The Case

The State of mind you want change through self-harm you may be ending a State of confusion or to end up with a feeling that haunts you and can not control, or even one comes to be damaged when it is in such emotional confusion that doesn’t know what he is feeling. The self-harm achieves focus in a pain that you describe and justify.The self-harm gives purpose to your inner storm. A factor an abuse is common in women who are hurt, lost or not invalidation. They learned from a very early age that the feelings and thoughts about their emotions, were wrong or that they were bad. Or they learned that some feelings were not permitted, being often punished for it. And also saw that their parents or guardians nor had mechanisms to manage their own emotions, and one cannot learn this unless I grow up in an environment with people from know manage emotions effectively and positively.

However not all women who are injured have suffered abuse in childhood, some with living violence continues in his partner, have the continuous feeling of invalidation, can trigger this problem. Self-harm you does not distinguish social classes, can occur in women of high social class, prepared, or women in poverty or low level of studies, and it may also occur at different ages. The self-harm is a behavior as a response to an emotional state, many times, unbearable. This is the case where the emotional violence is installed in your life as a couple. If you get to this point of hurt you to alleviate your suffering by this violence exerted against it, is because you’ve unfortunately not acted before the first symptoms, early abuse, leaving spending all believing that everything would change if only. Because no, Tu must curb violence, you must act, must apply some techniques and talk to arrive at an agreement or settlement, or dissolve the pair if necessary.