Water Retention

Causes of fluid retention edema or fluid retention, has numerous causes. Sometimes it’s mild disease but at other times, water retention may suggest serious diseases. Fluid retention can be expressed as the swelling in feet and ankles, wrists and arms, or manifests itself as ascites, which is the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. One of the most common causes of fluid retention is excessive salt consumption, even if only occasionally, it can cause brief episodes of water retention. Speaking candidly Rick Garcia CBS told us the story. This can be tackled by reducing sodium in your diet. The sodium should not be reduced completely, but if ingested in small amounts, avoiding processed foods is very useful.

Salt is a natural way of helping the body to retain water, to store it and use it more later; so it is an important element in the diet. The sun burns can also lead to fluid retention; Burns of any kind, whether from the Sun or other sources lead to water retention since the body secretes toxins at a high pace. This overloads the kidneys causing the body to store water in other areas of the body, such as swelling in the hands. Second and third degree burns can create severe edema in the organism. Poor nutrition or inability to absorb nutrients can create fluid retention.

The lack of one of the major proteins in the blood plasma called albumin, is another causal factor of fluid retention. Insufficient intake of protein or renal diseases, are the result of the low presence of albumin in the blood. This inadequacy makes kidneys work little and therefore increase fluid retention.Any disease of the kidneys, the liver or the heart can be somatizada through fluid retention. Some medications can also cause this condition. These include: steroids, some blood pressure medicines, the estrogen, anti-inflammatory drugs and medications for diabetes.Another common cause is pregnancy, swelling in the feet during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, is common. High levels of hormones just before menstruation can cause slight swelling, and the suffering of many women is the retention of liquids during the pre-menstrual syndrome. When the cause of fluid retention is given by factors other than diseases, a couple of measures can help reduce the condition. Decrease intake of salt or sodium. Regular exercise and staying active, elevate the limb above heart level may reduce some of the swelling caused by fluid retention, keep your feet elevated, or make sure your hands are above your heart; some changes in your diet, eating specific foods, drinks, aromatic, among others, are some of the home remedies for swelling and to treat the underlying causes that produce the retention of liquids.