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Make your baby calendar now online! His new online portal, the IT service provider Imaginaro enters baby to the needs of newly minted parents want to documenting the first year of the child. My baby calendar is the specialization of the calendar Portal my, which offers personalized Pocket Calendar from 1 piece. The individual design options that make something so unique that, like a newborn human child are what makes the baby calendar. On the cover of the baby calendar, moms and dads in the design of your imagination can give free rein. Over 130,000 combinations of background, text, and graphics are possible here and wake up in each play. Funny day – and week modules such as, for example, the “Launemometer” help Mamas and Papas, to hold all important moments in the growing up of small new earthling. In the annex a development calendar, lullabies or many useful tables on different topics can be found either. “In a very short time it has become Established calendar Portal my in the market, because this type of calendar and online design program are still not there have been in Germany.

Precisely, for us, it was of particular interest, to find specific niches where this segment is still missing. What is hopefully with “My baby calendar” succeeded”, explains Imaginaro holder Christian Marzian. About Imaginaro: Imaginaro was founded in 2008 as a single contractor by Christian Marzian. Since then develops and operates Imaginaro successful online portals the Web2print applications, such as, Pro and my All portals, where consumer online can personalize print products from 1 piece without software download and order, characterized by ease of use. The resulting print products are using the latest printing technology in the quality of printing and processing well above that of most competitors.

So Imaginaro successfully linked the two areas of Web and print and is therefore a competent partner for the seek running Web2Print section in the German-speaking area. Via my My sells Pocket Calendar/Scheduler since autumn 2009 in the format 15 x 14 cm. Each pocket calendar can be personalized by the customer in just a few steps through the online application and individualized. In addition to personal colours and own texts, it is possible to choose day – and week modules that appear directly in the calendar. Also, the customer can choose between many different attachments. The ordered pocket calendar is delivered within a few days to get home. More information: Christian Marzian holder Imaginaro Reeser Strasse 199 47546 Kalkar phone 0 28 24 / 96 15 949 fax 0 28 24 / 96 15-950 eMail: press contact: Stephanie Rust Creativkuche phone 0 28 24 / 96 15 465 fax 0 28 24 / 96 15-950 eMail:

Mother Nature

In the old, but not primitive times when man became more powerful in front of Mother Nature, it immediately became obsessed with enemies and battles for territory, suggesting that it would give him the coveted happiness, a better life. In these times, times of great leaders and brave soldiers, the term (just could not be determined: whether as an advertisement, or a sign of respect) many songs about the deeds and mighty warriors, their lives, loud victories in the battles, the weakness of the enemies and their impiety. These praise songs came to be called heroic songs. The songs were composed and terms, as they are artfully combined accumulation of singers on the basis of a certain story in the epic, praising the exploits of heroes, it was a kind of sonic log. This is how the poem "The Odyssey", "Iliad" by Homer, the French, "The Song of Roland," the German "Nibelungenlied", many Russian epics, many other works from various countries and peoples. Often, they not only praised the military exploits, while it has been and educational activities, ie transfer of experience, for example, how to properly cultivate the land, to get a good harvest, how to build a warm and robust housing, how to catch animals, and which ones are edible … and other useful information has been laid in these songs and stories. Folk tales, too let its roots in antiquity. They made this very clear dream of the victory of man over nature, observing people in the vital activity of animals and other organisms, their ideas about the world – the world filled with unknown dangers and incredible wonders of the incomprehensible and it is still more dreadful and terrible, unknown universe and its laws unknown.

ZEUSparental Letter

More for young people: in adult life start with ZEUS carefree young his includes a carefree enjoy life. Be but young also means already to think of tomorrow. With the securing of ZEUS, young people can now safely in the future look and carefree fashion their youth. You can count on the support of ZEUS inside a secure future is important especially young people who need to learn to stand on their own two feet. ZEUS supports students and new entrants in the first steps in an independent life and stands in the own process with a comprehensive insurance protection by the ZEUS parental letter to the page. Tailor made security the ZEUS group sets standards for the future of youth and ensures their way with future-oriented products, such as the ZEUS-parental letter. A triple bond effect with a monthly pension provides if you absences, disaster or age no longer can work.

The ZEUS JUGENSCHUTZBRIEF offers a individually tailored combination of protection of labour and private life quality. With the ZEUS-parental letter sure start in the future our society provides a social safety net that can withstand only the least demands of young people. Therefore, the ZEUS group has developed the ZEUS youth protection letter, with an extra safety is available. With the ZEUS-parental letter one is protected in case of a sudden purchase or disability, illness or accident. In addition a unit-linked pension insurance can be completed, which ensures a worry-free retirement at an early stage. More information about the services of the ZEUS group for young people can be found on.

Contact: ZEUS mediation society mbH Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 13-15 22085 Hamburg phone: 040 / 41 30 – 0 fax: 040 / 41 30 – 16 99 email: description: the ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. With the ZEUS-parental letter the company offers special benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group. Product partners are well-known providers of insurance, such as the German ring and the Continentale.

Green Dream

We wait to be contributing for the magnifying of the problematic quarrel around ambient in the Land division the Green Dream, until then not argued in academic works, and of the necessity of if preserving the local reality guaranteeing its support. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Ambient education, Environment, Ambient Degradation, Urbanization. INTRODUCTION We live a time where the man has modified of sped up and negative form its relation with the nature. In intention to guarantee the survival, as well as getting profits in face of a new partner-economic conjuncture, politics and of an extremely capitalist society, the man passed if to appropriate of the geographic space of irresponsible form, disrespecting the respect and the cares with the environment. In this uninterrupted process, many ambient impacts had been appearing and to each day they are if expanding, bringing disastrous consequences for the proper humanity. Amongst these problems we can cite the disordered urban growth, the ambient pollution, the deforestation, amongst many others that if find interelacionados. This culture of ambient exploration is in this way, coated of an anthropocentric conception where the individuals if appropriate of the natural resources in proper benefit, understanding erroneamente the nature as inexhaustible source of wealth.

The ambient problems are, in this perspective, argued and analyzed in the search of a solution, directed so that the nature ahead continues benefiting the man of its interests. World-wide, it has disastrous evidences of as the individual throughout the centuries transformed the environment causing situations many irreversible times. In if treating to the Brazilian reality specifically, it is excellent to stand out that since the available primrdios of the settling, environment and natural resources it has suffered, for being Brazil a colony of exploration, benefiting the interests of Portugal and a posteriori, of other European countries that had come here in intention to explore our wealth. Amongst these and other facts, are depressing that the concerns around the environment alone have acquired international ratios only from the decade of 1960, when the humanity started to face the exhaustion of the natural resources and to perceive the increase of the pollution generated for the increase of the global population.

Western Hemisphere

And if this is true, how the interpretation of the produced by those calculations can be successful? That is the importance of a suitable astronomical uprising. Quite frankly, the only part of astrology that works, because, Yes, indeed, if there is a party that works well, it is the part whose influence really is geocentric terms; they are the cosmic effects of itself focuses on the Earth. I refer specifically to the Solar sign, and to some extent, to the Up in a chart. Note that the sidereal Astrology holds that the influence of the Solar sign is to be the Sun in front of one of the twelve zodiacal constellations. The chart of this method is oriented in space by matching certain fixed stars (e. g., Aldebaran, Spica, etc.) with certain points in this letter. On the other hand, Tropical astrology, the most popular method in the Western Hemisphere, says that solar signs have nothing to do with the constellations of the same name.

Since the astronomical position of your chart is linked to the precession of the equinoxes (i. e., to slow and progressive retreat along the ecliptic from the point where the March equinox occurs), which already has a wssv’s more than 24 degrees from the celestial position of the zodiacal constellations. In other words, the followers of the Tropical method have decided to not pay attention to the astronomical position of the space Energias-Fuerzas, which, in summary, are the cause of the influences we have here on Earth. How is it going? However, the truth is that the constellations do not affect us. What influences upon us are different types of energias-fuerzas that are in each point of the Earth’s orbit. And when the Earth is in a particular region of their orbit, always see the Sun in front of a particular constellation.

Learn Language

Continuing to question the occurrence of certain issues which have given foreign language study. We very much want you to not despair and realize that is not really as bad as you think. By the way, in addition to these problems in the first part of this article, psychologists can identify other problems. For example, one of which – it is the internal resistance of man, and the problem may be quite different – purely psychological direction. Someone studying the language because he was bored, or an attempt to escape from some external problems, it happens that someone just forced to learn a foreign language in the form of professional duties with the motivation "and then fired, in this case, where to go from mandatory, even forced to learn a foreign language. In this case, a normal human response – the internal resistance, and language learning requires the active participation in this far an easy process. And sometimes even blatant cases, the person feels that his contribution to the study of foreign language – it's only payment is a teacher – and all. Type I paid – and you here that you want, and do – but I must know this language, and I'm like, I will do other things. However, if the teacher begins to "run around and bother and pick up this customer required" key ", even in this" difficult "case, it will be possible to achieve some success! As they say – important to choose the right technique and is very important in this case – schedule of classes.

Ideal Family

As asleep, Sergei did not remember. Pleasant drowsiness, followed by the Pope … Good night. This story about the earring, about his patient father, an energetic mother, I talk casually. "Ideal Family" – tell you. And, of course, can not go wrong. Y many boys and girls in our town there are holidays, there are some evenings, some favorite books and stories.

But … "Well, let's, let's now begin to talk about is that someone does not have such celebrations, these evenings, just because they do not have such a father patiently, and just moms, even if not very energetic. " Yes, in fact, begin to talk. This idyll is not always the case even where there is Mom and Dad. Not all children have the opportunity draw huge ginger cat under admiring glances beloved parents, not every citizen aged 7-8 years can walk with her mother in the park when there is such a desire.

Not every kid can just walk in the street … "Do not thicken paint, a respected author! "- hear the cues. "Our children – a happy childhood!" Who would argue with this … Just the opportunities and conditions for a happy childhood is not everywhere. Okay, this is a great happiness – to have mom and dad. Someone only a mother – but he too is happy. Someone brings up my grandmother … kinder, gentler, with delicious cakes and a bedtime story. Oh! This is salvation! And some not so lucky. He appeared unplanned, accidental, as the result of someone's "love".

Andreas Kuchenbecker

The youth travel industry is booming the first vacation without the parents benefit youth tour operators from the economy of Berlin (November 15, 2010), only travel with friends. Nothing seems to be so important for adolescents. Young people have the desire for freedom outside the school. You want to escape out of the home and everyday life during the holidays. Who want to travel alone, with friends, must work first conviction with his parents.

The right time recognize the time of first youth travel matters now sooner than many parents think and want. This shows the years of experience of the passenger by Freebird travel. “It was that tend to the girls from 12 years of age a youth travel very positive and open in front and when the boy with the threshold found 13 14 years is reached”, says Andreas Kuchenbecker, Managing Director of Freebird travel. Communication, honesty, and above all trust between the parents and their children play a very important role”, so Mr Kuchenbecker next. The Initial differences in the family can trigger a wide range of holiday ideas, but there are solutions.

All in the family should talk openly about their wishes and concerns at a youth travel without parents. We like to help with our many years of experience in youth tourism. Travel without parents – the most important points for young people who are first youth camps without parents are a very special experience. This place most juvenile great value on recreation, relaxation, culture and parties. However, also in this case, that one has to abide by rules in the community”advised Mr Kuchenbecker. Travelling in a group of young people is an important part in the development of young people. Sport plays in”one of the most important points, Huth youth travel conductor Freebird-Reisen said E.T.. A we feeling it characterizes very young people to develop and create something together”as E.T.. continue Huth. The interest of young people should be at every youth trip to the fore and we build our program at Freebird travel on”said E.T. Huth us. Confidence in the tour operator the confidence of parents in the tour operator plays a very important role, because ultimately they decide about the departure of young people without parents”, so Mr Kuchenbecker. You should watch on certain main quality criteria: quality of advice, quality of the accommodation and of the Urlaubsprogrammes, as well as cooperation with a reputable bus companies. These main points should be observed when a renowned youth tour operator and a successful youth travel is nothing more in the way,”Mr Kuchenbecker is recommended. Our youth travel fun, it’s here:


Every parent thinks about raising a child, ask yourself the important question: how well my upbringing, is it necessary to educate, to help my child-rearing practices of these brave and determined to grow up? In this, parents often unconsciously bring to the process of educating their feelings, complexes, and unrealized dreams. In my practice I have experienced these moments, and provided some of the models of education that can lead to deviations in the child's mind. More information about these models of education. Model: "The child must …. Shame on you … "Right Parents" – "the right child." A child brought up on such a principle, is approval from teachers, neighbors and all the surrounding adults.

He obeyed, not naughty, does not stain clothes, engaged in many circles and sections. Such a child is more like an adult than their peers. Baby was coined "development plan" before he was born, in which parents identified the main trends and ideas: nursery without fail, English, swimming or gymnastics section. Strictly complied with the regime and discipline, actively inculcated norms and rules of conduct. Parents respond immediately to the slightest infraction, but did not notice the success of the child. Cons child deprived of his choice, his inclinations and desires are not taken into account. He is prohibited from negative emotions: anger, anger, resentment, fear, which in turn can lead to psychosomatic illnesses, or to autoaggression (when the child begins to destroy itself.) The saddest thing is that when This type of love is education a bargaining chip: a well-behaving – like, bad – not like. In the future, children raised on a "need" may have difficulties in building relationships, and if the child vulnerable, he may develop a complex viny.Chto do? Do not be afraid to show their love. Speak often of his love, hug, kiss your baby. Believe me, love is not much to think of a list of common byvaet.Postaraytes Affairs, together with the baby.


One is about a qualitative research where the choice of the cases was not given randomly, but from the presented and disgnostic symptoms confirmed for specialists. The involved ones are of the masculine sex and met in psicoterpico process when being invited to participate of the study, being oldest in accompaniment since November of 2006. The applicability of the research was carried through in setting therapeutical in the period of January the October of 2008, with weekly meeting of 50 minutes, and nor always an artistic resource was used, being the therapy many times in the verbal plan. For this reason, one is not about a case study, but of a description of the fragmentos of the clinical cases you say from them of the involved ones, bringing the experience of the art as coadjuvante in psycotherapy so that the reader can have clarity of as this can be significant in the process of conscience taking and in the elaboration and ressignificao of the presented symptoms. The used boarding was the gestalt-therapy, for making interface with the arteterapia, conceiving the human being as a being of infinite possibilities. is in this dialogue that if finds the instrument of facilitation of the citizen with he himself and the connection with its interior universe.

Art and gestalt: a dialgica relation To the speech of the relation between Arte and Gestalt, we will make an analogy here what Buber points in its philosophy as a dialgica relation. For the philosopher, ' ' the dialgico includes the relation and the attitude to go in the direction of the other, in it searchs of the meeting of the totality of the existence humana' ' (AMORIM apud D? ACRI. et. al, 2007, p.69). In Arte and Gestalt this relation will be characterized for the meeting with the object bred. The other will consist from the form that is projected in the art object, therefore being created for it, when expressing by means of the artistic construction its interior world, will be capable to presentificar it, becoming visible what before he was unknown.