Bandages During Pregnancy

There are many medical and cosmetic indications for the use of bandages pregnant during gestation and immediately after birth. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Steinhardt. Usually, doctors recommend starting to wear a bandage from the beginning of the 4 th or 5 th month pregnancy. This is because during this period begins active growth of the fetus. Gynecologist appoints brace, taking into account many factors – the age of expectant mother, fetal position, past pregnancies – all that matters. Immediately want to warn you that wearing a bandage around the clock can not.

Benefit from this there would be no, but rather harm. Your doctor can help you build an optimal schedule of wearing a corset brace, and it should stick. Usually propose the following scheme: Mom 3:00 wears a bandage, then on 30 minutes it takes. Reinforce the benefits of wearing the brace, to prepare the uterine muscles for childbirth to help a set of special exercises. They can carry out without removing medical clothes. There are three types of bandages.

Prenatal, postnatal, and combined. The latter is recommended to use both during gestation and after birth, to re-shape. Maternity bandage is designed to support the figures to ensure the correct position of the fetus and, at the same time does not constrict, does not deliver dikomforta. Correctly selected the tie prevents the abdominal muscles and skin from stretching, relieve the load on the spine, relieve pressure on internal organs. Typically, they recommend that all expectant mothers, although we recommend that before using consult your doctor. Prenatal Bandage especially is required if you would, expecting a child, do not want to leave work. If a woman is in an upright position for more than 3 hours at a time, the load on the spine is multiplied. And if a pregnant woman has osteochondrosis or scoliosis, then after the 20th week of pregnancy, she just needed a bandage. Postpartum bandage can be used on the day after birth. True, if you had a caesarean section, you'll have to wait until complete healing wounds. Sometimes after childbirth a bandage is not recommended for use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. There are several types of bandages. The most usual option – tie-trunks. It is worn directly on the conventional panties. Doctors recommend to wear it on my back. So it optimally fix the position of the uterus and remove the load from the abdominal muscles. Increasingly popular in recent bandages in the form of tape. This is a very practical model that is easy to use. These tires have 3 segments – front and two side length of which can be varirovat with a "sticky". This bandage can be worn as a lying and standing. There are special bandages, used after cesarean section. Usually they are filled in the form of grace from the bottom with Velcro or buckle, width 20-30 cm This band captures post-operative suture and offloads the weakened muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.