Empdocles de Agrigento, when developing the theory of the four elements ' ' land, air, water, fogo' ' it defended that the combination of these elements would define the existing things. Corroborating with Alcmeo, Empdocles affirmed that the illness elapses of the disequilibrium of the constituent elements of the body. 5. HIPCRATES the school of the island of Kos had a destined temple the Asclpio and had incorporated the doctrines of Alcmeo and Empdocles, among others. In this school it studied Hipcrates. He was contemporary of Empdocles and Plato. It wrote the Hippocratiun Corpus, elaborated in 53 books, however, currently, knows that nor all had been written by same Hipcrates. In this workmanship descriptions meet clinical among others that make possible the diagnosis of illnesses as Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Drop and Malaria.

Many of the illnesses were associates the climatic, racial or cultural factors (derived from the ways of life). The relevance of Hipcrates it was the aiming of the knowledge of the art of the cure of the mitolgico knowledge for the scientific, approximately parallel way to the beginning of the philosophical reflections. In this attempt of aiming the Humoral Theory elaborated, according to which has four corporal moods: blood (heart), fleuma (brain), yellow bile (liver) and black bile (bao). A disequilibrium of these moods if would become an illness. For the cure, it guided the Greeks to search its balance, therefore the physical importnica of diets and exercises. As secondary resources, Hipcrates prescribed medicines. 6. CONSIDERAES the myths had constituted a form of dogmtico and previous knowledge to the philosophical one.

They had been very important for the knowledge of the antiquity and, although the advent of the too much forms of knowledge, had not left of being searched and being renewed. According to mythology Greek, the god of the medicine was Apolo, but when removing of pira funerary of its loved its Asclpio son, this started to be the god of the medicine. Asclpio was represented supported in a serpent envolta in a baton, that originated the symbol of the medicine. The knowledge derived from the myth of Asclpio established the schools of medical sciences of old Greece. In the school of Kos it studied Hipcrates. Hipcrates left a coletnea of books (Hippocratun Corpus) and in these the medical oath can be found, until today repeated. It searched to base rationally the art of the cure, influencing the medical research until the present time. 7. REFERENCES SPIDER, MLA AND MARTINS, MHP. Subjects of Philosophy. So Paulo: Modern, 1992. BLACKBURN, S. Dictionary Oxford de Filosofia. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Ed., 1997. HE HISSES, MJA. A rooster the Asclpio. Cinica and Vida: Special philosophy. Year II, v. 7. So Paulo: It scales Ed., 2010. HIPCRATES.Conhecer, to take care of, to love: the oath and other texts. So Paulo: landy ed, 2002.

Traffic Inspector

On the other hand – works like a proxy and bannerorezka. This means that the program blocks annoying advertising banners and window and caching of pages, images, and DNS-queries reduces not only the traffic but also time. In addition to these objectives, the program provides money and traffic records for the month and a day, keeps statistics on the days and months, the division provides access to different computers on a network. If providing access through an additional server is not desirable, it is necessary to focus on programs that help save bandwidth by other means. Which tasks should be deal with such a program? Reduce traffic by caching data, images, and files. Reduce incoming traffic by browsing the Web by blocking banners, pop-ups.

Reduce traffic by banning download multimedia files, or files whose size exceeds a certain value. Reduce traffic by deny access to certain subjects. Reduce traffic by limiting the speed of access to time for users. Keep records and billing of traffic as a whole and for individual users. And beyond that – to protect from intruders, viruses, spam and other malware from. Such requirements are met programs intended to organize a unified access to the Internet from the LAN, and simultaneously address issues related to the distribution of access rights to resources and files, the speed limit, a ban on downloading advertising banners and pop-ups that provide caching downloaded information for re-use of local storage. Typically, this integrated solution, providing multi-level savings. Among these solutions is worth noting Traffic Inspector, which in addition to detailed accounting and ad-blocking sites has also individually controlled filtering and caching.

Private management is so efficiently, the savings can be up to 35% of the total traffic. Mail Gateway provides additional cost savings by blocking spam without downloading the messages and the program has a system of timely locking out users with increased network activity, because we all know how much traffic can pump up the virus. By the way, to program against viruses, Traffic Inspector, you can connect additional modules from the Panda and Kaspersky. How to save bandwidth, you decide, whether the data is confidential and whether or not to trust them to relay through the server, or implement a comprehensive savings in itself, and can be used both ways. The conclusion is still one – save can and should be, because online budgets and shrinking of the previously available under the circumstances, traffic may not be enough.

Pitfalls Of Heating

Often, people involved in the construction of town houses, faced with the choice of heating system. They face the question – how and what to heat the house? We consider several solutions to this problem. The cheapest cost for equipment and installation and unpretentious in operation is heating homes with electricity – a "warm floor". The heating cable is laid in a screed on insulation, or under tile, combined with thermostat and connects the network 220. Once the screed finally get up (21-24 days), heated floor can be turned on and he is ready to work.

Consumption of such a system is 120 – 150 watts per square meter. meter. Modern Thermostat allows you to program the heating system so that in those times when you are at home – the system maintains a comfortable mode of heating, but in your absence, it turned on and off in advance you came in time to warm the house, thus saving electricity. Another undoubted advantage of underfloor heating is that heat comes from the lowest point of the room and leaves no unheated areas. We can say words proverbs – feet are always warm. The next type of heating that we consider in this paper – gas. Provided that next to your site passes gas, you can install a gas heating. Prior to its installation to do the project and coordinate it with the gas service.

Often this stage of work is the most expensive. Next you need to purchase the equipment (gas boiler, radiators, pipes, extra pumps, fittings and other connecting elements) and to its installation. This heating system requires a large initial costs of coordination, equipment and installation of the system. Costs can increase if you decide to make water system floor heating. This system is more comfortable than a system with a conventional radiators, but it also has its disadvantages. In screed floor mounted a large number of copper or plastic pipes, fittings and fasteners that turn reduces its reliability and makes system maintenance more difficult. In the operation of this system is cheaper than heating with electricity – a "warm floor". But those capital expenditures spent on gas heating system, will allow you to heat your home with electricity 10-15 years. In the absence of the main gas boiler is often used with liquid fuel. This type of heating system does not require such high capital costs initially. Warmly received in-service is more expensive than the produced gas system, but slightly cheaper than heating with electricity. Comparative table of costs for the heating system. Costs soglasovanieZatraty on oborudovanieZatraty on in ekspluatatsiiTeply

Anonymous Childbirth Basic Rights

Anonymous childbirth: ' ' basic rights of the child front to the anonymity of its origem' ' it discourses on the introduction of this new institute in Brazil. The anonymous childbirth is a recent expression, however an excellent social circumstance, ahead the necessity of measures that prevent the abandonment of the child. One is about the viability of the anonymous childbirth as banalizao form of the abandonment of children, fact that comes becoming common each day, given the daily abandonments that occur in the world and the formation and concept of effective family in the current days. He is of knowledge of all, that the number of abortions or children abandoned for the mothers is significant and amazing, as much in Brazil as in the world, a series of factors collaborates so that such fact occurs, since the repression of the parents until the financial conditions of the same ones, that also they do not possess psychological preparation to deal with the maternity. The anonymous childbirth search to give the child that is not desired for its biological family, a family who it has really accepted and that truily it takes care of the rules of familiar formation.

As all legal innovation, the subject still brings obtains a series of quarrels criticizes and compliments concerning its objectives and functionality. Thus the present monograph brings as problem the following investigation: how to protect the child detainer of basic rights, front to the anonymity of its parents and the affection of the familiar relations? It is, therefore one forms to guarantee the child the right the life and to the mother the right of not being judged by the society and to have all after the necessary cares the childbirth. The oferecimento of medical cares to this future mother, provides to this future individual the right of living, exactly not being in company of the biological mother, but in the company of a family receives who it of worthy form, capable of offering the cares to it that any child needs. The present research argues mainly concerning the viability of the anonymous childbirth as a way to diminish the index of abandonment of children, who it comes if becoming common to each day, harming each time plus a life that does not have guilt none to come to world.

Thank God

Everything ready to record, and the brunette says: Let’s see, let’s see who has commanded them so?, no, no, no, no, keyboardist does not here, guitarists around here, the bassist in this place, the cajoneros there, and my conguero same. (All this want to annotate which tells this little story was as one cajonero many honours) what if he impressed me very much, was the kind of submission that revealed the entire production team to observe the details of the brunette to undo everything I had ordered. And not because I feel offended by this, but by all the poses of diva who wouldn’t show the brunette. Recording starts and recorded the first song, which actually was a mimic phono of the original version of Eva. All musicians, choristers and singer, did mimicry of the topic. Between songs, the brunette had to interpret a text spoken by herself. Came the recording of the first text that you were four lines. La morena, the diva, the actress, was delayed half an hour to make that text.

The mistakes occurred one after another. Their conguero was despairing about and in a burst of chacota told him: already pe aunt, no mistake what the brunette replied Callate I put more nervous about two in the afternoon and hear a voice of production which says: to lunch! Recording is resumed and everything becomes repeated, there is no change of la morena, errors and mistakes stand everywhere. The thing is already unbearable, production begins to despair. The texts are repeated so much that I came to learn me them from memory. You should not say it, but I am glad the matter. I’m glad because they gave me desire to tell you: Mommy, low your cloud, step on Earth and realize that this is not as easy as it seems. First learn to be people and humble people, so then you know how to treat your teammates of art are like nine o’clock in the evening and the recording finally comes to an end. As nine songs were recorded with texts made by la morena.

Thank God I am the first to be called to pay. I receive my money and I leave without saying goodbye me nobody’s bad, very bad but musicians never conversed with me, the production team was tucked into theirs, Carlita was no longer, there was nobody who dismiss. I came out of the compound and down the street I went to take the minibus to go back to my house. On the way I thought and reflected, as this served me as me realize that if I want to be something big in this artsy, I must be humble. Because the truth is that both musicians and singers, are larger, more humble and simple show. And I say this from my own experience. Original author and source of the article


The festivals are always a headache for all the girls no matter your age, that since we are children we hear the famous phrase, not is that I’m going to the party, this is the big question, please. immediately arise investigations where will be, how formal it is, that time there will be those who will attend. Finally could be weeks without defining what will be the outfit to dress at a party, especially unsafe or indecisive people. This game dress the girl for the feast, is a free game, in which the girl may develop this super skill know that carry at all times as required by the Protocol. The girl will learn that those beautiful long dresses with very elegant shoes with small bags, are ideal to dress during a formal ceremony, a wedding, or graduation. And that this would not be appropriate for a field day or for a morning of beach.

On the other hand you can combine different types of informal clothing according to the occasion and the informality of the moment, since in one meeting with friends where we will not have a pool or beach, would go no swimsuits or the use of sarongs and hat. These outfits will not be appropriate, in this case would be better wearing trousers short or long, depending on the weather and blouses. They may be dressed in comfortable and short. Ideal for field will be about jeans with a polito, or comfortable shirt. These are brief examples of how depending on the place we will use a different attire.

Of course, that the girls not only learn this while playing know that what they see at home has much influence on them. Children imitate their elders, and every girl wants to be like Mommy, or as the older sister or an aunt who really appreciate, always choose a model to follow, and which are influenced, not just in dress but in the journal live. This game of dressing the girl for the feast is a free game that can be of great encouragement for girls who play it, this game dress girls, has a wide variety of costumes for all occasions, as well as accessories needed to make the perfect combination that is needed, is also a fun game that can be shared with other friends and so the fun increases. Organize your own fashion show playing dress up games.

Florence To Study Italian And Visit Tuscany Tourism

Do you want to learn Italian from a fantastic holiday in Florence? Here are a few tips to help you choose your language school in the Tuscan capital. To learn Italian, you have to be serious, so the following schools have daily courses of 2 and 4 hours (as if what you want is to learn, have fun and visit the tourist attractions of Florence and surroundings, it is better to opt by the choice of two hours). For accommodation, you need not worry, you can include it directly in each of the courses we offer the following schools, being able to live with family or renting an apartment in Florence with your fellow students. I hope this review helps the italianofilos who want to find a good Italian language school in Florence. La Pira is one of the best schools that you can find.

Teachers will teach you a lot of grammar and vocabulary and will raise the bar every day. The teachers are great and also feel good, you will find that you learn. The best thing about this school is that even worth the price. You will not find any course of a month cheaper. The teachers are very educated and his only objective is to learn and speak Italian. Classes are small and highly fragmented. Another interesting thing is that you will meet people from around the world.