The Elevator

From the first phone call they had brief and concise, had given him the impression that you would find with a common woman of middle age, without any particularity, friendly but not too much, apparently the idea was always go to grain and complete the process. From what little I knew, she was coming every so to the big city to that Department, came visiting her children who had left their northern nest and stood several weeks, her husband remained in his small town, for he then make the same journey, she was with her husband, a famed writer, who sent a letter authorizing the use of one of his texts. When the woman came out of the elevator, first thing that surprised him was energy that projected in her ballerina body and your safety when walking, calculated would quickly age: between 55 and 60 years old, but if it hadn’t been for his attitude he would not have gone from 35, was dressed in a casual but very neat style, retailer and very well combined, in the forearm brought hanging a capping (wrap) dark, on the left shoulder its portfolio and hand an envelope and keys; When you have finished observing it felt a little shame, his attire was think that only he was waiting for her to her to leave immediately to any appointment, he recalled the time that could have been saved at home, wanted to apologize immediately, Lady smiled through the glass while you got the key to open, outside she was preparing a brief talk after the apology, delivered a personal card so they would have their data in writing and give them a more formal impressiongive a look at the letter to check that there were no surprises, thanks, ciao and return to walking 15 blocks to get back into that warm bed and leave her to go to start your Sunday with what they had planned. .