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While the 3D version of Avatar or Alice in the Wonderland was more than 60% of its revenue, from Pirates of the Caribbean does not exceed 47%. Some experts believe that the 3D strategy must be resubmitted it promised to be one of the greatest cinematic phenomena in the coming years, but the 3D does not seem to have been so profitable for the industry as initially it presupposed. At least that’s what indicate some experts, whose opinion picks up the newspaper The New York Times this week. Data from Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides, a film that has cost studies of Walt Disney about $ 400 million, have triggered the alert: its 3D version grossed more modest than expected figures: while the rest of feature films had managed to overcome 60% of their income with their adaptation 3D (Alicia in the country of wonders (, Avatar) the film starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz only has reached 47%. It is not the only film whose format in three dimensions has prodded: Kung Fu Panda 2 only got 45% of the total receipts with that format.

Although some experts acknowledge that it is too early to launch conclusions, others speak of the possible failure of the 3D. Among them, analyst for BTIG Richard Greenfield, who ensures that American consumers are rejecting it. But, what might be the causes? Some voices point to the high price of their tickets. Also, that the grace of wear special glasses to see a feature film disappears when experience is repeated on subsequent occasions. The hearings are very ready.

They realize right away when something is pretending that it is more than what it is, says Greg Foster, President of Imax Filmed Entertainment, who indicated that the strategy on 3D should be resubmitted by full. Something that does not go unnoticed for the great magnates of the business is that the answer is completely different to the other side of the Atlantic, where the 3D cinema is still a novel phenomenon. How long more, what wonder.

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PARIS denounce the emotional blackmail of some children. They advocate say no, enjoy a life retired with freedom to use the time to your liking. Grandparents say enough to emotional blackmail and to be the solution for everything. The Federation of associations of most people in Catalonia (Fatec) has made public a manifesto which claims that it cannot demand grandparents that deal with the grandchildren, although many do so willingly. It is not only children.

Public administration and the educational collective can not anticipate the departure of class and pretend to be the grandparents who take care of the kids without the least hint of compensation, denounced this Thursday at 20 minutes the President of Fatec, Mario Cugat. To his understanding, perhaps will not increase the number of grandparents who care for grandchildren, but Yes will force those who already do kangaroos will take longer. That is why it is so it has sent a letter to the Minister of education in which reminds you that older people have right to enjoy a life retired with freedom to use the time to your liking. To Cugat, there are three types of grandparents: those who take charge of the grandchildren because so are busy, those that do to help children with limited resources, and those who suffer emotional blackmail and accept for fear to be bad parents and bad grandparents if they oppose. I know many cases of couples with economic capacity and although you may pay a kangaroo, rely on grandparents because it is the cheapest option, he lamented. Remei, has four grandchildren: I always put the point about the ies.

Provided that they have wanted, Remei and her husband have helped their children to take care of the grandchildren, but without neglecting that they abuse them as did the children of some friends, who were not able to say no. Merce, is a grandmother of a child: grandparents who do it is because they can do it. This August he has taken care of his grandson of two years and a half and is happy to be able to have done. Would you eat it me, she says laughing. Ensures that the grandparents who care for grandchildren, do this because they can. Cristina, has three grandchildren: sometimes, there are children who abuse a little. He believes that some couples abuse from their parents. Despite this, he had no hesitation in going to live to her daughter’s House to help her three years taking care of her granddaughter two years and the twins finished birth. Isidre, is grandfather of three children: do so not to eat at school. He and his wife wanted and could help their children. Every day they eat with two of his granddaughters and deal with them when they leave school. In summer, they take them hiking. Source of the news: grandparents refuse to be kangaroos by obligation.

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Indicates it a study of Eroski, which has launched the healthy breakfast, to advise on healthy eating habits. A balanced breakfast is comprised of a portion of fruit, dairy products and derivatives of flour (bread or crackers). The years pass and breakfast remains the Achilles heel of power from the Spanish, also of children. It is the most important meal of the day for being the first, which must put together the energy needs of the body, but it remains which concerns us less and are concerned, perhaps through ignorance. This is what says a study of Eroski/Consumer, elaborated with the participation of 4,300 consumers this summer.

His conclusion is that Spanish children eating breakfast bad because parents don’t teach them to do it in a balanced way the absence of adequate nutritional information to advise their children. The study also highlights that one of every five parents recognized that their children eat no breakfast well, while 59% think that their children eat breakfast in a balanced way. However, the work clarifies that in the light of the data obtained, it is not so. The fruit there is only 10% of children’s breakfasts and it should be in all and only just over one third of children drink milk (alone or combined with soluble cocoa). Most abundant food is which comprise derivatives of flour and, in a more significant percentage, this presence is made with pieces of pastry. In this sense, he warns that the pastry is not recommended on a daily basis in the diet of children. The bread is the King of solid foods, since it is only present in 71% of breakfasts, or in combination with other foods.

Fruit, indispensable in fact, alert the more worrying fact is that 21% of the parents acknowledges that his son not breakfast well, being them those responsible that their children acquire this important habit. According to the study by Consumer, few children eating breakfast correctly. But, what comprises a balanced breakfast? A serving of fruit (whole or in juice). One dairy. Another derivative of flour (bread or crackers). The truth is that there are many benefits of full breakfast; for example, according to the European Institute of obesity, help the child better take notes. Having breakfast in five minutes the study indicates that 95% of respondents breakfast daily, increased what you eat in the morning on weekends. In this sense, it indicates that one in five Spanish claims to have breakfast more abundantly during the weekend, no doubt because it has more time. But do not take us seriously breakfast: only one in five respondents devotes more than one quarter of an hour. Even 16%, especially young ones, takes five minutes or less at breakfast. Last Thursday Eroski launched the healthy breakfast campaign to advise consumers about the habits of healthy eating.

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Clara Hdez. 20 m the Galician training obtained, among other recognitions, the best artist and best album of the year for his work Holy year. Hello everyone, El Guincho or Los Delinquentes were other groups awarded in the sample. Minister Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde presided over the gala. The Galician band and Xabi Triangulo de Amor Bizarro was erected Monday in the III Edition of the independent Music Awards winner, a few awards organised by the independent phonographic Union (UFI) in order to promote the work of artists, labels and promoters who work apart from the more commercial channels. Although the only corunenses were four of the nine awards for which were initially nominated, were the two most important – of best album of the year by his Holy year album and the best Spanish artist-, as well as the best rock album and best direct. Best song went however to the topic black Pop-El Guincho, a Canarian young man who has managed to seduce to international criticism and part of the national with its original combination of samplers and miscegenation.

Pony Bravo (best band revelation), Hello to everyone (best pop by their self-titled album), Depedro (best album by clouds of paper world music), Orion Child (authors of the best heavy disk) or Los Delinquentes (best CD of flamenco) were other winners overnight, which also recognized the work of Rap Susklei in the rap category or Delorean’s electronics and the best music video. The violinist Ara Malikian was commissioned to deliver the trophy to the best classical album to Judith Jauregui. The musician acknowledged that the sample had taken into account forgotten classical music and claimed with humor, while it shook its huge curls, that classical musicians are not as bland as they seem. Sinde, a the Minister of culture, angeles Gonzalez-Sinde, unexpected godmother was unexpected from this Act of NULL budget godmother, as he stressed the organization.

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