If the love cannot monietarizar, not even the relations human beings. In the present work it shows certain important points how much to the new agreement of incorporeal repairings for affective distanciamento. For in such a way, one brief historical analysis of the society will become, adentrando, immediately afterwards, in the legal spheres and locking up with an analysis critical how much to the subject. The violence committed against the children and the adolescents does not only happen in the poor families, but also in whom they belong to the more privileged social classrooms. For Madaleno (2006), the shelters are, to the times, the only option of support found for the parents to minorar the suffering of the children in determined moments of the life of the family. The main presented reasons of abrigamento in the research of the IPEA had been: lack of material resources of the family, abandonment for the responsible parents or, illness of the parents, chemical dependence of the father, of the mother or both, arrest of the responsible parents or, sexual abuse, orfandade, beggary and domestic violence (IT HISSES, 2004).

It is designated that the description-cultural theory of Vigotsky 1996 is based on marxist thought e, partially, in the ideas of some philosophers, as Bacon and Spinoza (VEER & VALSINER, 1999). VIGOTSKY (1984) refuses an explanation mechanist of the phenomena, reason for which it considers the dialectic, a movement that if presentifica when making possible the transformation integrated and constant of the phenomena. For Vigotsky, the separation enters the intellectual aspect of the conscience, the affective one and the volitional one is one of the most serious defects of traditional psychology, for hindering, as Sawaia explains (2001), the possibility to explain gnese of the thought, the reasons and the necessities human beings. The social inaqualities have caused, frequently, the practical one of the abrigamento, widely used for the parents, but criticized and condemned for some scholars of infancy.