Acrylic Nails

Lovely girl, comes springtime. We all want to look irresistible. In your appearance all should be perfect, because under light clothing and open shoes can not hide flaws. Modern nail service udlenit allows the nail plate and make it perfectly smooth and beautiful. Keep up with the fashion and modern trends of this season. And we'll help you sort out this issue there are two main methods capacity. 1. Gel.

Gel nails can be extended and the tips, and forms. First, the nails are applied with a brush gel – a sticky goo, then shine an ultraviolet lamp on it for 2-3 minutes – and the nail still. Apply the gel from 1 to 3 times – in Depending on how hard and strong nails you need. Then add the desired nail length and shape. It is a pleasure take you about 2 hours. Pros. Gel nails look beautiful – bright and clear, they even painted not necessarily cover.

A UV radiation, which is used to harden the gel, prevents the development of fungal diseases. Cons. Of gel nails are not so easy to get rid of: it will file away. Unpleasant procedure, and use your nails does not work. And the gel on your nails more brittle and active lifestyle (playing sports, etc.), this method is not suitable capacity. 2. Acrylic. Even 20 years ago, enterprising nail as a master borrowed materials and technology for this method of dentistry. Acrylic, in this case is a powder which when mixed with a special liquid turns into a thick viscous mass rapid hardening in the air for two minutes. Then carefully trim the nail polish, coated with a special powder – pink, white or transparent with a shimmering glow as you like – and you're done. At this buildup takes about two hours. Pros. Acrylic nails – the most durable: we try hard to break them. If this is you have managed, in the cabin of your nail fixed. These nails are flexible and resilient – almost as if alive. Remove them fairly easy: acrylic dissolve a special liquid. Cons. Acrylic has a fairly stable and very specific smell, which, however, over time, weakens and then disappears altogether. Acrylic is an odorless, but it is worse rests on the nails. So if you have a small child at home (during treatment) or have a tendency to allergies this type of building does not suit you. If you doubt the choice of contact and we will try to help.