The Parents

In that there is no freedom, there is no choice. When you need another individual to live, you are a parasite of that individual. A question of needs before that of love. is The love is the free exercise of the power to choose. Two people love each other, when being able to live without the other, decide to live together.

Do not allow according to my perception, who love, who accompanies him to the person you have chosen freely by the magic that occurs and where you emerge many stimuli, variables that approached him, that never are manifest constraints, which restrict, which infringe their freedom, that atropellen it, especially when the other person thinks he or she or those around you before youScout bequeathed us his definition of dependency and in this regard indicates this as the inability to experience the totality of the person or work well without the certainty that one is the subject of taking care of other assets. Reminds us and perhaps you agree, that dependence in physically healthy adults is pathological, is always unhealthy, is a manifestation of illness or mental deficiency. Urgent need to distinguish it from what is commonly called needs or feelings of dependency. Of course, all We, although we try to hide it for others and ourselves, have needs and feelings of dependency, we all have desires of us pampered, of that prodiguen us care, without any effort on our part, people more strong than us and take really seriously our well-being. By strong us, adults and responsible for who we are, if we observe us carefully – noted us Scout – we find the desire for someone to do is charge of us, at least for a change. Each of us, by old and mature to be, I would like to have a life where a maternal and paternal figure always satisfies us. However, we don’t realize that in the majority of cases these desires or feelings of dependency does not govern our lives, they are not the dominant of our existence issue, when they govern our lives and dictate the quality of our existence, is about something more than needs or feelings (d) dependence; We are dependent beings.

Someone whose life is governed by the needs of dependence, for example, not being able to stay away long time family, of the parents, friends, even when it has been decided to make a home, says Dr. Scout suffers from a psychiatric disorder that he diagnosed with the expression of passive-dependent personality disorder. Perhaps this is the most common of all psychiatric disorders. Precisely, passive dependents are busy you will love them, which is not them no power to love, who lost everything in love. They are as hungry people who devour any food that can be obtained and that nothing have to give to others. It is as if they have an inner emptiness, a bottomless pit to be filled, but that may never be filled. They are never fully filled or have the sense of being a complete person. They always feel that something is missing them. They are very badly tolerated loneliness. They have no real sense of self-identity and only defined by their relationships. Oh, this type of people when they marry forget skills that they had prior to the marriage. We suggest that you try to be less dependent as possible, be yourself and retain their freedom to the maximum.