The Sealant

Virtually any non-standard situations, these compounds will help with the honor out of the situation and would make the job quickly, efficiently and without extra costs. When you work with a universal silicone sealant should be aware that it applies to polymers with acid curing system. This means that in the polymerization of the released chemical – acetic acid, which is why when you work with such means there is quite a strong characteristic smell .. Nothing dangerous in this – need to ventilate the area in which the work was carried out using the sealant. However, it is worth remembering that the vinegar can react with certain types of surfaces, such, for example, as a mirror – the port amalgam layer) or the metal parts of furniture, and damage them. They do not like concrete and acid cement coatings, marble and limestone. But the most sensitive to sealing natural stones – on the surface of the mineral stains may remain. Additional information at Digital Cameras supports this article. Therefore in these cases not to use sealant costs.

To work with the sealer you need to prepare the work surface. To do this, it should be cleaned of contamination and degrease with a suitable solvent. The working surface must be dry! It is important to observe the size joint: the joint width should not exceed 35 mm! Consumption of sealant depends on the size and configuration of the joint. in the case of rectangular flow (ml per meter) is equal to the width (mm) multiplied by the depth (mm). Joint width, mm The ratio of width to depth of> 10 2-1 majority of sealants used in specialized cartridges volumes of 300 ml, to work with them is usually used a gun. Save the quality should not be – the cheap aluminum fasteners may suddenly fail at the most inopportune moment! Professionals often use the air gun – agregeat although quite expensive, but provides convenience and accuracy of application.

Before use of cartridges with the sealant should be warmed to room temperature. If possible, sealable surface also should not be super-cooled or heated excessively (+5 to 40 degrees). Important: The tip of cartridges to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees – when using the optimal amount of sealant is squeezed out. To generate the desired seam, you can use a putty knife dipped water. They can also remove excess sealant.