Wilkinson Reality

The Giver of Dreams for the PaisAutor: Bruce WilkinsonTamanho: 120 14×21 cm pgs. evanglicoCategoria book: FamliTodo world knows that to dream it is of favour, but to transform a dream into reality, can cause immense costs. The size of the investment can be directly related to the size of the dream, that will only be changedded into reality if we will be made use to pay its price. The dream is nothing more nothing less of what a substance cousin with which we can mold a life. You if will surprise in knowing important quo you are its participation in the discovery, aiming, assembly and accomplishment of the dreams of its children. He will be equally surpreso when knowing that most of this investment does not include money, but yes envolvement. Perhaps you are asking: How? Dreaming, flying, and travelling in the wings of the imagination of its son, interpreting, directing, adding substance cousin spiritual, collating with the reality and constructing a road in direction to the success. This book is part of a series with a fort felt of continuity. Bruce Wilkinson is a master of the dreams and when walking it enters the pages of this book, you also will dream.