Modular Cargoes

Today, increasingly, most companies have a situation where it is necessary to send or receive cargo and a small party in the short term. In the Russian market there was a decreasing trend in consignments freight and it's not surprising, since traders are much more convenient to receive small shipments several times a week than larger and less frequently. Of course, you can order on each shipment a separate species transport, but such a small shipping will be economically justified. The best option for companies that need a small freight shipments, is to transport cargo, when Small shipments are collected, processed and loaded into one vehicle and delivered to the consignees. The advantages of such transportation are obvious: o No need to pay separate delivery cargo vehicle, filled less than half. o No need to store the shipment to make it economically viable transportation. o The delivery of cargoes customer pays only for the place that it is cargo in the vehicle. The advantages of delivering cargoes by road: o Ability to transport of goods from the sender to the receiver without overload.

o High safety of the cargo; o Large mobility and relatively high speed transportation. o Independence of location and destination of goods from sea and river ports, major cities and w / e. ways. Under these conditions today in the Russian market an effective system of delivery – this is one of the most important conditions for successful business. Transport company 'Meridian 60' aims to provide customers a full range of freight services road and offers the following: o Groupage cargo trucks Ekaterinburg (awning, container, thermos, board) fence various capacities and cargo delivery, freight forwarding, storage and cargo insurance. o Shipping Ekaterinburg individual machine, delivery of goods "door to door ', download the associated transport of the Ural region to all cities in Russia. o Storage for safekeeping Goods In addition, the transport company 'Meridian 60' provides the following services are included in the cost of transportation: o weighing of cargo; o label; o handling in our warehouse; o free storage at stock after receipt of the goods 3 (three) working days; o informing the recipient about the cargo. We appreciate the confidence of those who chose as a partner in our firm. Solving all the tasks in the complex, we daily prove in practice that the logistics – it's easy!