the pages of a resource always operate basic chords for acoustic guitar, they will not be superfluous to everyone. Presented in sections portal tutorial on guitar, will help in a very short periods of time to get acquainted with such art, and music for guitar rock will be useful to all and help you find a very deep personal talents and to show their home and family. In that case, if you think that improvisation on the guitar – a problem which hardly is feasible, then hitting on the resource page and seeing Tips pros, and then applying them in practice, you can be assured that it is not.

You just need a great desire, and in addition that little bit of patience and time, and then the dream to play blues guitar or can implement something else (say, jazz, flamenco and more) take place in the near future. You will be able to surprise their loved ones, friends or partners, pointing to a party, personal abilities and skills that you have mastered using the comments and advice to artists, offered on the pages. Anytime you have to ask all the questions completely, which should appear at the time of acquaintance with this site, its authors, using the form placed in the corresponding section, and in no time at all you are guaranteed to get them a thorough and professional answers. And in this If the period of study, which will be presented with the support of the portal will be accessible and will bring only positive emotions.

Vinyl Records

Gramophone record dates back to the music library – store recordings, where the shelves are lined with shelves with reels of magnetic tape. On this tape recording is transferred to the lacquered disc with a special cutting tool recorder, carving a sound track. Electrical signals are converted to tape the mechanical vibrations of the tool. At the same lacquer disc is rotating at a constant rate. The cutter is cutting out the groove, moving in from the edge to center. Lacquer disc is a precision product. Basis (substrate) is a thin aluminum sheet.

On the substrate (base) applied on both sides of a special lacquer coating thickness of about 0.2 mm. In the process of lakonaneseniya excluded the possibility that the extraneous inclusions larger than 1 micron. The lacquer is applied in a sterile room in which the air flows through a complicated system of dust collection. For lacquer and impose strict requirements on filtering, application and subsequent drying. The recorder is a precision electro-mechanical machine, which records on lacquer disc. In the room where he was also supported by the sterile cleanliness. To prevent parasitic vibrations that can be transmitted to the chisel, the recorder is set on a strong base, and have no links with the building itself.

The tape passes through the coil recorder, excites in them an electrical current. The cores of coils begin to oscillate with a cutter, slicing, so that the grooves. Formed with the chip is removed by vacuum suction, adjacent to the cutter. The cutter is designed as a cutting tool, rather complex in its geometry, which has microscopic dimensions. Tool for fine wire is wound. The electric current passing through it, heating causes the tool to 200-300 C. Hot chisel to cut a layer of varnish groove smoother and softer, thus minimizing the noise level. Sapphire – the main material used for the manufacture of cutting tools. Diamond, a very expensive, rarely used. The process of cutting the track follows the operator. Originally had to use a microscope, which is very tired eyes. But later on the cutting head equipped with a tiny camera, which made it possible to observe the process, looking at the monitor. Burn to disc lacquer so obtained is identical to the magnetic sound track. Of the lacquer disc are originals by nickel electroforming. This electrochemical method allows you to make exact copies of the microrelief tracks. The first may be the original matrix, it can be pressed from shellac. On the one matrix can be made several hundred vinyl records. If the order of records in the thousands of pieces, an additional matrix. For this disc does not apply the varnish. In a bath of electrolyte is placed first original, and with it removed second original. As soon as he received his check at the hearing by placing a special player. When defects are detected, it is sometimes the studio recording a new lacquer disc. But in most cases for the work is taken factory jeweler-engraver, who, through their tools and techniques eliminates defects distort the sound. When defects are eliminated, are engaged in the manufacture of matrices. With the restored drive the electrochemical method receive third original. For many thousands of editions of vinyl records from the third source are fourth. He was sent to the factory of records, where, using the same electroplating, make necessary number of matrices, depending on circulation.

British Scott Redding

The pilot AMV Toni Elias scored, today, his seventh victory of the season at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit. From Manresa, opening a new page in the history of motorcycling, it would proclaim champion of the Moto2 world in Malaysia, next week, if finish ahead of Julian Simon. The pilot AMV Toni Elias has today achieved an extraordinary victory in which has been the fourteenth race of the season held in the circuit of Motegi in Japan. Elias has dominated with authority, from beginning to end, thanks in part to a large output, which has aupado in the highest classification since the beginning of the Japanese test. In initial compasses, the AMV has had to control the insistent attacks of Julian Simon, Yuki Takahashi local hero, and the British Scott Redding. With the passage of the laps, Elias has been able to print a hellish pace that only Julian Simon has been able to continue, but without disturb you in no time. The AMV pilot showed more satisfied than ever after achieving its seventh victory, this time on his Moriwaki frame house and in front of the followers of Shoya Tomizawa.

The pilot AMV will seek next week make the Moto2 world champion title in the second race of the triplet of consecutive tests. Toni Elias, pilot AMV Hispania, leader of the general with 249 points: we are very pleased with today’s race. We have achieved a well-deserved, but also unexpected triumph here at Motegi, in house of Moriwaki and in front of the fans of Shoya Tomizawa, who I want to dedicate this victory. We knew that Julian would be very strong but I managed to maintain a pace of very interesting career. After this race, our goal is closer, but I don’t want to think about it, and I will leave in Malaysia with the same mentality of always.