Hotels In Ukraine

Planning a trip to Ukraine? Now we will tell you about hotels where you can stay, of services they offer and the level of service and, of course, you will receive information on average prices for accommodation. According to official data only in 2006 the country was visited by more than 18 million guests (including 7 million foreign tourists), in Crimea – about 5 million A number of hotels to four times less than in Russia – the tourists are expected in 1200 hotels of different categories. As a rule, the main goal of the average traveler is the examination of historical, architectural landmarks and beautiful places. Therefore, tourist picks up a cheap, cozy hotel, where he stay the night and by day will continue to enjoy the city. The cheapest places in the so-called hostel rooms – in other words dormitories. Here you will be given a place in 2, 3, 4, 6-bed rooms for the amount of 25 to 130 hryvnia. Here are just some of them: International hostel "Olympic" – in Kiev, Lviv Backpackers – in Lviv, "Kovalevsky" – in Odessa, "Balaclava" – in the Crimea. Often the hostel and provide additional services: transfers, use of the internet, equipped kitchen, washing machine.

An alternative is a level of 1-2 star hotels and private hotels. The main difference between these institutions is a small selection of services in comparison with hotels 3, 4, 5 stars, a small square room. In Ukraine, there are about a thousand. Carried out by the tourist in a room per day is estimated at an average of 150 hryvnia in the regions and from 200 hryvnia in the capital. We give several examples of such hotels in major cities of Ukraine: Kiev "Park Hotel" ** motel "Mrs." in Lviv, "Glade of Fairy Tales" at Yalta, "Victoria" ** in Odessa. Three-star hotels have a good combination of price / quality of services, sometimes in many hotels do not yield a higher level.

What Services offered to clients in Ukrainian hotels of category 3 Stars? Feed breakfast in the restaurant or cafe, telephone in the room, booking tickets for events, change of linen every day, and other necessary guest services. Prices range from 550 hryvnia per person for a standard 2-bed room apartments for up to 2500. Alternatively, the capital's hotels Lybid and Obolon, Atlas in Donetsk, "Hope" in Dnepropetrovsk, "Bristol" in Yalta. With great comfort of the guests to relax in upscale 4-and 5-star hotels and luxury complexes. In this hotel has a wide bed, telephone, satellite TV, there are suites, restaurants with live music, Modern gyms are provided by rental car, there is the possibility of a variety of activities and many different services for your convenience. To provide guests online reservations on the official websites of hotels. Customers 5-star hotels, as usual, are big businessmen, known in political and cultural entities, often the couple. To date, the daily price per room ranges ***** from 600 to 20,400 hryvnia. So, if you decide to stay in that suite hotel, here's a list of them: hotels in Kiev Premier Palace, the Opera , Radisson SAS Kiev , Dnepropetrovsk Grand Hotel Ukraine" and "Katerynoslav, Donetsk Donbass Palace. No less than a high level of comfort provide 4-star hotels. In Ukraine, they had 31, most located in the Crimea and Kiev. The cost of living, of course, depends on room category – from 75 hryvnia for standard to 6200 per apartment. Remember that the right choice of hotel – a key to a good rest and good mood.

Simon Kanonita

Stone bridge connects the two sides helpfully Valley. In Abkhazia a special culture of food, it should be a lot of crazy and it is delicious. Delicious kebabs, wine, unique local food, hominy for example. About local people want to be treated separately, a more hospitable and friendly, I do not met. One story with a coin for luck which is only by lifting a cup of aromatic coffee, I saw a small coin, surprise, I decided to ask the waitress where she is. With a smile, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci on the face, it told about the long tradition of giving guests a little bit of luck in the form of coins.

Triumph over – we must go home. Rain drumming softly on the window the car. The nature of the mountain in weather like this all the more charming. White haze slowly but surely down the road, gray clouds and the dark green trees add mystery. Standing close to the warm side of the sisters, asleep under a lullaby of nature. New Athos takes first place in the list of most beautiful areas of Abkhazia. The city is rich in historical monuments: New Athos Cave (the second largest in the world), Athos Orthodox monastery, the church of St. Simon Kanonita, Genoese Tower and much more.

K Unfortunately, the day is short for the entire study, so we limited ourselves to a visit to the caves and monastery. These impressions will last until your next visit to Abkhazia. These caves, I have not seen, we just drove 10 minutes to small train deep into the mountains, and then went out to the observation deck, you find yourself in the magic world of gnomes and freezes on such a scale, depth, altitude and latitude! As the cave and the monastery did not leave anyone indifferent. All skill decorated with frescoes, icons, walls, ceilings, domes and columns. Saints are looking at you as if alive, with a slight reproach, they say, where are you running, do not hurry up, sit down, think about it. The first half day visit to Sukhumi monkey shone nursery. It is with mixed feelings. I read that during the Soviet Union, this kennel has secured enough scientific division. But now it looks so awful because of lack of material. Obviously not passed in vain, and the recent past – the military events. However, I thought, monkey do not lose heart. You should not be regarded as a raven and a number of the cells. Not only did my bag of corn chopsticks quickly moved into the cell, so still I heard the monkey laughter. They laughed at my absent-mindedness. Never underestimate the enemy! J The second part of the day dedicate fees. Sadly close my suitcase, throw one last look at the mountains and the sea. End. And here we are at a height of ten thousand feet above sea level. The bright sun shines through the windows of the cabin. Among the white cirrus clouds as pillows just lazily floating icebergs mountains North Caucasus. And down there at the foot of a cozy house we will have to wait for Samvel and his family. We can only wait for the next summer – and again in Abkhazia, the country of wonderful nature and amazing people in the region where there is always something new.