Stroller And Bassinets

There is no separate bassinet and a separate recreational unit. This stroller can be used from birth up to 3-4 years. As compared with Pleasure option or a combination wheelchair these models is much heavier and cumbersome. On the other hand, is a good option of economy class. These are the main types of wheelchairs, which are now relevant.

Always attention to the strength of the frame. If it looks and feels flimsy, has a lot of plastic parts (especially in fixtures, connections and other important places) – it is likely that the design quickly loose, will creak and become uncomfortable for the baby – and for mom. Next, the main issues to be addressed in order to decide – what features are important to you, and which recede into the background. Which is better for newborn – a classic cot, 2 in 1 or transformer? Advantages of a cradle – the maximum comfort for baby. The disadvantages can be considered as the fragility of use (somewhere up to 6 months) and relatively a lot of weight (compared with 2 in 1 prams and 3 in 1).

As for transformers, their main drawbacks – it's a lot of weight and poor maneuverability. The rest of trivia and "an amateur." Another disadvantage of those who say parents – transformer, As a rule, lower version than the cradle. Not everyone is comfortable to push her in front of him, especially high-dads. The benefits include reversible handle (easily expand the child in a wheelchair to face him or face the road). Except She folded and not take up much room in the apartment. Stroller "transformer" that is, for all occasions. The so-called 2 in 1 prams some confused with Transformers. However, the cradle in them rather, as in classical model for the newborn. These wheelchairs lighter and more maneuverable than the transformers and classic bassinet.

Rear-Wheel Strollers

Incidentally, this is because the rear-wheel stroller are three modes of depreciation – for different surfaces, which can not be said of the front wheel – it is certainly harsh and depreciation in it none at all. As for the weight of the wheelchair, then he complained about almost everything. Actually Stroller easily no different. Despite the fact that the online stores of goods for children wrote that her weight 13 kg, actual weight of the wheelchair rolls over 15 kg. (Source: Dr. Kevin Cahill). There are already looking for their forces and capabilities. If you are not a fragile mother weight more than 47 kg, do not recommend buying a pram nadorvetes.

Choose a model easier! What is very pleased to Peg-Perego GT3 Completo at this weight it is the fact that it's easy, step by step to the rear wheels, which eliminates the need to drag it on themselves when picked up the floors. The apparent advantage of GT3 Completo is its wide seat, a fully horizontal position of the seat and a spacious bed. In a stroller will fit even grown up child in bulk overalls. But the value of carriages at the same time creates some inconvenience. First, a small wheel chair lift is placed with great difficulty – when fully raised or lowered with the handle and turn the wheel (Not because of the width of the chassis, it is not very wide, but because of the length of the stroller!). Folded stroller is also very bulky, thus it can not be folded up, as some models stand on its own vertically. So do not I advise to buy this stroller for those who live in small apartments, where every inch counts. Also in the deficiencies can be written and what is not in the trunk of each car stroller can be easily removed, it is often possible only if remove the wheel.

MacLaren Strollers

MacLaren – a stroller, combining almost all of the options that every day mom looking so carefully, turning over dozens of pages on the Internet with a description of different models of strollers. Well, except that large inflatable the wheels of these carriages you will not find, but it is quite logical, as the plant produces MacLaren strollers only with the mechanism of folding type umbrella – or rather, buggies. History of the British wheelchair Maclaren began in distant 1965, when founder Owen Maclaren invented his first stroller. Maclaren baby strollers popularity and demand throughout the world. Maclaren strollers are among the best buggies. Even though its high value (price segment – 'above average'), these strollers are among the most demand on the tween market. This is evidenced even by the fact that many world stars have given their preference to these wheelchairs.

For example, a wheelchair McLaren were seen by celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Mel Gibson and many others. All strollers MacLaren has the following features: patented mechanism allows the addition of wheelchair fold it with one hand for five seconds; lightness and durability of wheelchairs McLaren secured high-tech aluminum frame of; seats for all wheelchairs can be easily removed and washed; rubber wheels; foot parking brake on the rear wheels ergonomic handles are made in such a way as to ease the strain on hands; MacLaren model conceived in such a way that even most parents will not hurt your feet when walking stroller; all strollers fairly roomy seat width 34 cm, and the model even more Techno XLR – 38 cm (width so necessary for the possibility of installing lifts or car seats); Five-point safety belts with a unique mechanism to undo them with one hand without any effort. In Russia the most popular models were the following MacLaren: Techno XT, Techno XLR, Quest Sport, and Volo. But in this article would like to stay at the richest in terms of configuration and functions of the model – Maclaren Tehcno XLR. MacLaren Techno XLR – it is not just buggies. First, it is very warm and spacious, but not so about 80% of the strollers of this type, so the Techno XLR is considered all-season stroller. Was this model may not be suitable only in two cases: 1) If you choose budget stroller 2) If you need a wheelchair 'SUV' to walk through the woods, and drifts off-road. In all other cases, the MacLaren Techno XLR – ideal! The back of the stroller with adjustable down to a prone position (down to 170 degrees) hood large, not heavy stroller, so it will be the salvation for those moms who live in a house without an elevator. Model Techno XLR, in contrast to other canes MacLaren, can be used from birth, because as additional options for this stroller bassinet can be installed MacLaren for newborns and car seat group 0 + Recaro Young Profi plus.


Every parent thinks about raising a child, ask yourself the important question: how well my upbringing, is it necessary to educate, to help my child-rearing practices of these brave and determined to grow up? In this, parents often unconsciously bring to the process of educating their feelings, complexes, and unrealized dreams. In my practice I have experienced these moments, and provided some of the models of education that can lead to deviations in the child's mind. More information about these models of education. Model: "The child must …. Shame on you … "Right Parents" – "the right child." A child brought up on such a principle, is approval from teachers, neighbors and all the surrounding adults.

He obeyed, not naughty, does not stain clothes, engaged in many circles and sections. Such a child is more like an adult than their peers. Baby was coined "development plan" before he was born, in which parents identified the main trends and ideas: nursery without fail, English, swimming or gymnastics section. Strictly complied with the regime and discipline, actively inculcated norms and rules of conduct. Parents respond immediately to the slightest infraction, but did not notice the success of the child. Cons child deprived of his choice, his inclinations and desires are not taken into account. He is prohibited from negative emotions: anger, anger, resentment, fear, which in turn can lead to psychosomatic illnesses, or to autoaggression (when the child begins to destroy itself.) The saddest thing is that when This type of love is education a bargaining chip: a well-behaving – like, bad – not like. In the future, children raised on a "need" may have difficulties in building relationships, and if the child vulnerable, he may develop a complex viny.Chto do? Do not be afraid to show their love. Speak often of his love, hug, kiss your baby. Believe me, love is not much to think of a list of common byvaet.Postaraytes Affairs, together with the baby.

Children’s Shoes

Children's shoes and true test selection moms beauty and well being of our children specifically legs depends on the shoes they wear. And the question of how not to make mistakes with the election of the shoe and shoes (especially if most their cost is often comparable to the cost of a mature children's shoes), was up to trouble with the guardians of the episode, as soon as baby is preparing a first step. Creating a stop at children from birth and comes in 7-8 years. Closer to the first days of life child of his muscles, mating joints must actively operate. For years the baby's mother a hand massage the inner and outer stop the share does better blood circulation and muscle tone. However, the kid grows up, becomes functional and moving closer and he trains the muscular and articulate the installation stop.

And then my mother's attention – to elect the correct footwear for children. Destruction of sandals comes to a greater extent in the process of carrying on., Koi can not very well chosen – ie or it is extremely narrow, or very pointed, or in front of quite broad. When walking, the foot slides to the toe, as if leading to a severe pinching sandals. In particular danger bearing pointed to. the highest heel. Since children's footwear must provide correct and prevent the formation of the foot flat, with the acquisition of. pay interest on the following factors: Pattern and style of childish.

Y Older children more closely heel and toes in the space – spacious. Because of children's shoes (including the harm in a fashion), the tip must be large by allowing a finger to move freely. Narrow tip compresses the myagonkie tissue transgress the blood circulation, promotes the uneven distribution of congestion. Than the most balanced innate edge of children's shoes, the better, so if in this case, the great toe located in its own nature and location of missing his persecution from other fingers. That was used are considered flawless natural (natural) that were used, as they dressed skin (it is extensible, plastic, ensures access to air and evaporation of water. leg is not sweating and lack of prerequisites for fungal disease), or textiles. The most fundamental property of the data that were is then used as if they adapt to the anatomical form of sandals. Say rigid 'missing' synthetics – it creates Greenhouse result, transgresses the blood circulation in the legs, the muscles and prepares the mating stop is weak and lowers their vault. The list that was used to ease 'breathe': Textiles (natural fibers such as color, they made fibers; Skin (but only as long as it is a natural), Waterproof vol. with a special, breathable membrane, rubber leggings, flat Must be hard enough, more than the ankle, covering the bone. That way it will help your foot around the heel and warn the distortion of the heel. When purchasing a try: If we just bend heel and wrinkled, this children's shoes did not go as foot must exist and it is well secured. Does not necessarily derive little or no unnecessary lateral movements heel sandals share, because it does not matter what children's winter or summer shoes must have a special open, ie solid, well-fitting and the highest heel leg.