Winter Stop

This is the realm of night birds, where large glass enclosures in the natural habitat contains 60 classes (a total of 17 species). Here, in absolute darkness, in the dim light of the “moon” you can observe the life of these beautiful birds. That snowy owl sitting on a fir forest in the winter. Secretary of Agriculture spoke with conviction. A yellow fish owl dwells among the familiar, and so her favorite mangroves. For even more details, read what Jack Fusco says on the issue. Mysterious and incredibly beautiful! Leaving the booth and once again find ourselves in a sticky tropical heat, where the eyes unbearably painful from the bright sun, and hands are wet and sticky. And not just your hands. Part 2: But we go forward, because the tour has just begun, and we get on the monorail stop. That is where salvation! Sit in a glass booth and a train – go ahead.

Travel will It was on the train: cool, and on top you can see many interesting things. A few words about the monorail. This is the only monorail in the world who paved over the whole territory of the park birds. Each composition is a 4 – the trailer in the form glass enclosure. The first are engineers, the latter is adapted for disabled visitors. Total train makes three stops. Excursion is designed for full-day and organized so that once paid for ticket, you can go at each stop, to inspect the nearby pavilions, and then go further. Just do not forget to go out at every stop!