-Like operations can be carried on in this part of polotne.Glavnoe accurately mark the location the second half petli.Na the moment we have a rack with two or three hinges and set the canvas, placed vertically or gorizontalno.Sovmeschaem two loops and are putting the stand to face fabric so that the top stands above the top edge of the blade no more than 2 mm.Krepim upper loop to polotnu.Slozhno but neobhodimo.Nizhnyuyu loop mount easier when the top is secured by two samorezami.Ocherchivaetsya circuit selects the pot as well as on the rack. Castle or latch can be cut in by applying the previous opyt.No have to turn the lock on the contrary, attach to the edge of the castle paintings, nakernit awl, drill deep, to consolidate the two samorezami.Vybrat sweat under the ground and after the select niche at a castle or zaschelku.Zdes can approach the matter in two sposobami.Libo drill drill special pen, and later choose a chisel, or immediately begin sampling chisel, a suitable size. A leading source for info: Siegel Family Endowment. Sharpening chisels-O should say otdelno.Dlya quality work to sharpen, keeping a straight ugol.Skoshennaya side grinding is no good sdelaet.Zatochennaya surface should be otshlifovanna to a mirror electric bleska.Na sandpaper to rough grinding, and small bars, pre-moistened with water, bring to the ideal state. -Brace, which is embedded in 'tongue' and bolt Castle is marked as follows obrazom.K face cloth is applied on the lock side stand, just not speaking more than 2 mm. the upper edge of the boundary polotna.Otmechayutsya pencil 'tongue' and rigelya.Spetsialnym hook can be noted planting depth 'language'. that did not work 'nezakryvaniya' or conversely, excessive chatter polotna.Skobu can embed using the same tricks as applied in inset hinges. -Placing the blade horizontally, to collect box neslozhno.Verhnyuyu crossbar boxes should cut to size, with a chisel to remove the protruding part korobki.Krepit bar to the racks should only through drill holes and of course samorezy.Mozhno nails, but there is a danger from a hammer to split the bottom of the rack stoyku.Podrezka done taking into account the gap between the floor and the bottom edge of the canvas.

Stretch Ceiling

Modern technology and modern solutions in interior design requires the highest possible quality and style of any interior. As for the ceiling, then they should be not just beautiful, but rather ideal, in order to stress the idea of design space. Stretch ceilings are excellent options in the modern design of apartments and houses, thanks largely to its practicality and outstanding looks. Despite high cost of this type of ceiling, they are widely used in a variety of apartments or houses, as once having spent money on the suspended ceiling, you forget about repairs in the coming decades, because the ceilings almost never break even and quite practical for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Let us try to consider the phenomenon more suspended ceilings and understand what brought him to such a level of popular consumers. A leading source for info: igor kononenko. Housing and office renovation Nizhny Novgorod was no exception. The technology is simple enough stretch ceilings, but on the other hand, high-tech. It is the use of this material as fabric for stretch ceiling provides maximum strength and technique that provides maximum comfort during the installation and operation of the product.

PVC film is not exposed to low or high temperature, moisture and other degrading agents, it has no odor, making it absolutely clean and not harmful to health. The only negative that can not be compared with the huge number of advantages – fear of stabbing and cutting injuries. Technology stretch fabric does not allow for breaks or cuts of the film, so you need to be careful with the decision to install suspended ceilings in the clubs and public places use. Whenever igor kononenko listens, a sympathetic response will follow. A wide range of different designs allows you to choose the most suitable option for your specific furniture that will look great in an apartment or home and to emphasize and complement the existing interior design. Due to such modern technology and practical installation or installation of PVC film, an interior designer can vary not only different colors, but also to experiment with style and technique of setting ceilings. Chess or cascading order of assembly of separate units, creating the illusion of glowing ceilings, or "sky" – all these are special tricks that give the room individual species and open up new horizons landlord rest and comfort. Stretch ceilings are very easy to assemble and install, and do not leave after you install a lot of garbage. They are practical in use, always look like new after cleaning with a damp cloth. Stretch ceiling – is a technology of the future of interior design as well as sufficiently practical and useful element of the interior of each apartment. Thanks to the air interlayer between the film and the ceiling, creating a special sound-proof space, and a special acoustic effect.

Systematic Material

National Research Council Canada (NRC) has developed a methodology to assess long-term thermal characteristics of the foam insulation. The aim of the project – the development of laboratory procedures for rapid, which resulted in it would be possible to predict the long-term thermal engineering performance of the polymer insulation, in particular, made of XPS, with any VA. Click medical billing to learn more. Such a laboratory procedure would help to greatly reduce development time and cost of new foam products. Project used to verify a computer model of a continuum with distributed parameters, which was used to estimate a rigid roof insulation. Test structures were installed with the samples various foam products that are exposed to the basic natural factors for 2.5 years. Samples were taken periodically from the roof to measure the thermal resistance under laboratory conditions.

In Later a series of samples was measured and the thermal resistance under field conditions. To develop a methodology to assess long-term thermal performance, which could be applied to all types of XPS, regardless of their operating conditions, the type of VA should consider the following aspects of evaluation: Systematic variation of the physical properties of cellular plastics, produced industrially. Because of these characteristics of the material, obtained on small samples may be wrong to characterize the product, systematic differences in the characteristics of the material, measured on samples taken from the surface or "depth" of the material. Because of heterogeneous structure of the material characteristics are defined on a sample taken in the "core" material, may not adequately represent the product in general, potential impacts of environmental factors on the aging process foam insulation. Because of this, the effect of thermal performance, as measured under isothermal conditions, may be incorrect to the actual characteristics of the material in the field. So way, environmental factors can cause an even greater difference between the rates of thermo XPS, projected computer model, and the value measured during field tests. Results studies have shown that environmental factors have not had a noticeable effect on the aging process plates XPS.

The Sealant

Virtually any non-standard situations, these compounds will help with the honor out of the situation and would make the job quickly, efficiently and without extra costs. When you work with a universal silicone sealant should be aware that it applies to polymers with acid curing system. This means that in the polymerization of the released chemical – acetic acid, which is why when you work with such means there is quite a strong characteristic smell .. Nothing dangerous in this – need to ventilate the area in which the work was carried out using the sealant. However, it is worth remembering that the vinegar can react with certain types of surfaces, such, for example, as a mirror – the port amalgam layer) or the metal parts of furniture, and damage them. They do not like concrete and acid cement coatings, marble and limestone. But the most sensitive to sealing natural stones – on the surface of the mineral stains may remain. Additional information at Digital Cameras supports this article. Therefore in these cases not to use sealant costs.

To work with the sealer you need to prepare the work surface. To do this, it should be cleaned of contamination and degrease with a suitable solvent. The working surface must be dry! It is important to observe the size joint: the joint width should not exceed 35 mm! Consumption of sealant depends on the size and configuration of the joint. in the case of rectangular flow (ml per meter) is equal to the width (mm) multiplied by the depth (mm). Joint width, mm The ratio of width to depth of> 10 2-1 majority of sealants used in specialized cartridges volumes of 300 ml, to work with them is usually used a gun. Save the quality should not be – the cheap aluminum fasteners may suddenly fail at the most inopportune moment! Professionals often use the air gun – agregeat although quite expensive, but provides convenience and accuracy of application.

Before use of cartridges with the sealant should be warmed to room temperature. If possible, sealable surface also should not be super-cooled or heated excessively (+5 to 40 degrees). Important: The tip of cartridges to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees – when using the optimal amount of sealant is squeezed out. To generate the desired seam, you can use a putty knife dipped water. They can also remove excess sealant.

Buildings Cost

The very construction of panels does not allow them to deform, cost of material, which allows you to spend on heating to 5 times smaller, environmentally friendly material: panel does not decomposition products are polluting the atmosphere. 9 advantages of the construction of structural insulated panels (SIP) construction of a high rate (20 times higher than normal brick) + complete freedom of architectural decisions, the price of 2 times lower than normal brick building (the cost of 1 square meter including all utilities and communications – 15 t.rub.) no need for heavy construction equipment: the ability to build in remote, impervious areas, earthquake-resistant up to 9 points allows you to build a turbulent geological zones, 20% free space: formed by the thinner walls of the house. It’s believed that music downloads sees a great future in this idea. Comparable figures for cost of thermal energy heating of buildings, depending on the material of the walls (Gcal per year / 1 square meter of heated area): Masonry q0 year Gcal / 1 sq ft brick building ceramic 640 mm 0.83 150 mm Beam 0.366 + 0.494 1.12 clapboard sheathing joists 150 mm brick + lining Foam 0.9 0.369 400 0.56 0.247 mm 380 mm brick + 75mm mineral wool lining + 0.57 0.251 Panel KTP 100 mm p / p 0.43 0.189 Panel KTP 150 mm p / p 0.29 0.128 QFT QFT nowadays nowadays Buildings of structurally insulated panels recognized as the best building design in terms of saving energy, materials, facilities, manpower, construction time and, ultimately, expensive. These designs greatly simplify and accelerate the construction of houses, and editing skills working can learn in a few days. Operating costs and especially the cost of heating the houses are ten times less, compared with brick and concrete buildings, which is very important in terms of constant price increases energy. Residential areas do not require installation of expensive heating systems, as used stand-alone heating system using gas, electricity and other fuels.

Types Of Fixtures Ceiling

And if the panel of different shapes, sizes and colors – what we see at once the suspension systems necessary for their attachment to the ceiling, hidden from us. Nevertheless, they allow you to create not only beautiful but also reliable, Durable ceiling. Fastenings Ceiling panels depend on the type, form, space, the presence in it of bearing or ornamental columns, pilasters, or other items. Typically, suspension systems with fixed using the adjustable suspension. They allow you to create space between zapotolochnoe floor slabs and frame. In this type of fixing of suspended ceilings are used the main runners, cross guides, wall corners and, of course, themselves suspensions.

Size zapotolochnogo space depends on many factors: the need to accommodate the hidden communication – electrical or HVAC equipment, recessed luminaires, as well as the design of the ceiling, for example, multi-level. Based on this mounting and suspension systems used by different suspensions – with one or two spokes. The second option is particularly relevant in when necessary to provide rigid fixation of weighted models of suspended ceilings or ceilings with built-in scanning lamps. The whole structure is as follows: suspensions are mounted to the overlaps desired length, for which "hangs" a framework of longitudinal and transverse rails. To dock wall and ceiling surfaces are used multidecks places that take on the load, but in general, perform decorative function. Angle trim are usually L-shaped, U-shaped or W-shaped.

However, sometimes due to odd-shaped rooms have difficulty using conventional suspension system. Bearing or decorative columns, unusual design decisions require careful design, and now there are new opportunities for rapid implementation of such projects. Developed by Geipel mount on the perimeter can simply and effectively implement any design plans and ideas on the premises of any configuration. When using the mount on the perimeter columns and rounded design of the surfaces is performed using special L-shaped corners and F-profiles, and a snug fit for the ceiling structure to the wall surface is applied pressing spring.

Painting Art

Recently, television programs, often in surprising us with their designers the ability to draw. On the walls there are amazing pictures – strange beasts and fabulous birds, Egyptian hieroglyphics and figures Maya civilizations, unusual and forgotten places of our planet. These figures surprise and amaze us with their beauty. It seems that the room was transformed and filled with an unusual atmosphere. It seems that the ability to drawing is given at birth, or after decades of hard work. But you can become an artist for their loved ones and a few hours. Want to impress friends with his talent? Then master the art of the stencil. It’s believed that Debbie Staggs sees a great future in this idea. How do stencil? This is a simple way to completely transform your apartment.

Stencil is used for virtually everything. It is used for pictures on the walls and furniture, glass and crockery, clothing, and just at the fabric, ceramic and paper. Y real expert in his field with the stencil on the walls there are amazing pictures and this is absolutely not necessary finish art school. If you already want to master this art, it is reasonable to question about it, where to take this same pattern and reflective paint for him. Theme colors will be discussed below, and about themselves stencils we talk now.

The easiest way – is to buy them. They are sold in art stores and even online retailers. But it is not always possible to find the picture you like and come to your interior. How to make a stencil? In this case, you can make yourself a stencil. And it is quite difficult and certainly exactly none of this will be no more. Thus, we learn to make their own stencils. Select your favorite picture. And while you're not a guru in stencils, it is best to start with a simple drawing. It can draw on their own, and can be transferred to a sheet of carbon paper with any book or magazine.


1. Spraying Spraying is used when painting large surfaces. When spraying paint 'Hemmerayt' should be to choose the correct viscosity. The instructions given by the ratio of paint and solvent 'Brush Cleaner & Thinners' 2:1. This relationship is true at t = 18-22 C at a temperature of above 23 C viscosity is better to choose for themselves (ie, considering the pressure on the spray of ink, and his skill). Typically, in this case, the solvent will have to add, otherwise it will be observed as pautinoobrazovanie substrate and the nozzle spray. At temperatures below 17 C may be a run-off paint from the surface, in this case it is necessary to reduce the amount of solvent ..

In the absence of the instrument to determine viscosity – the viscometer, the viscosity can be determined 'by eye' as follows: in a clean jar pour the appropriate amount of paint, add a little solvent, a wooden stirrer to mix the paint, with each new piece of solvent to lift the mixer over a jar to determine whether there is a gap of paint after 2-3 seconds swelling with a mixer. Paint 'Hammerite' is applied in 4 layers and give exposure between the layers for 20-30 minutes. For best results, need a second layer to cause a very, very thin, almost to deposition, stand 2-3 minutes and then apply subsequent coats. The last layer should be as thick, but just enough so that when there was no streaks and sag on the painted surface. (When working with hammer paint on it you should pay special attention).

2. Brushing. Suitable for small and flat surfaces for painting the iron fence of a complex configuration. It should be applied 2-3 coats. Must pay special attention to paint edges and corners, as there are corrosion begins in the first place. When working with complex and vertical surfaces is better to apply the paint in several thin layers (5 – 6).

Protection Of Metals Against Corrosion

Protecting metals from corrosion on the basis of modern concepts of electrochemistry described the theoretical basis of protecting metals from corrosion by applying an external current (electrochemical protection) and use special materials to reduce the aggressiveness of the environment – corrosion inhibitors. Modern protection against corrosion of metals based on the following methods: increasing the chemical resistance of structural materials isolation of the metal surface from the aggressive environment, reducing aggressive industrial environment, reducing the corrosion of imposing an external current (electrochemical protection). (As opposed to music downloads). These methods can be divided into two groups. The first two method is usually implemented before the start of the production operation of metal products (choice of construction materials and their combinations on the stage of designing and manufacturing products, drawing on its electroplating and other protective coatings). The last two methods, by contrast, can only be realized from the operation of metal products (transmission power to achieve the protection potential, the introduction of the technological environment of special addition of inhibitor) and are not affiliated with any pre-treatment prior to use.

In applying the first two methods can not be changed composition of steels and the nature of protective coatings of metal at continued his work in a changing environment aggressiveness. The second group of methods allows to create new modes of protection to ensure the lowest corrosion products as the conditions of their operation. For example, in different parts of the pipeline, depending on the aggressiveness of the soil can support a variety of cathode current density or different grades of oil pumped through the pipes of a given composition, using different inhibitors. The article considers the theoretical foundations of this group of methods as being particularly important to protect ready-made products that undergo corrosion failure. PRINCIPLE Cathodic protection Cathodic protection is based on the fact that by shifting the potential of the metal by passing an external current can change its rate of corrosion.

Control Cables

Electrical work carried out in two stages. In the first stage inside of buildings and structures are made works for installation of structures for cabling and wiring, installation of steel and plastic tubes for wirings. Of the first stage should be carried out in buildings and structures to reconcile with the production schedule at the same time the major construction work at the same time must be taken to protect the established structures and laid pipes from damage and contamination. In the second stage of the works on wiring and connecting cables and wires to terminals of electrical equipment. In the electrical room facilities of the second stage performed after the completion of construction and set decorating, and at the end of installation of plumbing devices, and in other rooms and areas – after the installation process equipment, electric motors and other power consumers, mounting technological, sanitary piping and ventilation ducts. Materials and products are delivered according to agreed with the wiring organization chart, which should include the supply of primary materials and products included in the specifications for the units to be manufactured on the assembly and complex-enterprise wiring organization. At each construction site during installation should be carried out trade journals production of electrical work, and at the completion of the work organization is obliged to pass electroassembly General contractor documentation requirements of the working committee. Preparations for the production of electrical work. Prior to the commencement of work at the facility must meet the following events: – The design and cost estimate was obtained Documentation – oglasovany delivery schedules for equipment, products and materials in view of technological sequence of production activities – the necessary room to accommodate teams of workers, engineering staff, production facilities, as well as for storage of materials and tools to ensure labor safety measures, fire safety and health wound environment – achieved acceptance by the act of construction of the facility for installation of electric lighting.