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But, cyclically it renews, them, as if this was a form to give sensible to the life. On the other hand it is understandable that the things are a process of repetition of acts and facts and expectations. Read additional details here: Sonny Perdue. If thus it was not, our life and the world, would be constant, daily processes of reacomodao, reaprendizagens, produced for the constant innovations. It thinks as it would be complicated and difficult to live in a world of uncertainties, therefore the new features produce uncertainties. Uncertainties, therefore if were not as it is, to each day would have that to reaprender to brush teeth, to make an effort to discover where to obtain the salt to temper a new food combination never before proven that we would not eat again. To each morning we would look at for the side and we would ask in them: with who I slept this night? In the reality our life is cyclical, but this satisfies in them.

We leave the new features, great or small, for only some space moments. Great scientific discoveries are rare, in the same way that very rare we change of love. We even get passionate in them for a pretty person that we see to pass, but rare we remember in them of it in the end of the day. We dream of great inventions you would revolutionize, but we remain with the daily traquitanas. The progress is not daily, but carried through for sporadical jumps. E, enters the jumps of the progress or social, scientific or personal development we accomodate in them and we always carry through in them tanning the daily one repeating the same things. It is a life lived in circles. a new year that if it initiates is one recommences of plus a circle of the life; it can until being new, but it will be plus a circle. Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador.Leia more: ; ; ; ;


The rationalism that if defines the reasoning where the human being has capacity to know the doctrine, the reason human being, the capacity of its knowledge, with this if the reason acquires to establish the truth considering. Where this knowledge is equal to all humanity, with opposition to the empirismo, considering the innate and changeable and equal reason being independent for to be pra all the men. In contrast of the skepticism that rejects all and any intervention of the feelings where the emotions if consider in the domain of the knowledge. With this the only authority is the reason. Words key: Reasoning, Doctrine, Reason, Knowledge. ABSTRACT Le rationalisme qui if defines le raisonnement or l? tre humain there capacit of connatre there doctrine, there raison humaine, enables of leurs connaissances, similar d there? to tablir vrit there est acquis in tenant compte woollen raison. Lorsque cette connaissance est gale to toute l? humanit, in opposition to the l? empirisme, compte tenu woollen raison d? tre indpendant et modifiable to inne et gale pour tous les hommes. Visit Josh Resnick Jericho Capital for more clarity on the issue.

Contrairement au scepticisme qui rejette toute intervention you give sentiments et you give motions sontproposes dans le domaine woollen connaissance. Ainsi, there seule autorit est there raison. Word? key: Rasonnement, Doctrine, Raison, Connaissance 1 INTRODUCTION the rationalism is a philosophical doctrine that is related to the reason, knowledge, true thought and introduces in the philosophy with Ren Discardings. As Discardings agreed to its masters to its form of education, but it was not satisfied and searched to improve plus its knowledge through the world, travelling for some countries and knowing cultures different. Discardings for being a philosopher who always searched each day more to improve wealth in its knowledge, disagreed with everything what it learned in the school for did not have beddings and principles, were pparently true but that it did not supply no certainty.

Flour Knowledge

The systematization of the data collected for the educators was in agreement (to see 1 and 2 attached; the table and the graphs). Then, after the elaboration of this table with the system of production and the infrastructure, for Cities, transferred it the stage of the elaboration of the graphs, having as evaluation object, the statistics of the production system, thus the graphs had been in accordance with the choice of the team for City. The used substances had been colorful penxses, papers, bristol boards, pencils and paper 40. Tera? Fair 13 -07 -20 Iniciamos this morning with the retaken one of the events of the previous day, then, all had participated saying what it happens in the second fair, thus the Formadora Selma alerted for the production of the daily etnogrfico and story of experiences, that many have difficulties in making. After this moment, had received with music the Flour of Djavan, then the people had said one alone word that identified the reason of many to be there, thus many had said that they were why: I believe the program, I accumulate of knowledge, practical theory and, force of will, curiosity, to know more, love, pleasure, satisfaction the video of Agroflorestao that approached the thematic one of the ground consumed. In this manner Selma attempted against for the activity that would be made, in which if needs to emphasize for the relation of the objectives and the problematizao, as well as the importance of the areas of knowledge to be integrated for the systematization of the project. Then the objectives had been elect, that did not give to finish at this moment, therefore, then more they would be mstica, together with the wheel of dialogues with the palestrantes Oscar Rover and Severino Branches. Then the representatives of the areas of the knowledge, explanaram its following questionings: Languages? knowing that this moment of transistion of the agronegcio for the agroecologia, is not easy.

Latin American

The objective in a society that still keeps the woman as an oppressed person, structural is this and superstructurally. Simone de Beauvoir, when publishing As the Sex, put short the deep roots of the feminine oppression, analyzing psychological development of the woman and the social conditions become that it mentally ill and submissa to the man. From these new ideas, the movement feminist spread over the world. Sutis had been burnt in the streets; the sexual release became a fact politician; the words of order if had multiplied: ' ' Our body belongs in them! ' ' ' ' Rights to the pleasure! ' ' ' ' The private one also is politician! ' ' ' ' Different, but not different! ' ' The traditional model of the being woman entered in crisis and a new profile started if to sketch. Pressured the ONU it declared 1975 International Year of the Woman, and the decade that if followed up to 1985, Decade of the Woman in the whole world. From 1977, the movement feminist was broken up in diverse trends, some more come back toward the discrimination of the abortion, centered others in the professional isonomy with men.

Many women, after to conquer before busy ranks of work exclusively for the men, had also cheated to assume functions control politics. The crisis of the family makes with that many women exert the paper of head of family, as she occurs, with the many Latin American women, over all poor. The feminism definition as a movement politician of women who fight for the fairness with regard to the men, even so either the definition most recent is not most necessary. The movement feminist in Brazil strict is related to the time of the military dictatorship. Many Brazilian women had participated of the resistance to the dictatorship actively, but the first organized group of feminists appeared in So Paulo, in 1972. To the few, the subject of the feminism started to occupy fruns national of debate. The press feminist gained breath, appearing innumerable periodicals and magazines.

Between 1970 and 1980, the movement of women was centered in the fight for the redemocratizao of the country. In the popular classrooms they had appeared, stimulated for the church catholic, clubs of mothers and associations of the house owners. Other movements, without confessional or partisan bonds, sprout for the country measure, as the Net Woman, in defense of the rights of the woman and the magnifying of the feminine citizenship. The movement feminist currently has as main flags, in Brazil, the combat to the domestic violence, that reaches levels raised in the country, and the combat to the discrimination in the work. Also if of the importance to the sort study and of the contribution, until today one in such a way forgotten, them women in the diverse historical and cultural movements it country. The legalization of the abortion and the adoption of styles of independent life are goals of some groups.

The Womanly Image

Which only tricks are not women: the radically change his image, even go to fortune-tellers, waiting for the object of adoration in front of his home. But even after the object of adoration is a girl's legs, the girls still do not cease to worry and think about how it applies to it for a long time whether they will meet, what awaits them in the future – such thoughts really torture them. 'Did I win the heart of young men for life? " – Experiencing a young lady. 'Will not affect whether an affair with a man older than me for me know? " – Immediately arises in her mind is another question. Do not assume that these thoughts are typical only too exciting ladies.

Being able to lover, everyone starts to present itself to the various requests and worry over every detail. Case that, in love, we open ourselves to another person, previously almost unknown, and therefore makes a few helpless to influence of external factors, as well as sensitive, vulnerable. Very pleased that at present there appeared a considerable number of periodicals and Internet sites on which knowledgeable psychologist helps girls escape from their experiences. Such a resource for women provides an opportunity not only to obtain counseling professionals, but also to share thoughts with your friends, but also helps the disappearance of excitement and anxiety. Due to the fact that girls are often unable to find understanding among men, but their enthusiasm seems to men boring and not worth wasting time, so common now bought women's magazines, which can be purchased at any store. Such media can not only distract from the constant challenges, but also find answers to many questions relating to health, relationships with lovers, makeup, fashion and parenting. But not every woman can afford each week to buy fresh issue of your favorite magazine, as if she did not want be aware of all the latest trends in fashion, find new recipes, see the next catalog of cosmetics. For these women will be a great outlet for women portals are increasingly appearing on the Internet. Such portals can not only find the information you need, but also find new friends, and also ask questions of professionals in the field of psychology, family relations, women's health.

Now Girl

The struggle for power in the Russian family – the most frequent. Parenting and sexual behavior – the most convenient for this sphere of family life. The easiest way to improve their status and gain short-term sedation – is to discredit the efforts of partners. And then, suddenly, in yesterday was fairly calm family begin to unfold, "military action" and if the partners did not say during a "stop", "what am I doing?", Then result could be dire. Here is a typical example. The family lived a grandmother, mother, father and two girls.

Older than 19 years younger – 10 years. Grandmother – a woman active, and when the first girl grew up, she has worked with her learned that not prevent girls from learning bad. Mama always told my grandmother that is wrong she does with her elder granddaughter, a girl gets a bad mark. When a second girl came into school age, my grandmother told my mother: 'Well, Now you yourself will deal with your child, see how you could do. " The younger girl, who was very fond, and his mother and his grandmother was in a situation of conflict of loyalties.

If she will learn good – it means grandma lost if she will learn bad – means mother lost. The girl stopped to learn all the lessons and the school did not truant. When my mother sat down to teach her lessons, the girl has panic attacks. Second, "if you'll love is something I'm standing.

William Bryan

Believe it is possible, on the contrary, solely in the possibility of occurrence of something opportunity to achieve the goal in the correctness of any theory, the existence of something. Such faith is absolutely necessary if we want to achieve something, to realize their dreams and not be inert creation, not determining their own destiny. Indeed, in the words of William Bryan, destiny – it is no accident, but the object of choice, it does not expect a win. Belief in yourself, in this sense is extremely important, and it needs to understand each. It is no secret that mental attitude, perseverance and faith in their ability to increase the likelihood order to achieve results by helping to overcome indecision, internal constraints and revealing certain internal resources. In addition, if we understand faith in yourself in another aspect – as in the existence of unchanging over time and not liable to life woes own 'I' – it is the guarantor of the preservation of this 'I'. If you do not believe in yourself, you generally do not exist as an individual (and can not be responsible for themselves and their actions). Belief in the ability of other people is mandatory, if you – a mentor.

Psychologists note that excessive strictness in child rearing prevents the formation of self-reliance and independence. If you believe in the possibility of a child (which does not mean permissive parenting and a lack of care), it would be really education, not violence and manipulation. It is very important in human life is also a matter of choice between belief and disbelief in God.


Empdocles de Agrigento, when developing the theory of the four elements ' ' land, air, water, fogo' ' it defended that the combination of these elements would define the existing things. Corroborating with Alcmeo, Empdocles affirmed that the illness elapses of the disequilibrium of the constituent elements of the body. 5. HIPCRATES the school of the island of Kos had a destined temple the Asclpio and had incorporated the doctrines of Alcmeo and Empdocles, among others. In this school it studied Hipcrates. He was contemporary of Empdocles and Plato. It wrote the Hippocratiun Corpus, elaborated in 53 books, however, currently, knows that nor all had been written by same Hipcrates. In this workmanship descriptions meet clinical among others that make possible the diagnosis of illnesses as Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Drop and Malaria.

Many of the illnesses were associates the climatic, racial or cultural factors (derived from the ways of life). The relevance of Hipcrates it was the aiming of the knowledge of the art of the cure of the mitolgico knowledge for the scientific, approximately parallel way to the beginning of the philosophical reflections. In this attempt of aiming the Humoral Theory elaborated, according to which has four corporal moods: blood (heart), fleuma (brain), yellow bile (liver) and black bile (bao). A disequilibrium of these moods if would become an illness. For the cure, it guided the Greeks to search its balance, therefore the physical importnica of diets and exercises. As secondary resources, Hipcrates prescribed medicines. 6. CONSIDERAES the myths had constituted a form of dogmtico and previous knowledge to the philosophical one.

They had been very important for the knowledge of the antiquity and, although the advent of the too much forms of knowledge, had not left of being searched and being renewed. According to mythology Greek, the god of the medicine was Apolo, but when removing of pira funerary of its loved its Asclpio son, this started to be the god of the medicine. Asclpio was represented supported in a serpent envolta in a baton, that originated the symbol of the medicine. The knowledge derived from the myth of Asclpio established the schools of medical sciences of old Greece. In the school of Kos it studied Hipcrates. Hipcrates left a coletnea of books (Hippocratun Corpus) and in these the medical oath can be found, until today repeated. It searched to base rationally the art of the cure, influencing the medical research until the present time. 7. REFERENCES SPIDER, MLA AND MARTINS, MHP. Subjects of Philosophy. So Paulo: Modern, 1992. BLACKBURN, S. Dictionary Oxford de Filosofia. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Ed., 1997. HE HISSES, MJA. A rooster the Asclpio. Cinica and Vida: Special philosophy. Year II, v. 7. So Paulo: It scales Ed., 2010. HIPCRATES.Conhecer, to take care of, to love: the oath and other texts. So Paulo: landy ed, 2002.