The famous epitaphs epitaph is a brief inscription on the tombs and can be written either at the will of the deceased or as a farewell message from family and friends. In the latter case there are traditional ways such as “always live in the hearts of those who knew you”, simple as a souvenir of your wife and children “; nostalgic as:” Do not say goodbye because you will continue to live in our hearts ” or final farewells as: “You were a brave until the last minute. Your fellow circus always remember, and most austere as those found in cemeteries,” was born on 8 November 1931. He left on November 8, 2004. “Unlike earlier there are other rich in poetry, ironic language, metaphors and stories of life in a tiny text summary whose length does not exceed three or four lines.

Others have a good deal of humor to demonstrate that the human race continues to cling to the hope of overcoming death and, if not achieve at least reserve the right to sneer. One of the most ingenious is that of Groucho Marx, the famous American actor of Jewish origin who ordered to write to his final resting place: I’m sorry I did not get up, lady. But not only the characters are inspired to write these little works of literature funeral. In an unmarked grave in an unknown cemetery in the world reads this epitaph dedicated to the memory of a father (or mother, the message does not help us determine) and the stinginess of one of his children: With love from all your children, less Ricardo gave nothing.

What To Consider When Choosing Santa ?

Soon, very soon, the long-awaited, much-loved magical holiday of New Years will take place! This festival for children relish pure hearts and souls of small – imagine what’s going on in them when they think about the gifts, their Real Estate Needs Soon to come from Santa Claus – because children have written letters to them – was asked about the most important Waiting for the holiday, miracle, faith in the goodness and magic of the little man can take this world, even in its imperfections, to be optimistic, laid the foundations of a future in it attitude to life and children! Adults are not less fond of this holiday and do not miss the opportunity to make nice to everyone they love. Calling Santa Claus – a service which has long been popular in the run-up to Christmas holidays. Order today, Santa Claus makes virtually every family. But not uncommon ones who are still trying to cope on their own and dress up in costume of Santa Claus dad, uncle or mother. This service offers a variety of agencies, but most popular are the ones who started this one first.

Here work recommendations old customers. Order of Santa Claus to do today is not difficult – just go online, enter the query ‘Order of Santa Claus’ to choose from the options agencies the best option and click a few buttons. As well need to do to not run into scam? What to consider when choosing Santa Claus? We decided to form our advice a few points: 1.Postaraytes search reviews on the Internet about favorite agency, see pictures of their work, if possible, to communicate with their customers. 2.When placing the application should make sure that the agency provides assurances that the actors come on time and in decent condition – ask them to explore contract necessarily require to register it you need items – time of arrival of the actor, sober, appropriate state and other 3.Horosho when the manager of the agency or the actor asks many questions about your child or man, for that you order a service “Call Santa Claus” – the better he will know the preferences and choose the best scenario. 4.Do not be afraid to prepay, on the contrary, it provides assurance that the right actor, “booked” on the date of your choice. 5.Ne buy at cheap discount services and enchanting, if only it does not start the agency. By the way, aspiring actor and agencies more careful and responsible approach to their work.

6. after rendering services give feedback about artists – you do not be a problem, but for the artist is always pleasant and the future gives more orders. We support and promote development professional services market in Russia. Increasing attention paid to the quality of services provided. For the future of quality services. Contact the professional agencies, if you do not risk exposing, like: “This is not Santa Claus, it’s Daddy! : (“. Everyone likes preparations appreciate the small joys and not miss the opportunity to present the moments of happiness to your family and friends!

Intangible Cultural

You want to dive the sea of Catalan traditions? would you feel like a genuine citizen of Barcelona? It is well known that the traditions that characterize both the Catalan region come from many centuries before, and is therefore one of the merits of the catalan people have preserved as old customs that they have hardly changed, while others have disappeared. Although Barcelona is the principal city of the community of Catalonia, the traditions that we discussed are held throughout the territory. Below are the best so if you carryout a trip to Barcelona can meet a peculiar like this culture and enjoy fun festivals. Blackout dates: the beauty of the tradition have to highlight some significant dates: 23 April: feast of Sant Jordi, Catalonia pattern. Looks like a little Valentine, Valentine’s day: kids give a rose to the girl and this at the same time gives a book to the boy. On this day it pays homage to Cervantes. Las Ramblas are crowded and booksellers can be found and flowers everywhere.

In addition, the city is very nice, since held in spring. UNESCO decided to declare this day as international day of the book. You can rent a cheap apartment in Barcelona during these dates to live in person this beautiful tradition. 24 June: celebrated in Barcelona and Catalonia with much euphoria and excitement, both in private homes and in public places. The most peculiar are the Fireworks that are pulled through the streets and from the houses, and the most typical is eating sweet coca, which can be of llardons (Greaves). In discotheques and venues often organize Parties prepared for this big day, that means the entry of the summer, and is also the shortest night of the year.