The Sea

While it waited to decide to seat in front of the sea. Winter, strong wind, turbulent small waves showed the force of the water. I arrived until a small sidewalk, shortness, with tables where we can play chess; but in that one seventh day used nobody them. I seated in the last step of the wooden stairs that took until the sand prolabege, and without leaning the feet, I was observing, was one I smell of sea; the look far, to the times in the rocks, others in waters.

There the experience of the time was not. Another temporality. Misadjusted sensation of that the time is not estagnado and nor. I now hear the violins and the piano, and of this time glad instruments. I hesitate a little. I raise to devagar, I feel everything around; then I dance with music, turning of open arms as if it makes when hugging somebody, sigh and I smile. Old a low brown e, with the face furrowed to the time if it approaches, it smiles and it asks: – You very like it hein? I answer without pause: – Of it who? I follow dancing.