William Bryan

Believe it is possible, on the contrary, solely in the possibility of occurrence of something opportunity to achieve the goal in the correctness of any theory, the existence of something. Such faith is absolutely necessary if we want to achieve something, to realize their dreams and not be inert creation, not determining their own destiny. Indeed, in the words of William Bryan, destiny – it is no accident, but the object of choice, it does not expect a win. Belief in yourself, in this sense is extremely important, and it needs to understand each. It is no secret that mental attitude, perseverance and faith in their ability to increase the likelihood order to achieve results by helping to overcome indecision, internal constraints and revealing certain internal resources. In addition, if we understand faith in yourself in another aspect – as in the existence of unchanging over time and not liable to life woes own 'I' – it is the guarantor of the preservation of this 'I'. If you do not believe in yourself, you generally do not exist as an individual (and can not be responsible for themselves and their actions). Belief in the ability of other people is mandatory, if you – a mentor.

Psychologists note that excessive strictness in child rearing prevents the formation of self-reliance and independence. If you believe in the possibility of a child (which does not mean permissive parenting and a lack of care), it would be really education, not violence and manipulation. It is very important in human life is also a matter of choice between belief and disbelief in God.


Every year, when this vacation time arrives, the press announces the innumerable cases of deaths caused for traffic accidents or drownings, showing to us it unconcern of the people with the life. This invites in them to reflect on the behavior of the man, in the modern world, therefore it seems that the well bigger, that is the life, this does not have more value. The abusive alcohol ingestion, of drug, directing in drunk high speed and/or, the imprudence in the sea, takes to think us it about the unconscious desire that these people have of if destroying. However, this desire is masked for the narcissism, onipotncia feelings, of egocentrismo, that take account of the modern man. These have the function to fill an internal emptiness, as well as, to deny the feelings of little value, incompetence, low auto-esteem, that many people importunam, generating to them suffering.

We live at a time where the human being if charges and if he demands very. It lives in a perpetual race, to win the competition, that the modern society imposes. With this, &#039 searchs to develop the one image; ' super-heri' ' perhaps, therefore in such a way, it obtains to reach its objective, that is, to go for the pdio of the life, pulling out applauses of many and nourishing its narcsico side. Fixed in being the winner, it starts to act as a insupervel being, perceiving many times, as a god, not needing, therefore, to respect the rules. These are understood as challenges to be faced.

It is judged capable to win any limit, even though, of the finitude. It swims fears, does not measure the consequncias of its acts, therefore its only focus is to be recognized as one ' ' super-hero. In this anxiety of the recognition, he is that ' ' super-heri' ' he finishes destroying its life and of other people, who perhaps bet in its victory. there, is a questioning; how many ' ' super-heris' ' they will need to die, so that the people pass to accept its condition of human being, that is, of one to be that it has limitations, that it is fragile, sensible, finite, but that can live for much time, since that it knows to coexist them.

Kids with Down Syndrome

It enters .causing the evidentes congenital patologias and depreocupao on the part of the parents, is the Syndrome of down. With this, opresente work had for objective to investigate the feelings epercepes of the parents front to the birth of a carrying son destasndrome. For the accomplishment of this research, we use as instrumentouma half-structuralized interview, elaborated with the objective of conheceruma parcel of the feelings of the parents front to a portadoradesta child syndrome, I contend open questions and closed they quetipificam/characterize the feelings front to this problematic one. Aamostra was corporate for 30 parents of carrying children of the Sindromede Down, who are taken care of in the FUNAD. Through the analysis one dadosconstatou of them that more than a feeling had been lived deeply by the paisdiante of the birth of a child with Syndrome of Down, sentimentosrelatados through its speaks, as: shock, I fight, loss, indifference, negation and sadness. Through the speeches, quea acceptance of a son with Syndrome of Down is perceived it is a process devulnerabilidade and emotional readjustment that certain time requires, of inicioh difficulty in accepting the diagnosis and constant cure search. Emrelao to the level of knowledge of the parents was possible to observe atravsda interview that until the birth of the child with Down 50% of the same noconheciam this syndrome, 25% little knowledge and the others 25%possuam a bigger knowledge. We can observe that some of them paispercebiam the syndrome as being illness, currently these percepesvieram if to modify, starting to perceive its children as adorveisespeciais and ' ' normais' '. We must acquire knowledge the professionals to aconhecerem the emotional conditions dealing, thus, effectively with arealidade of each family. The research counted on the participation of responsible parents and for the carrying child of the Syndrome of Down, with an income predominantly of until a minimum wage, what it demonstrates the difficulties presented for the families, and the precariousness in the atendimentos, as well as the difficult level of knowledge of these parents, in what the syndrome says respect.


One is about a qualitative research where the choice of the cases was not given randomly, but from the presented and disgnostic symptoms confirmed for specialists. The involved ones are of the masculine sex and met in psicoterpico process when being invited to participate of the study, being oldest in accompaniment since November of 2006. The applicability of the research was carried through in setting therapeutical in the period of January the October of 2008, with weekly meeting of 50 minutes, and nor always an artistic resource was used, being the therapy many times in the verbal plan. For this reason, one is not about a case study, but of a description of the fragmentos of the clinical cases you say from them of the involved ones, bringing the experience of the art as coadjuvante in psycotherapy so that the reader can have clarity of as this can be significant in the process of conscience taking and in the elaboration and ressignificao of the presented symptoms. The used boarding was the gestalt-therapy, for making interface with the arteterapia, conceiving the human being as a being of infinite possibilities. is in this dialogue that if finds the instrument of facilitation of the citizen with he himself and the connection with its interior universe.

Art and gestalt: a dialgica relation To the speech of the relation between Arte and Gestalt, we will make an analogy here what Buber points in its philosophy as a dialgica relation. For the philosopher, ' ' the dialgico includes the relation and the attitude to go in the direction of the other, in it searchs of the meeting of the totality of the existence humana' ' (AMORIM apud D? ACRI. et. al, 2007, p.69). In Arte and Gestalt this relation will be characterized for the meeting with the object bred. The other will consist from the form that is projected in the art object, therefore being created for it, when expressing by means of the artistic construction its interior world, will be capable to presentificar it, becoming visible what before he was unknown.