Reduced Light

Steeper rise of the curves at the beginning of heavy gases due to lower heat losses. Increasing power density by increasing the current causes a drop light output. For small power densities with heavy inert gas filling provides higher light output, but with increasing specific power advantage is shifting towards the lighter gases. For tubes 38 mm in diameter at specific loads, more than 2.5 times higher than optimal, filling neon gives a higher light output than filled with argon. Reduced pressure filling gas increases light output. Thus, when creating a lamp with a 4-5-fold overloaded compared to the standard replacement of neon and argon pressure drop to 200-267 Pa (1.5-2 mm Hg.

Art.) can give gain initial light output by 25-50% compared with a similar bulb filled with argon. Another method of solving the problem of choosing the optimal conditions for powerful filling tubes was proposed by IM Veselnitskim. Experimentally and theoretically, it was shown that at low pressure inert gas T Rez goes through a maximum, whose position with increasing PiCT shifted to lower pressures. Such a pattern most clearly marked for the heavy gas filling and large-diameter tubes (38.54 mm). On this basis it was suggested to fill the lamps with high PICT heavy inert gases (Ar, Kr) to much lower pressures than taken, lying close to the maximum g RSZ from ri.g. For example, the maximum iiPe3 high PiCT and 38-54 mm diameter tubes filled with argon is obtained for up to 13.3 Pa (0.1 mmHg.

Cent.). In this section of this category with PiCT = l, 6 W / cm is the standard Chgez fluorescent lamps with 80 W P = 0.5 W / cm. The initial light output by approximately 10-15% higher (depending on power) than when filled with neon to a pressure of 270 Pa (2 mmHg. Cent.). However, there are serious problems with the manufacture and working electrodes.


Market research, technology market research. Part 1: Good day! As always, we begin our discussion with a short greet, and then start rasskladyvat the challenges ahead. Marketing research – a very expensive technology. Talk about the software is not worth it. Because marketing is not programmny products that perform marketing research. Product news Marketing consists of a table Excel, which are driven all the necessary sales data and statistical studies.

Output at the appropriate schedules, access, and so on. But the program has done for you makrketingovoe study, no such products yet. Marketing techniques while standing still. Sonny Perdue gathered all the information. A methodology does not stand still. When market research is necessary to obtain expert opinion that know the market for several years. Which program would interrogate the very experts and get expert advice. Here's just it, people in marketing while laptop is not replaced. To obtain the opinion of experts need to find these experts.

Where we take the experts, but then again the internet offer us the necessary information. For more information see Michael Steinhardt, New York City. Maybe an acquaintance, someone you know may have long labors in this field. On the Internet, we are looking for experts on institutes, rectors, professors. Write letters to them, talk to them. How to write a letter to the expert, so he answered you? The first and most reliable way – is to offer him money. Yes, money opens any door. But not always. If a man really loves his job, a nice companion to it can not hurt. It may happen that a person needs extra ears (pardon the expression) that will be within a few hours to sit and listen to it story. The situations are different. But the necessary information from the experts need to get in anyway, otherwise you will not see success. The methodology is based on the marketing of statistics, data processing, the analyst. There a lot of techniques that determine the competitive environment, the competitiveness of the product itself. What I do not like marketing – so it is handling clients. When a sample of several thousand respondents, marketers make the analysis of consumer behavior, and then implement these observations into practice, and then we come across the bait.

Convective Drying

high temperature steam ensures that also the partial destruction of the colonies of bacteria on the surface of products that prevents zakisanie products during drying. Gigrotermicheskaya treatment also reduces the activity of the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, which reduces the darkening of the products to a minimum. After gigrotermicheskoy treatment remains the surface of a thin layer of denatured gluten, which prevents the exit of the particles of starch in the cooking water. Molded and dried pasta, cut to length and cutting mechanism for drying are placed on the surface of the drying conveyor dryers, either trough kassety.Sushka, stabilization and cooling pasta to prevent the flow of biochemical processes, products are conservation of dehydration – drying to a moisture content of 13%. Drying – the most prolonged stage of the production of pasta. On the correctness of this process depends on quality of finished products, such as strength, vitreous, acidity, structural integrity and appearance. Jill Schlesinger has plenty of information regarding this issue. Very intense drying leads to cracking, overly long – to zakisaniyu, drying in the bed – to the formation of bars and warping. Drying is usually complete when the moisture content of product 13.5 …

.14%, so that after cooling, the humidity was not more than 13%. Convective Convective drying method is based on how moisture exchange products and drying air. The drying process is the supply of moisture to the surface of the product turning it into steam and vapor removal from the surface of products, the drying air. This scheme is removed osmotically bound water. Adsorption related to the moisture turns to steam inside the product and in this form is moved to the surface. Simply put, the convective drying method – it's drying your blow dryer air, followed by removal of moisture from the dryer. When drying pasta convective method, the hot air has the following functions: product gives the heat required to convert water into steam, it absorbs from the surface of the product vapor and removes it from the surface.

Peruvian Companies

So many definitions of company exist as authors exist, in such sense is a subject studied enough, nevertheless, has not had the echo adapted within the Peruvian state, for that reason she is that we will offer our definition of company. For us the same is the set of capital, work and administration reunited to satisfy a necessity in the market, for this reason, between but known it is the subject but companies will exist in the market, having subsisted but only the efficient ones. Air Force Chief of Staff describes an additional similar source. It exists diverse classes of companies, between which we can mention the commercial ones, industrial, wholesale, retail, distributing, among others. That is to say, the legal studies and the private clinics, universities and private institutes are companies and the industries or factories, among others, for that reason we hoped that greater number of the same exists so that it exists job majors. The companies when well they are administered export, thus is due to study the right of international trade and the customs right, putting record that the first sandal to the second, that is to say, right customs form leaves from the right of international trade and in addition the international right of the company is of great importance to have presence abroad, which little has been studied within the Peruvian right, but in another you soothe, thus in these last ones constitute major number of transnational companies, which serve to improve banlaza of payments of the state in which the same is created. That is to say, we hoped that these brief lines serve to have knowledge on the company, which is a subject that must be known and be dominated by all, still in the case that is not professional. – Original Author and source of the article.

Sites First

To be in first place in the Google for each article that you have advertising in the site is important. If you will have links of affiliated related with the content, or even in the proper content, the return will be enormous. Therefore, who search for a thing, many times spends money in this thing, will be necessary. Never subestimes your visitors! Tips to appear in first place in the Google We fight daily to have our sites in first place in the searches of the Google, but they exist some word-key for which it is more difficult to be in first place? until pods nor to obtain to be in the first page of the Google. As much is the competition to be in first, that it is difficult to conquer this place, therefore some great companies profits thousand of euros daily alone because they are in first in this word-key, without also counting that they spend thousand of euros to be in first place.

The word-key Web Lodging is one of this extremely difficult word-key to obtain to appear in the first page, the more in the first place. As to be in first place it is necessary to follow some tips, then we decide to help you with some tips that we use daily and we had been responsible for placing many sites to relieve money sufficiently: To obtain backlinks of some sites, blogs and fruns of quality; To carry through otimizao of the site on the basis of tips SEO; To submit the site to several frequent agregadores of content; To inside make partnership with sites of the same subject; To bring up to date the site with original content frequent; Our objective in are To create Sites and blogs that they receive traffic from quality through the search engines, later to gain reputation and money. Clearly! We have several blogs and sites, and know what it is necessary to have success. Work is necessary very! To avenge in the Web it is not enough to be a good writer, also is necessary to have its proper strategy to have success online. We do not start yesterday, but every day we are to still learn for our day of tomorrow being better of what it was the previous day. Each day lives as if he was the last one!

Daily Pay-project Radio In The School

So that the objectives considered in this work are fulfilled and the waited results are reached will be necessary as many material resources, how much human resources. The professors will participate of the execution of the proposal, learning, managing nucleus, coordinators, supervisors, family and the community of the school. This participation will be given with study, research, work, disciplines, organization, support, suggestion or other forms of aid.

2 JUSTIFICATION To supply the necessities of an inserted school in a globalizada society is to promote the flow of the information and communications in pertaining to school ecosystems through the educomunicao, by means of projects interdisciplinares. To adjust to the school to this new reality is to guarantee to its participants a qualitatively superior education to that it comes today being offered until in all the aspects, therefore the significant pertaining to school results results of concrete actions with the purpose to democratize, to organize, to manage, practical the curricular ones, the planning, the processes of participation, the conditions of production, the dynamics of the evaluation with the eyes directed toward the success of the educandos. Leaving of this thought it was perceived necessity of if adopting a position to interdisciplinar and the technologies especially a radio sender, therefore this provides, to the pupil the expressividade, the possibility to hear and to be heard, of integration and interaction between its pairs, working in team with sights to the objective one in such a way to improve the quality of the reading in the literal meaning how much appeared. The difficulty in the reading is a gap that the acquisition of other learnings makes it difficult especially the constituted ones by means of linguistic signs with its significant ones and meanings. The Daily pay Project: Radio in the School an education for, on and in the media has as north. The interdisciplinaridade has a position and a function to appeal when usable knowing to decide to the questions and the problems, educational and social contemporaries. Thus it has that to have the collective and democratic management of the resources, the programming and know-making, so that the radio involves the school and contributes for the exercise of the citizenship. On this, Salvador (2005, preface) assures: the Radio already it is a school, therefore it has dom to not only transform the life into noise, penetrating in the thought of the listener, but in what it has of sensitivity. Decoding the messages radiofnicas, the listener elaborates ideas, creates images, produces fancies, enriches the spirit, modifies or consolidates behaviors .

Surface Roughness

At present, industrial production is pursued maximum precision and quality of parts produced at proizvodstve.V consequence of this the tool that is used in metalworking to apply strict trebovaniya.Odnim of such requirements is the surface roughness of the tool. Treated grinding wheel surface has a different shape and microroughnesses vysoty.Mikronerovnostyami called protrusions and cavities with small distances (pitch) between them arising at the surface. Totality of the irregularities with respect to small steps that make up the surface relief, is microgeometry or roughness surface. As a result of abrasive grains on the surface of the tool is applied to the processed a huge number of mikrotsarapin forming Micro-lined. The surface roughness can be longitudinal and transverse with different directions of machining marks, which is determined by the trajectory of the relative movement of the abrasive tool. Transverse roughness is considered in a section perpendicular to the main motion the grinding wheel relative to the treated surface, and longitudinal roughness – in a parallel direction.

On the surface of the sharpened microroughnesses have a relatively small size (6 to 0.5 microns or less). The height of asperities and polished surfaces have been brought even less generally 0,80-0,05 microns. According to GOST 2789-73 set the surface roughness, which is determined by the numerical values of the parameters Ra and Rz in the normalized base lengths. Microroughnesses on the cutting edge, and the conditional radius of rounding appear after sharpening tool in the form of pitting and serrations. Chipping edges define a plane rear surface. Under jaggedness understand chipping the cutting edge of the front surface of the projection on the rear surface. When measuring the roughness of cutting edges on the tool instead of a diamond needle use special diamond spatula. The roughness of the front and rear surfaces of the cutting tool has a significant influence on the cutting process, the nature of chip removal, on the coefficient of friction between the front surface and strand, between the back and treated surfaces. In the manufacture of parts multiserial engineering (automotive parts, motozapchasti, spare parts for agricultural machinery, etc.) should be used qualitative metal cutting tools, having no large surface roughness.

Nuclear Strike – The Death Of Asteroids

The danger of asteroid impact is not only the inspiration for Hollywood directors. Scientists discuss options for saving the planet from the threat. And, apparently, we can look ahead with optimism. The actual disposal of fatal flying mountains will be like a little movie, but one thing the writers are right to be put on nuclear weapons. To date, NASA has identified more than 90% of all near-Earth asteroids of sufficient size to cause a global catastrophe, that is, a diameter of 10 kilometers or more. Fortunately, none of them in the foreseeable future must face our planet. But this is not enough for complete peace of mind.

Interesting simulation performed David Dearborn, a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It turns out that a nuclear explosion with 300 kilotons, produced on the surface of the 270-meter asteroid in just 15 days before the attack on his Earth (pilgrim will be outside the orbit of the Moon), is able to reject the object enough to the collision happened. – 97% resulting from the explosion debris pass by Earth, – says David. And the farther away the point undermining, the stronger the scattered fragments, the less they fall into the planet. And of radiation at a distance and say nothing. So all in such a scenario, it looks good. However, in some cases, as the results of another fresh research, the explosion ripped the asteroid may in a few hours to meet again, and get rid of it will not work. But a lot depends on the structure and composition of celestial rock.

By the way, recently the Japanese and American Scientists opened the capsule, brought from the asteroid, so that in this field of science you can count on going forward. 270 meters, for comparison, this is a dangerous size of Apophis, for which there is a chance of 1 in 250 000, that in 2036 he would hit in our planet. Such a “stone” can destroy a metropolis. And if scientists determine that the course leads him on a collision than a nuclear strike effective options we have virtually no remains. The slow methods such as rejection long-term asteroid bombardment powerful laser, the installation of solar sails, designed to divert the asteroid to the side, or work around the celestial mountain gravity tractor – not effective enough. Especially when it comes to more larger asteroids, and the time is still not enough. On the other hand, if prior to the crash remains a few years, the possible options. And even all the same nuclear explosion should work a little differently then .

Fiberglass Reinforcement

We calculated the efficiency of the replacement of reinforced concrete structures stekloplastbetonnymi in operation in various aggressive environments synthetic fiber plants. SCOPE Fiberglass composite reinforcement: rebar used in accordance with the requirements of design documents for construction of buildings and structures of various naznacheniya.Armatura designed for use in industrial and civil, road stroitelstve.Primenenie concrete in concrete structures of buildings and structures of various naznacheniya.Dlya use in light and heavy concrete (foam concrete, slabs, in-situ foundations). In a layered brick masonry zdaniy.V as anchors for fastening the outer insulation of the walls zdaniy.V as nets and rods in konstruktsiyah.V as flexible ties of three-layer stone walls of buildings and structures of civil and industrial and agricultural construction, including the supporting layer, coated with a hard layer and at uteplitelya.Ispolzovanie bank stabilization. Maritime and port sooruzheniya.Kanalizatsiya, reclamation and vodootvedenie.Dorozhnoe fabric and infrastructure of chemical ograzhdenie.Elementy proizvodstv.Izdeliya of prestressed concrete with a relaxed and reinforcement (lighting columns, electric poles, insulators, transmission lines traverse, and road paving slabs, fence boards, borders, columns and pillars, railway sleepers, fittings for sewers, pipelines and trassoprovodnyh (district heating, cable channels) kommunikalnyh sistem.Pri erection of buildings to create non-removable opalubki.Perspektivno seymoustoychivyh zone buildings and structures both existing and newly constructed. The use of composite fiberglass reinforcement increases the service life of structures by 2-3 times compared with the use of steel reinforcement, especially when exposed to aggressive environments, including containing chloride salts, alkalis and acids.

BENEFITS Fiberglass Reinforcement: tensile strength is 3 times higher strength characteristics of steel bars of class AIII. Indicator of the ultimate strength of metal armature-390 MPa, the composite – at least 1000 MPa.Stekloplastikovaya fittings will not rust. Not subject to korrozii.Kislostoykaya. Resistant to sea vode.Stekloplastikovaya fixture has a high elastic .. Dielektrik.Kompozitnaya fiberglass reinforcement practically no … Does not change the properties under the influence of electromagnetic poley.Ne loses its strength properties when exposed to extremely low temperatures. Lighter metal reinforcement 9 times, at equiresistant replacement. Any construction length under the project requirements and the customer. The speed of production.

The Program

He spent three: and then you can enter the words you are looking for and want to give them to your traffic then words tracks gives you a percent of how many people they give click on the word you are looking for but remember that that product you are using is a free part of the program and does not give an exact percentage. And I recommend that you buy the program by which that program is a very helpful server and will allow you to start the product and will give you an exact percentage of what you want and are looking for in the. Step four: this step could be very important for that you have to have in mind that the more important word keys are looking for vas to you will find many skills and why you have to find a keyword that has an index or a percentage of a competition of at least below 300 and above 100 and also must have at least 1000 search search by day by that It will give you good search and good competition. For that competition? If you don’t have competition is by that does not seek or people looking for these keywords are people seeking free information but your what you want is people who buy. He spent five: once you are in program because you start to find all keywords that reach you in mind until you find one that has the percentage I gave you so that you have good results.

The author teaches easy comodinero completely free Internet without the need to buy a product. By please visit and if you want to know more leave a comment or write me to and warmly I will answer what you want to know and remember information that I give you and I can give you is completely free without any payment. A hug and kisses.