Holy Spirit

Serafin Alarcon not alone You’re not alone! While getting the indifference and neglect of those around you are not alone, God does not give you back, and even suggests the enemy give up, do not listen, do not let your voice is only intended to humiliate and destroy. You are not alone!, You’re not. Christ said: “I am with you always until the end of the world,” not a man to lie or the son of man to repent … Your hands are tight on the wheel of life, your gaze fixed on Christ alone … And if you feel you lack strength and can do no more, crying to Him and you will surely respond.

Depends only on the love of Jesus, let your peace surround you, filling your life with renewed strength to continue. Do not forget brother, you’re not alone! Remember this and take strength in the words of the Psalmist, whose faith in the Lord and His promises are now in effect. You are not alone, you’re not … “When my father and my mother forsake me, Lord take me up.” You are not alone! Sean your teachers the Holy Spirit and the scriptures be your shield and armor of grace and faith in your Lord. Learn to wear each day in the presence of God, learn to listen when he speaks to your inner and rule. If the punishment and pain disrupting your life, if the test almost makes you faint, look inside yourself deep down and see that God is with you, you’re not alone. Find the courage to continue in every line you read in the Bible. Staying is not easy, I know, but if you hold strong promises of your Savior, you will attain the goal, overcome all obstacles that the enemy has put in your path and go, but all you are left .