Thank God

Everything ready to record, and the brunette says: Let’s see, let’s see who has commanded them so?, no, no, no, no, keyboardist does not here, guitarists around here, the bassist in this place, the cajoneros there, and my conguero same. (All this want to annotate which tells this little story was as one cajonero many honours) what if he impressed me very much, was the kind of submission that revealed the entire production team to observe the details of the brunette to undo everything I had ordered. And not because I feel offended by this, but by all the poses of diva who wouldn’t show the brunette. Recording starts and recorded the first song, which actually was a mimic phono of the original version of Eva. All musicians, choristers and singer, did mimicry of the topic. Between songs, the brunette had to interpret a text spoken by herself. Came the recording of the first text that you were four lines. La morena, the diva, the actress, was delayed half an hour to make that text.

The mistakes occurred one after another. Their conguero was despairing about and in a burst of chacota told him: already pe aunt, no mistake what the brunette replied Callate I put more nervous about two in the afternoon and hear a voice of production which says: to lunch! Recording is resumed and everything becomes repeated, there is no change of la morena, errors and mistakes stand everywhere. The thing is already unbearable, production begins to despair. The texts are repeated so much that I came to learn me them from memory. You should not say it, but I am glad the matter. I’m glad because they gave me desire to tell you: Mommy, low your cloud, step on Earth and realize that this is not as easy as it seems. First learn to be people and humble people, so then you know how to treat your teammates of art are like nine o’clock in the evening and the recording finally comes to an end. As nine songs were recorded with texts made by la morena.

Thank God I am the first to be called to pay. I receive my money and I leave without saying goodbye me nobody’s bad, very bad but musicians never conversed with me, the production team was tucked into theirs, Carlita was no longer, there was nobody who dismiss. I came out of the compound and down the street I went to take the minibus to go back to my house. On the way I thought and reflected, as this served me as me realize that if I want to be something big in this artsy, I must be humble. Because the truth is that both musicians and singers, are larger, more humble and simple show. And I say this from my own experience. Original author and source of the article