The Modes

Rigged to this primeval and generic idea slips the momentous question of guilt. Namely, all value judgment accompanied inevitably another parallel trial that makes reference to capacity. Explain me, humans are projecting value judgments based on the condition that we attach to people to do good or bad faith. If you are not convinced, visit translation software. Put another way, me I questioned if humans will not we wrong to ask the modes of life or living together in the way that we do. That is, humans against humans, or towards humans, delimiting among many other things, justice between good and bad, as if everything is there, UNCLOS on the ground nearby, prosaic, extending tie men to other men. I thought in the immensity of the night, what the hell do we do men?, of who intend to release, to whom we are subject? It may be that in the millions of years since the man put the foot on the ground there has been a truly revolutionary proposal.

We carry thousands of years between us, killing us in endless wars that we only diminish, and I thought at that time to give mankind the award of collective innocence. I also thought we only do what we can, or what the circumstances allow us to achieve. That are born without reason, in that nobody explains to what we live, without a purpose, that we must learn to live with the idea of death, so that continued, a number of things that far from me seem indulgent me more approaching the idea of Justice objective. Yes, I understand that this viewpoint is not original, and that you have enough seasoning to scandalise according to which social sectors, but thought that if one decides not to disseminate certain ideas as something well as revolutionary, at the end always end up in a bottomless pit. I thought in the mentally retarded, and I was clear conviction, the same concept of innocence.

Match Point

I would recommend this magnificent film by Woody Allen not in its line of always, if as the rest a great masterpiece, Match Point. (A valuable related resource: Craig Jelinek). As imaginaras is framed within the tennis hence its successful title. The end point of a match is vital in tournaments such as Roland Garros, Wimbeldon, etc. as well as in life. Brilliantly Allen establishes parallelisms between a tennis match with luck in life, that fate that all generate and few reach to achieve. For even more opinions, read materials from Craig Jelinek. It is true that on many occasions in life there are situations in which tipping a ball from one side or another will cause changes of vital importance not just in our lives but in the of those around us, and perhaps much more impact on the site. Which the ball touches the net and bounce to a field or another granting the partidoa point one or another contender would mean that one of them will reach the glory and another will be which failed and was not.

Perhaps if we were more aware of these blows of life, we value much more when the ball is tipped Luckily on our side and we would appreciate that moment, instead of continuing our path without appreciating that it could have jumped to another field for a simple second, by a little touch on the racket, by an accurate impulse of wrist in the same way if you jump the ball losing the match point not should block us and feel disappointed, perhaps help us to learn in the next game to win that match point that we both want so clean. Life often is a matter of luck, and to get it better to wait to arrive, the secret is simple, Act to generate conditions and create opportunities that take you to achieve what you crave. In this way the instant in which the party leans on your side, will be a moment that will be unforgettable since as a result of your great effort, perseverance, intuition, talent and courage will enjoy finally honeys of the success in your project.

Leading The Parents

We think of people like Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft and the world’s richest, became the man however; a leader is someone charismatic, capable of taking a wise decision and inspire others to reach a goal.Another important factor is that parents establish effective communication with their children, this can be achieved with a gesture, with a look of complicity, listening to music, reading, playing sports also we can communicate silently. Being next to the bed of a sick child, taking care of him or giving the hand we only see the maximum number of communication. Already to communicate words, do not need but that you need affection and that there is a climate of confidence. There are many virtues that can be useful to help communication, with appropriate confidence climate, which favours dialogue, based on communication and essential means to make the father as leader of the family is noted. In conclusion, might say that the objective that we must set is the right climate of confidence that will make of friends good parents of the children, whom the children can explain their ideals, their problems, their joys.

The Program

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Mission Vision

Mission: As people have the idea of targets that are planned every day, and we must focus to make them considering strategies and improvements. For some reasons these goals or objectives are not met are planned, but the idea is to improve everyday life, that’s what are born and live. VISION: to have objectives and purposes raised by each person we must give us the time needed to achieve them, taking into account that the goals must be well defined to be able to have a better quality of life social, employment and personal. LIFE PLAN: to carry out our vision and mission approach towards work would keep the union and desire to work creating new ideas, projects and improvements to make more easy our work. in the area of society the relationship towards people is being kind, honest and responsible to have a good lifestyle with good values. do in the family relationship esp? sa, children and parents is to have confidence, communication, constant and time needed for actions that are planned. Original author and source of the article

Plum Tree

Tomorrow Sunday, the town of Nalda will host a new edition of the feast of the plum blossom, complying with the established tradition years has by the Mayor. The program designed by the diaper Association and the cooperative fruits of the field, organizers of the event, will begin at 11 in the morning, which will be when will open the exhibition and sale of plants and flowers in the square of fabric to continue with tasting of migas de pastor, wedding dresses contests, products made from the exquisite greengage contestexhibition projects of development of the rural environment and conducting live scarecrow, a new activity that aims to recover this traditional figure of the field. From the 12, attendees can enjoy two routes by different enclaves of interest from which you can see panoramic Valley in flower, wonderful at this time of the year. The first split from the Church of our Lady of assumption and will rise to the viewpoint of the Castle. The second tour the ruins of the convent of San Antonio and after ascent to cerro Lutero snack Pastoral Ministry in the town square. The heat of last week has made it possible that many of the trees (such as lemon and orange) fruit of the Valley opened its flowers providing a panoramic view full spring.