Better Quality of Life

People are leaving their native country for different reasons, start a new life, to find a more promising and high-paying job, see the world in the end. Since I was born in Russia, it is about immigrants from this great power and I would like to write. I do not want to give these statistics to compare the migratory movements and trends, I want to write about immigrants as a phenomenon and explain why my compatriots leave Russia. Yes, it's not a secret that in Moscow in the first sky-high housing prices, meager wages in relation products and services and the money that we make sometimes difficult , increasingly expensive public transport. Ending universities, we are not sure that we will get a decent job, and you can say for sure that the experience required for employment, we will get by working as waiters, billeterami and sellers, consultants, although here, too, would like to specify that at such office experience desirable.

But I would not want to go here in this thread since most are already refers to this philosophy. Yes, perhaps this national feature to get used to everything and everything in silence transfer. We are rapidly entering into life, and often our rosy hopes for the excellent work, cozy apartment and a warm cottage, faced with the truth of life, we begin to understand that for a successful job-A-Wish work, and sometimes education is not enough work for an apartment with earnings of another twenty years, well, giving perhaps did get from her grandmother. I can say from experience that eventually all the planks, we set itself initially begin to slowly creep down, well, solid car, dirt, gas-polluted areas and cold winters, are beginning to oppress even the youngest. And here, perhaps for the first time, the thought creeps into his head to emigrate. Desire so you should be assessed not by experience in the workbook, and on your personal merit, desire to have opportunities for self-actualization are increasingly starting to climb in my head, until at last firmly hold it sometimes glavenstuyuschee place in the needs and values. Thoughts of a warm climate, the salary is enough for life, new experiences, life experiences are beginning to flash the white threads of our lives and dreams. Someone asks who we are needed there, we were such Thousands of iridescent dreams, frustration, and empty pockets. But I also know for sure that besides the ability to get used to everything with time, in our living faith in the best of what we all can and will achieve all somewhere someday belief in happiness and dignity-all this produces in us a desire to naive engines and go where perhaps we are lucky and we are at peace.