Juan Antonio Samaranch

Other, small, dreamed of becoming famous athletes. He, however, preferred to be sports director. So rare that child, instead of having to retire from the sport after 30, like others, follows the 80 in front of world sport. Is that Samaranch is, above all, perseverance. With the methodical and patient dedication of philatelic. So, perhaps, has one of the best collections of stamps on the world of sport. Another unique feature of this quiet man is adapting to circumstances.

There are people so attached to his convictions can not change course even if you are directly to crash. Unlike them, Samaranch intelligently navigate the difficult waters of compromise. Thus, he achieved everything he has proposed. Chairing the International Olympic Committee. Bringing the Games to his native Barcelona. Integrating professionalism in the Olympic sport. So too, he immediately put all your heads of state of the world.

Even so, Samaranch is a simple man. Even a little timid. In ways exquisitely polite. Aware of the social importance of communication. In future books about the sport will be a chapter that says nothing was the same after Samaranch. Because, it sounds pompous thus, it is true. This brief biography of Juan Antonio Samaranch who died recently appeared in the American newspaper “News of the World,” August 30, 1997. Later, with another 109 reviews historical protagonists, was published in the book “Character of Life” (ARIAS ENRIQUE VEGA .- Centro Francisco Tomas y Valiente, the UNRD Alzira/Valencia.- .