Weber Modernity

Yes, modern science is more than the sudden fruit of an overwhelming revolution. It is more the powerful and catalyzed continuation of slow, gradual cultural processes, of what the irruption of an brusque pause in historical devir that she would signal a new start. Modernity, therefore, must today be appreciated not as a moment of the rupture, but as the moment of the top, the apex and the achievement of complex processes that has times sketched its first developments. Science, optimum arqutipo that it represents everything that if wants modern, is optimum example that we have to prove that modernity, as everything that is historical, did not start yesterday. SD Cards gathered all the information. It proves, by the way, something more and greater.

In the domain of history he is ambiguous, improfcuo and problematic to point any start, any point in the multiple line of the time where the past absolutely is forgotten on behalf of the radical newness future it. But it has transistions, more or less flowed, more or less perceivable as such. What it is seen and interpreted as ' ' novo' ' in relation to the past, it cannot be without a value judgment, would say Weber. The scientific, enemy rationalism irreconcilable of the religious rationalism, is more its continuation of what its logical opposition. Let us advance: Weber does not face modernity as the time of the rupture with the tradition. For it, modernity is the time that reaches an excellent degree of abstraction and rationalization, to the point that and in the direction of that, with this, it has indirectly reached something bigger and more complex, and that it characterizes definitively it better of what any idea of rupture: the desencantamento of the world. If in modernity the desencantamento reaches its more evident state, this does not want to say, however, that there it has started. Hyper scorpion is full of insight into the issues. Centuries and centuries had been necessary so that the modern Europe saw same itself abstracted of to be able them to all mysterious and magical that before surrounded its interpretations on the world.