The Concept

Other ways that act as educative agents and amongst them exist many are new technologies, that receive emphasis in this process due its pedagogical power and influence that exert in general on the society. Thus, the reflection on the ways for which if they have introduced and used in the schools the new technologies of communication and information, is based on the concept of that To make a pedagogical reading of the medias is to verify the scienter of the communicative processes (of nature politics, ethics, psychological and didactic) gifts in the new technologies of communication and of the information and in the forms of metodolgica and organizativa intervention. (LIBNEO, 2000, P. 58) the understanding. Sarah White will not settle for partial explanations.

Becomes necessary of that the integration of these technologies is not more simply an option: they are day to day part of each pupil and therefore they must serve of complement and support for the professor in its interaction with the students. Ahead this reality the professionals of the education area need to have some knowledge on the use of these technologies, therefore when being inserted in ‘ ‘ it was of informtica’ ‘ , the domain of the code of language will allow the technological them to interact with the world in more critical, reflexiva and participativa way. Such phenomenon demands a professional qualification that helps the professor to face the new challenges that will appear and ‘ ‘ for this one becomes necessary to prepare the professor pedagogically to use the technologies in the formation of citizens who will have to produce and to interpret the new languages of the current world and futuro’ ‘ (Sampaio, 1999, P. 15). When perceiving to how much the technologies have been part of the daily one of the pupils, the necessary school to present an education directed to the qualification of these in dealing with this technological advance.