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Among fans of sensual pleasures, there are many fans of spa pedicure. Cosmetics Sea of SPA is based solely on minerals from the Dead Sea (the largest natural spa resort on the ground). The spa pedicure at home conditions is very easy. It is important to observe the basic rituals of spa treatments for feet: relaxation, massage and moisturizing. If you're going today to look for your nails at the beginning of the spa to treat them (after the spa – Bath nails are too soft and easy to be damaged by handling.) Remove the length of the nail file and sawed nails, carefully handling the sharp edges of the nails. Sprinkle the bottom of the bath salt from the Dead Sea Sea of SPA at the rate of 1 tbsp. l.

to 1 liter. water. Pour in the bath for the feet warm water, measuring the temperature of comfort with his elbow. Dead Sea salt has a general relaxing effect. As long as your feet enjoy the tub with Dead Sea salt, you should relax. Include a nice non-intrusive music, nature sounds, close your eyes and let your thoughts take away where we were met by dreams.

Relaxation – a key part of the spa. When you feel that the water in bath with Dead Sea salt began to cool, you can extend your pleasure in gravies hot water. Remove one leg and place it on a towel. Treat areas of particularly stringent float / pumice stone or foot scraper. The most time for a light massage to enhance the effect. Take the volcanic foot scrub Sea of SPA and put on foot in a circular motion, massaging the whole foot, first in a circular motion, then paying attention to each finger, gradually descending down to the heel. Repeat with the second leg. Even if you are unfamiliar with reflex therapy, you probably know that the feet are a large number of points, which certainly influence positively affects the central nervous system and the projection of these points (human organs). Therefore, some people instinctively like walking barefoot – so there is an influence on the active points. After the massage, apply a thick layer of nourishing cream for the feet and allow to absorb. After 10 minutes, put on socks. Do not forget to spa treatments to prepare all the essentials – bath water, a towel for the feet, the salt from the Dead Sea Sea of SPA for a foot bath, scrub foot grater / scraper or pumice foot, massage oil and / or foot cream, nail accessories (nippers, nail files, tweezers, scissors) and socks. And then there is nothing to prevent you get from a spa pedicure pleasure!

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Lovely girl, comes springtime. We all want to look irresistible. In your appearance all should be perfect, because under light clothing and open shoes can not hide flaws. Modern nail service udlenit allows the nail plate and make it perfectly smooth and beautiful. Keep up with the fashion and modern trends of this season. And we'll help you sort out this issue there are two main methods capacity. 1. Gel.

Gel nails can be extended and the tips, and forms. First, the nails are applied with a brush gel – a sticky goo, then shine an ultraviolet lamp on it for 2-3 minutes – and the nail still. Apply the gel from 1 to 3 times – in Depending on how hard and strong nails you need. Then add the desired nail length and shape. It is a pleasure take you about 2 hours. Pros. Gel nails look beautiful – bright and clear, they even painted not necessarily cover.

A UV radiation, which is used to harden the gel, prevents the development of fungal diseases. Cons. Of gel nails are not so easy to get rid of: it will file away. Unpleasant procedure, and use your nails does not work. And the gel on your nails more brittle and active lifestyle (playing sports, etc.), this method is not suitable capacity. 2. Acrylic. Even 20 years ago, enterprising nail as a master borrowed materials and technology for this method of dentistry. Acrylic, in this case is a powder which when mixed with a special liquid turns into a thick viscous mass rapid hardening in the air for two minutes. Then carefully trim the nail polish, coated with a special powder – pink, white or transparent with a shimmering glow as you like – and you're done. At this buildup takes about two hours. Pros. Acrylic nails – the most durable: we try hard to break them. If this is you have managed, in the cabin of your nail fixed. These nails are flexible and resilient – almost as if alive. Remove them fairly easy: acrylic dissolve a special liquid. Cons. Acrylic has a fairly stable and very specific smell, which, however, over time, weakens and then disappears altogether. Acrylic is an odorless, but it is worse rests on the nails. So if you have a small child at home (during treatment) or have a tendency to allergies this type of building does not suit you. If you doubt the choice of contact and we will try to help.

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