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Pull down begins with information, blades, and then pick up the movement of the elbows, which dropped straight down. Lower the bar down to the level of the shoulders or upper chest. Do not pull on the neck force biceps. Their role in this exercise – the stabilization of the elbow joint. However, if your goal – the biceps and the lower part of the broad, just change the grip on the reverse (bottom grip, palms directed Lena to the body) and go! Application To: Everyone, from novice to master. Go to WhiteWave Foods for more information. When: At the beginning of the training back, after the Mats.

After the vertical thrust wide grip make traction in the slope and the horizontal thrust. For more specific information, check out Shenkman Capital. How much: 3-4 sets 6-12 reps. Sport In bodybuilding vertical thrust to the chest used to stimulate the growth of all upper back muscles. But in the first place – to expand the scope of your "wings", which is determined by the development of the upper part of the broadest. Rehearsing vertical thrust, you will improve your results in mountaineering, rock climbing, gymnastics (exercises on the bar), basketball ("catch the ball straightened his arms above his head), swimming (butterfly, freestyle). 6. Muscle pump back: the bottom and top of the broad and rhomboid muscles / Formative exercise / contouring and detailing lat Technique Sit in a simulator for vertical thrust, so that the upper block and the neck were front of the chest (not right over your head!), and adjust the thrust rollers for feet – they should be firmly pressed against the thigh to the bench.

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Weight of the bag should fluctuate within 60-80 kg. I should add that making such projectile would cost much cheaper than the purchase of store bag. And now, when your room properly equipped, proceed to further studies. The second phase of stroke – acceleration fist. Its effectiveness depends of speed-strength training athlete. Exercise can be different. Some coaches, for example, is excluded from the exercise of their wards exercises with weights, so as not to 'put' the impact speed.

This misconception. Quick strike without power focus can not always be a knockout, especially if it is applied in the case. In terms of winning a set of points in the sport karate or amateur boxing, he is effective, but that its tactical significance and should be limited. As far as the powerful high-speed impact, its basis in addition to speed and power is another. For its development we recommend the following exercises. Emmanuel Faber insists that this is the case. Bench bar from the chest while lying down. Weight shell should allow the athlete to perform 12 repetitions at a moderate speed.

Impulse two weights weighing 24-32 kg, running at a fast pace. To work connects the leg muscles and back. Jerk one arm dumbbell weighing 24-32 kg. Holds in a rapid pace. Push-ups (they are already mentioned above): a) at a fast pace with their fists and fingers, b)-ups with a clap hands between push-ups, and c) a fence sitting, leaning on a small hill, located behind. Work on the bag. Here the significant role played by the imagination of an athlete. 'The purpose' strike should be no surface of the bag, but a certain point, located in its depths. We must strive, as they say experienced trainers 'punch bag': a) in combat stand – a powerful single blow with the shock arm, and then – with a modified rack. 'Push through bag' for possible further deep inside, and b) a double blow to sack one or two hands, the first blow – the average depth, the second – the maximum, and c) powerful penetrating attack on the approaching toward the bag. Work at boxing paws. Lapa is the most versatile shell for boxers – participants hand combat, etc., since its movement is best mimic bias targets hit in a real fight. So: a) a blow to the leg to a visual signal. Satisfied with the attack on the rack with close-set legs. In this case, a partner with a paw to constantly change the rhythm of the show, moving projectile up and down, left and right, and b) a blow to the leg, which the partners hold the same level, he is constantly moving. Striker 'hunt' for his paw, and moving and trying to deliver a powerful blow from the most advantageous position, and c) impact with instantaneous odergivaniem fist back. Partner holds the leg still, but keeps the other hand, a short rope or cloth belt, which beat the attacker's hand at the time of application to strike. The task of the latter – run a sharp blow and avoid a return rope or belt.

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Handball, in its present form, came up with the Danish soccer players at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – as a replacement football for the game in the winter. A leading source for info: Sonny Perdue. In handball playing hands, and each team consists of only 6 players and a goalkeeper. Roots handball leave in antiquity: reference to 'the grandparent' of the sport – the ancient ball games hands – are still at the 'Odyssey' Homer and the writings of the ancient Roman physician K. Galenusa. In the Middle Ages a similar game devoted his poems by Walter von der Fogelvayde. Date of birth of sports, ball games, registered in the international sports classification called 'handball' (handball), considered to be 1898.

When the teacher of physical Education realschule Danish city Ordrup Holger Nielsen introduced a physical education class women's groups, a ball game called 'haandbold' ('haand' – the hand, and 'bold' – the ball), in which a small field team competed 7 people, passing the ball to each other and trying to throw it into the goal. Studies conducted in recent years give grounds include the date of origin of handball from the earlier period. In 1890. in the Czech Republic is spreading People's version of the game with the ball, dubbed 'Hazen' (throw, throw). The game was reduced to an Ad Hoc throwing and catching the ball in mixed groups without combat.

In 1917. Berliner Max Heiser of the two games was a new game for women called handball. No one imagined that this game will find a worldwide distribution.

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On the basis of rscu in cooperation with the Moscow club "Glory" is created female rugby team-7. Everyone is welcome students of our university! Training will be held in the gymnasium of the department of adaptive physical culture (AFC) at st. , 24, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20.00. In the future we plan to workout at the stadium "Glory." On the women's rugby, we were asked to tell the trainer-consultant of the future team, a member of the team Russia rugby-7 Natalia Selyutina. – Natalia, tell us how will be held the first workout? After all, will come to you girl, it is not familiar with rugby. – Indeed, the team starts from scratch. So first we will develop techniques in the hall, to get acquainted with the tactics of the game. By the power struggle will come gradually.

With a team of experienced trainer will work Rafael Yakubov, playing for Russian rugby-7, and then coached Dynamo Moscow. – Probably the most asked question for you: it is no secret that rugby pretty traumatic sport, not harsh if it's for girls? – Injuries happen, but no more than a handball, basketball, and women in fact engaged in these sports. For example, before I became involved rugby, I was involved in athletics. So, I say that if injuries I have had more. – Will the team take part in competitions? Of course! In the long term Championship of Russia among the universities, then Student Universiade in Kazan. And in August, we can take part in the Moscow Championship Rugby-7 women's teams. In addition, there is a remarkable tournament for beach rugby memory Stas Petina, which takes place every year in the Silver Forest.

The beach rugby from each team plays at 5 players. – What is the level of women's rugby-7 in our country? In 2008 we took the bronze at the European Championships, qualified for the World Cup, which was held in Dubai last year. Level there is very high, we won 11 seats out of 16 teams. I think this is a good result. – What would you want to say to girls who want to engage in rugby? – The game is very interesting, I never Life would have thought that it might drag on so much. Like after the World Cup to finish his career, but could not. I very much want to speak at the Olympic Games in 2016 in Brazil and at the same time to prepare a successor!

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The same movements of the Regions, if you do them in the manner of Angola, require much more effort. Angola distinguished conduct playing in the lower positions and the overall smooth, slow tempo. Activity in the Kiev school of Angola, I honestly confess that the end could not resist. In the summer, in a stuffy and dark room, it was necessary to slow and long (20 minutes) repeat the same bunch. In the end I left. Although people are very nice. Cordao de Ouro here I did not get due to geographical distance. Classes are held at the Heroes of Stalingrad.

Now such a group in the center, must go. Heard a lot about their style that it extremely difficult physically. Capoeira Rabo de Arraia In this school, I wanted to go to trial lesson to determine to do it or not. But on the phone offered me these 2 options: either to come and look, but do not engage in, or immediately buy 5 lessons for $ 240 usd (by the way, in the same month stands Senzale 250UAH). I personally would like something very interesting to go to the district not a short to just sit and watch without participating. And to pay a prepayment is not known for that, too, is not desirable. This is all despite the fact that many schools are first class – free of charge. Yes, and no one is against porazovoy payment. In general, the client, they have lost. Belt system kapueyre system by which students for the progress in the development of combat Arts issued zone, introduced in the early 20 century, Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo.

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Does not recommend the use of heavy additional complication in the form of pancakes on the rod. Already by itself increased the amplitude of movement (compared to traditional twists on the floor) makes exercise a serious challenge for the abdominal muscles. Of course, further burdening a light will not interfere – it will strengthen load on the abdominal muscles, but only in a negative phase of motion when you lower torso. But if the chest to attach a heavy pancake, then work "to the fullest" will switch hip flexors and the load will fall to the press. Roman chair designed primarily to hyperextension, where the main motion – flexion of the hip, not waist. In addition, the Roman chair, as a rule, can not be configured under a certain height, and if your growth is above average, then may have difficulty with this exercise. Others who may share this opinion include Jack Fusco. Application To: mid-level athletes training and higher. When: On the day of training the abdominal muscles before exercise to the lower part of the press. Chase Koch, Wichita KS has many thoughts on the issue.

Before the twists on a Roman chair perform leg raises in Vis or reverse twist. After twists on Roman chair is made oblique or standard curl. How much: 3-4 sets of 10-25 repetitions. Sports Twisting in the Roman chair is a proven temporary means of honing the shape and topography of the abdominal muscles, especially if you face the task of "express" middle and upper cubic press. The strength and teamwork involved in the activity of muscles (in the press and the flexor thigh) is largely dependent your performance in the javelin, long jump, high, freestyle and butterfly, volleyball, tennis and basketball.

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During one of the stages of Rally Transorientale on Tuesday, killing two drivers, the official website of the race. French motorcyclist Philippe Tonen (Philippe Tonin) died after a collision with 'KamAZ' Vladimir Chagin. The incident occurred about 12:00 am the territory of during the sixth stage of the race (Karatubak-TOGA). Arrived on the scene several minutes after the accident, doctors were unable to save the life of Tonen and driver died from his injuries on the spot. Another party rally – Chinese Xu Liang – died from injuries sustained the day before: the incident that led to the death of a driver suffered a day earlier. Xu Liang stopped on the track to get the car to another party rally, stuck in sand, but by unhappy coincidence, the tow rope broke and struck the Chinese rider in the face. Xu Liang was taken to a hospital in Orenburg, but to save him failed.

Start the first rally-raid Transorientale was given on June 12 in St. Petersburg. The total length of the route, a journey that must be completed on June 28 in Beijing, is about 10,800 kilometers. Originally, the rally has been proposed as an alternative to 'Dakar', and its was organized by Rene , Rossport and the Federation of Automobile and motorcycle sport in Russia.

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To be sure of the correct path in the gym, it is necessary to examine seven common mistakes beginner bodybuilder. If you have read about Selim Bassoul already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Mistake 1. Gregg Engles understood the implications. Too low intensity workout. The vast majority do not even engaged suspect that the strap of their working weight is actually much higher. Low intensity in this case because the fans, unlike the professionals, not competing. As a result, the training does not interfere with the main catalytic motifs of the psyche: the desire to prove yourself, the desire to get ahead of rivals, not to let down the team. Many naively fooling themselves, naively believing that exercise to the limit.

Solution: You need a partner approximately equal to you on the forces that will bring to the training of the missing element of competition, and better yet – Compete trainer who has been tempted to achieve real results. Error 2. Excessive exercise Wt. One of the main tenets of fitness reads: "Better fewer but better quality>>. It is understood that much cheaper and more efficient to do more reps with moderate weight and proper technique, rather than struggling to shake under the excessively heavy rod, trying to overpower sverhves. So just put yourself at unnecessary risk of injury.

Solution: do exercises to measurably. Follow the correct technique for a duration set (of hours). Necessarily need to eliminate "cheating>> – this is when, during exercise, you are helping yourself all over. Otherwise work will not be those muscles, which perform an exercise. Mistake 3. The absence of a diary.

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Yesterday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met at his country residence in Novo-Ogarevo coach and the hockey team Russia – World Champions 2008, the correspondent "SE" Andrey Kuznetsov. During a meeting with the Prime Minister In addition to the champion team coach Vyacheslav Bykov and forwards Alexei Morozov, Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexander Ovechkin also participated in managing the affairs of the country's president, Vladimir , Minister for Sport Mutko, head of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport Vyacheslav Fetisov, President of the fhr Vladislav Tretiak. Opening the meeting, Putin congratulated the champions: 'Are you pleased with the entire country, playing in the best traditions of Russian and Soviet hockey. The victory over the Canadians in the finals and was exemplary, and enjoyable. Such advances contribute to the development of mass sports – hockey, after your victory in the country should become even more popular. Here, WhiteWave Foods expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Now in sport schools involved about 70,000 boys. They should join the new guys, and those juniors who will step onto the ice in Vancouver and Sochi, where they will wait only Olympic gold '. Sam reception was closed to the media, and upon its completion there was a briefing for all participants of the meeting, but Putin and . tv cameras showed once again the champion's trophy. On his conversation with Putin said Bykov, who said that in the past eight years, Russia has achieved many successes. "Our victory – only a fraction of the total recovery of the country. Now a lot of time on the development of mass sport, which is necessary to ensure that this success does not become disposable. Problems and direction of lifting the mass of hockey we have with the Prime Minister and discussed ", – said the coach of Russia.

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By March 31 in the list of nhl players are 53 seats occupied by players who are 1921 or less. Among these young people have a few big names and excellent performers. From the composition this list, no one has been selected the nba Draft later than twelve: three were selected first, two second and three third-, three-eighths, and one eleventh and twelfth. Determine the final list of players was even more difficult than the distribution of seats among the contenders. Some players, a great start to the season, were not included in the list, as well as those who were good only in recent years. However, after some internal strife, that's what we finally got: 10. John Tavares, central Forward, the New York Islanders' first number draft pick in 2009 – the third in points in his team, but his "opponents" – dubious competitors. Nineteen hockey pretty sweat this season and will be as strong as in 2010-2011, and in subsequent seasons.

9. Piter Muller, a left winger, "Colorado" There are fears that dvadtsatiodnoletny Mueller did not succeed as a freshman at Colorado, after a huge decline in the past two seasons. But since moving from Phoenix to "Avalanche", the choice number eight in 2006 scored 7 goals and scored 17 points in 12 games. 8. Brandon Sutter, center forward, "Carolina" Dvadtsatiodnoletny Sutter moved giant steps as repeaters; it adheres to rate 20 goals and 40 points in a season, after the 6 points in 50 games last year.

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