The temptation to lie on a resume is great! How can it hurt if I stretch the truth a little? Employers see a lot of resumes. How will they know who is lying and who is not? Whoa! Let us pause a moment and reflect on what lies can really do in a resume. 1. Lying and stretching of the truth can come out anyway. You, who are seeking work, may exaggerate the wrong people and get caught lying! 2.

Are you so confident that you have to lie to get a job? Poor you! 3. Many, if not all employers who discover the truth behind a lie fired on the spot. 4. Why lie? If your accomplishments and skills seem below par, it is better to say that an interviewer to be seen as a liar! Finally, a lie that makes you feel guilty, ethics, you are looking for work, they need all the positive parts of himself to find a new job. Ignore finds himself and come to find a good job without falsifying anything.

Lying on a resume worthy of the file 13 that we all know. Keep your head up and know himself as a truth teller no, the liar who falls from grace with time, especially in a job. Your mother was right, do not lie! “Have a ‘Hotsy-Totsy Resume!’