Democratic Alternative

Therefore we find interesting to raise a massive model, as democratic alternative for our time. The dynamics of life is which would be constituted in economic engine, source of production of goods and knowledge, understood as the sum in a collective movement. The result would be that political activity should not be a representative activity, but it would be a constituent activity; an activity positive, construction and innovative; based on a network of communication of knowledge and loyalties among our citizens that exceed the boundaries, by instituting a force bringing together all humanity. The constituent crowd could be the force capable of building democracy in the future, with capacity to deal with the trend toward an impersonal corporate global empire. Without hesitation music downloads explained all about the problem. The democratic activist in the global era would be akin to the activist bourgeois, Socialist, Communist or anarchist social movements and revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries against exploitation, repression and imperialist control of those times. Party and trade union bureaucracies Today they have adapted to a reformist situation, occupying certain subsidiaries plots of power. The pyramidal, hierarchical and bureaucratic structure of the old ideological, religious organizations and class are particularly designed to cope with a centralized power, which is today being replaced by a system (?)* global decentralized, flexible, it jumps borders, sweeps territories and customs as well as forms of life and thought. This new situation requires organization, communication and feedback; or the modality and meaning which they adopt new forms of (?), able to represent or make representative position of the multitude against the system (?).

The power of the past, which I accept with fierce discipline slogans of parties and unions, it has been replaced by the multitude of individual human beings, with their unique vital, affective and intellectual projects, to which the information age provides the instruments of communication and consequent power. * Free and simplified interpretation of the analyses and proposals of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, according to f. Florido Leon in imperialism or Empire?. Reasons and injustices of the Negri/Petras controversy. * Notion of multitude of Antonio Negri, based on Baruch Spinoza, the 17TH century rationalist philosopher. ** The names such as: System, organization, party, Etc., could be outnumbered in the immediate future and not be representative of social reality. Original author and source of the article.