Measurement Window

Window height is measured along with established sill, and then is deducted from the thickness of the sill of the future. If you order a box with the balcony door, it is necessary to measure the overall width of doors and windows, individually – window height, width and height of the door. The width of the window is determined by its lower part, and the height must be measured and to the left and right. To accurately calculate these distances, it is necessary to use such devices as the level or plummet. You may find that Emmanuel Faber can contribute to your knowledge. They help to ensure smooth contours of the window opening. For the installation of arched windows is usually measured 100 mm from the edge of the opening in the center, it will be calculated bend radius. For some window openings can be ledge to make the profile inside the opening of the outside of the walls. r, New York City. Then the size of the profile is made in the light of these values (20-40 mm).

Before measuring it is desirable to clean the window opening of the plaster to determine the true size. As Typically, this makes the installer from the company to install windows. Make measurement on its own, and then install a ready profile of yourself – not recommended. Ordered box may not be suitable for your opening, and correction of these mistakes will cost you more in the long run. When ordering, installation of windows from a specialist you have a guarantee on all work and servicing. After measuring the produced, representative of the company will calculate the exact cost work, and writes in the order form the entire configuration of the future windows (name and type of PVC profile, number and type of valves, fittings, color, material, thickness of glass). Only then will manufacture and installation of window frame will be done correctly.

Spanish Indian

We stopped and decided to visit the at least one of them. Were interviewed five representatives of local intellectuals (people who do understand all our Spanish). Whether they saw the white for the first time in their lives, whether it was really unknown, where here in their village of caves with rock paintings, which are more than half a century and are considered, almost heritage by UNESCO. It is said that these caves served as a refuge illustrious leader Enriquillo, in whose honor and named the lake, where we are heading. Enriquillo was the son of one of the chief representatives of the Indian people, but soon became an orphan. He was brought by the Spaniards in the convent San Francisco, and then was sent to work within the established colonial system repartimiento involving the use of slave labor on plantations of the Spanish Indian lessees of land.

In 1519 Enriquillo escaped from their masters. Then he gathered a numerous group of Taino to carry out raids from bases in the equipped south. For 11 years, the Spaniards tried in vain to destroy his opponent. Hiding in the mountainous south-western regions which used guerrilla tactics against the rebels managed to remain out of reach for the colonialists. In 1530 the Spaniards finally admitted defeat and signed a peace treaty. However, peace was not to last long. Like-minded Enriquillo settled on the shores of the lake that bears the name of today's national hero, and took over the formation of a society without oppression, without slavery and oppression.

General Pinochet

Receipt call in my cellular of Dine, which communicates that at night it saw a television channel me, salutes to me and hangs. – By mass media, an interview occurs to the General Pinochet, who talks about his bulky archives of classified documentation, identifying very subliminally to the possible people and implied institutions. – From that same moment I make to the intention of the head of the Dine and the DES clear formation of the exposed thing by me, along with documents. – I go to the father of my friend to indicate my rejection to the sight in the program and the pact of honor trasgredido. Many writers such as Danone offer more in-depth analysis. The Dine communicates to me that the vice commander, wishes to talk in personal form with me, who acceptance, with the purpose of to only present my points of view and annoyance in the handling of the documentation. – This meeting lunch, is carried out in a military unit in Pealoln.

Profit within conversation, to establish my annoyance, before which the vice commander tries to lower the profile, alluding, important of information given, which I respond that never and be informant of no organism and that the delivery had to an precise fact which its process DES formed by institutional and personal interests and not at level country, but were Byzantine conversations, since it was the unique and last time that I saw. – From that moment treatment to move away to me completely of all the occurred one and I turn upside down completely activity of Constructor in the south of Chile. – After some months to my it calls me friend to communicate to me that the best era to leave it to everything estambay, because I communicate direct with the head of the Dine, mentioning that best my was to be silent on the given thing since it had lady and children.

Rybinsk: 3 Interesting Facts

Rybinsk – a small interesting town in the Yaroslavl region. A. F. Chief of Staff is often quoted as being for or against this. Located in the Upper Volga and has 1000 years of history. Emmanuel Faber spoke with conviction. "And what is interesting about it?" – You ask – "all have a story, just do not have about churches and monuments – this is all ". Indeed, let-te understand, what is remarkable town of Rybinsk, and whether or not to go there? Thus, 3 bright fact of Rybinsk: 1.Rybinskoe reservoir – the largest in Europe. Rybinsk Reservoir, which area is: 4580 km , imagine the area is 15 times greater than the Moscow Sea. Rybinsk Reservoir – a man-made sea, who is only merely 60 years. Hunters and anglers from all over central Russia and abroad are aware of priorodnom richness and beauty of these places. 2.Rybinsk – the capital of ski racing in Russia.

All this is possible thanks to one of Europe's finest sports centers of Russia – Demin. That's already 3 times (since 2007) here in Demin, passes third Russian World Cup fis cross-country skiing. Who knows, perhaps not far off the competition in biathlon and ski jumping in Demin. Holiday Village Demino also – a paradise for those who like to vacation leisure. 3.Chto total between Rybinsk and Hollywood? , the founders of Hollywood: Joseph Michael Schenk (Joseph M. Sheynker) and Nicholas Michael Schenck (Nikolai Sheynker) were born in Rybinsk.

In the family of a Jew, Chaim (Michael) – a salesman in office of the Volga Shipping Company. In 1893 he emigrated to the United States, where, after the acquisition cost of the park began to take part in the creation of the U.S. film industry. Have you heard about the film studio 20th Century Pictures? It was founded by Michael Schenk, after which he became one of the influential people of the world film industry.

The Couple

Let us remember that they need from others both to seduce as to feel admired. Incapacity for intimacy and emotional commitment. In general, Charmers, become when they perceive that your partner, is about to abandon them who is the victim or the narcissistic partner? In general are linked to people who somehow have played role of victims in their lives. However, they are sensitive, full of life, give the best of themselves in relationships, and one could say that until naive. Personalities extroverted, full of joy that love to share their successes and happiness.

They are generous with his affection, with his time, with his love. In the beginning of the relationship, apologize everything and try to understand why your partner is as well. They are people who have a high sense of responsibility in his personality and therefore tend to blame by living situations. Therefore, it is not difficult to fit with a narcissist. In addition to that they admit the criticism and try to change their points of view depending on your partner. In this sense, it is important to take into account, that not only the narcissistic is responsible for the relationship, but that the couple, also has a number of attributes that are themselves and allow you to fit with this kind of personalities. And now, what I do? The most important thing is that regardless of the diagnosis of your partner, you need to start working on it.

That is, because you accept criticism and you become insecure against your partner. What is the meaning of tolerate disqualifications, humiliation and embarrassing situations. It is more Yes cannot review your way of accepting life with a narcissist is involved than you can get out and grow as a person, in addition, be able to engage in more equitable and balanced relations.Because Yes well your partner is the executioner, do not forget that your you are the victim and also perform the role of very willingly. If you think that you are in a destructive relationship with a narcissist, then reviews what are your ways of understanding love and how doing you to place him in the starring role of the victim. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life some of the topics covered in these articles, you can question his vision of the world I would love to write me at Cecreto, very electronic material will soon be ready: the narcissistic love and the relationship with your partner, therefore, visit our page here and find out those highly destructive love. Original author and source of the article.

Frank Schlottke

Experts in information security take a satisfied mid-term review In March this year apsec returned to his roots. To grow further, the experts in information security moved back to Grosswallstadt. At the place they had first left shortly after the company was founded. A true success story lies between the two parades. Reason enough for a proper celebration for the 15th anniversary. Grosswallstadt, 3 July 2013 – health insurance companies, banks, local governments they all build on IT security from the House of apsec. The company, whose name is from applied security’ composed engineer Klaus-Peter Breitenbach and the Diplom-Mathematiker Volker race and Frank Schlottke founded in 1998. They had thought about the safety of data transfer and quickly realized what would soon have the topic for businesses and administrations.

On 12 June 1998, they picked apsec from baptism. On Friday, July 5, 2013, today 40 employees celebrate together with customers and Business partners in the new urbanites rooms wall the 15th anniversary of the company. There they look back on an exciting time, marked by growth, dedication, collegiality and innovation. “15 Years, we are now on the market and always very forward with”, managing director Frank Schlottke accounted for content. This success story owes apsec in particular its employees.” The right idea to have and to proceed in a gap in the market, that was not all, emphasises Frank Schlottke. It takes good people who consistently contribute to the progress of the company.” One important key is the continuity: the former three-man team has quickly grown.

And his staff can usually hold apsec: only twelve employees are ten years or longer in the company. In addition, apsec already 29 trainees has trained, of which nearly all were also taken over. Innovations as milestones in the history of the first of about 8,000 customers in 1998 included the consulting Confederation (participants) and the financial Aareal first financial solutions AG both still satisfied customers of apsec, who praise the reliability as well as the innovative strength of the IT company.

Volume XI No Nelson GA

If DNA is not properly constituted, the performance is poor or nil, "said Gary Neilson, senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton consulting Neilson, is a Harvard graduate with a lifelong career at Booz Allen, said that it is therefore necessary to identify the DNA of every company before taking the next step. "Well, in search of change may be making things worse, unless you understand what's the point of that is starting," he warns. And which of these four components of DNA is the most important? According to Neilson, decision making, but it is also essential that the four elements work together. In the case of the Venezuelan company that is very valid, given that there is little participative management, who can actually use an empowerment to invite members of the company make decisions, all due to factors not yet been possible to correct such as: developing good organizational culture, training and development, confidence, fear, jealousy, managers motivated, inspired, creative. In addition, there is also little use of motivation, their scope, impact, much of this product, management ignorance of how to give way to stimuli that generate participation, creativity, productivity.

The fact that little attention management pays to know the motivations adequately manage resources, especially by the apathy of the workers in the proper discharge of their duties. Arizaga, reminds us also to be considered, that companies with patient DNA should aspire to become an organization with a healthy profile. And the profile that had focused its efforts is strong. Companies with this gene are defined as flexible, adaptable and have an organizational model where everyone knows what you're doing and, especially, get things done. Examples of these businesses, according to Neilson, are FedEx, Procter & Gamble and Nissan. Finally, there Diaz and Pulido, do not forget, by the application of the Organizational DNA has been found that most companies can be classified into seven types of organizations: The organization passive-aggressive, distrustful organization, the organization immature ; superdirigidas organization, the organization just in time, the military organization, the organization strong. Definitely identified the authors say, keep in mind: Changing the DNA of a company means changing the organization at all levels, to enable it to adapt and corrected it more robust with time. * Debates IESA 3.2006 Volume XI No Nelson GA and BA Pasternak (2003). Results, New York, Crown Business

New Music Player

With the latest version of the mufin player for the application Android can listen to music via streaming directly from the cloud and sort it according to the sound. Enjoy with the music player for mobile phones and Android tablets and play your own music from the cloud with mufin player 2.0 free for the with online hard drive integrated into the PC (online shaped cloud music storage space), the user can save online your music collection directly with a click. This way, you can listen to your music at all times and in all places thanks to the innovative Android application. After a single analysis of sound with mufin player 2.0 for PC, the application becomes a novel way to enjoy your songs, both your mobile phone and your tablet display of your music collection. With mufin player for Android, the user can decide if you want to listen to your music from your own Android device or from private and free online disk.

In this way, you can arrange the songs according to the sound and mood, and enjoy it in a new way both the cloud and the device. Android music player contains a completely new interactive sound map the mufin player for Android is a music playback software specially designed for that type of device, which opens a new Outlook regarding the musical presentation on mobile devices. Unlike lists of typical songs of traditional music players, music organizes and presents according to the sound thanks to mufin vision. After the analysis based on the sound of each song, the titles according to mood will be sorted. The result is a map of intuitive and easy to use, sound in which each track is represented by a circle with your album cover. Within view, the user can move freely, adapting the playing of music according to mood, entering and moving away with the zoom, playing songs, putting pause, jumping, creating auto playlists and much more.

Paint Work

Technology of the paint work on painting works – quite complicated from a technical point of view of the process. For the best result it is necessary not only to have the necessary skill work, but also be fully 'Armed' – to have on hand all the necessary tools and support materials to seal cracks alabaster and correcting surface defects, the solution for repairing plaster, degreasers, masking tape to close the sites are not subject to stain, sealer, sealant gun, sponge rollers, brushes and much more. Any painting must be multilayered, each layer performs its function. The bottom layer is for better grip multi-layer coating to the substrate. Topcoat and final colored coating that protects the lower layers from external influences and performs a decorative function.

The number of layers depends on the type of paint required quality of surface and form the base. Quite important (if not most) stage of painting – surface preparation. A. F. Chief of Staff : the source for more info. The surface should be cleaned of dirt, rust, grease, and in addition, dried (this especially true for wood surfaces). If the pores of the wood remains water, the dye will not penetrate there. She will lie on the surface and then fall off. If the wood surface is dry, and moist inside, with heated in the sun and other influences water vapor pressure will be lower on the colorful cover and rip it. Exception – acrylic paint and impregnation, creating a 'breathable coating', which releases moisture inside, but does not let outside. The first layer of primer when painting always.

Using the technology, depending on the type of surface and type of paint products, used different primers. Concrete – acrylic, metal and wood – and GF nitrogrunty under decorative wood primers (Senezh, Tikkurila, Finncolor) – special antiseptic primers. At least – he paint the material with the addition of solvent (meaning the matter is diluted material as for the acrylic enamel, for example, the solvent is water) in an amount of 10-30% by weight of the material. The time between applying the first layer of soil and paint material should definitely observe (usually written on the packaging, if not – the Internet in your hands). At first, the paint is applied to the faces in the corners and inaccessible places and only later on smooth surfaces. Then carefully cover the entire surface of at least two coats of paint material, because only then we can assume that the surface is completely covered and protected. Time between coats depends on the type of material and is always written on the packaging. In carrying out house-painting thing the main thing – it's maintaining the technology. All that is written on a bank or instructions for use, says there is not just. Remember – the quality of painting is always guaranteed by the manufacturer of the material only if all technological standards. By following these simple rules, you can easily do the painting yourself and get a good result.

Diamond Cutting Openings. Technology And Tools .

Diamond cutting openings – work for a professional. Today, the market for construction services for the execution of works on construction of the opening is ready to take any 'team' of workers, using shock-destructive techniques (pneumatic Hammers 'grinders' sledgehammer). In applying this technique concrete loses its properties, the connection is broken between the reinforcement and concrete, cracks are formed, which leads to a decrease in the overall persistence of the building. Sophisticated low-cost customer has no idea what could become hostage to a dangerous situation: cutting openings by unqualified 'experts' can lead to tragic consequences. Flagrant violation of technology production work and a deviation from the design decisions can lead to the collapse of individual structural elements of the building. Diamond cutting openings using special equipment and high-quality diamond tools – security the safety of your home! Cutting Cutting opening of the opening can be performed the following equipment: * Hand-held cutters * Wall saws cutters – is a professional hand tools, working with which requires special skills. Cutting depth of carvers is 10-15 cm, so the cutting of openings can be made in the walls of a thickness of 30 cm, cut from two sides.

Powered cutters carried ac current of 220 V or 380 V (hydraulic cutters). Wall saw machine – a complex and technical installation, high performance, allowing to carry out deep cuts to 70 cm cutting openings can be made in the walls, thicker than 1 meter. Diamond cutting openings with wall saws is limited in a residential area, due to the need for running water (flow okolo10 liters per minute) to cool the diamond disk and leaching of waste sludge from the cutting area. In any case, the cutting of the opening requires a number of measures for waterproofing floors and joints, to avoid leaks to the ground floor. Cutting openings – the technology before cutting the opening you must install the unloading rack-jacks for the transfer of bearing loads.

Should be carried out strictly in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the project documentation. In panel houses, where the thickness of the walls is 14-18 cm, cutting opening entirely possible, based on three cuts (cutting along the contour of the opening). In monolithic buildings walls thicker (20-22 cm) and cutting openings carried out in two parts. Next, cut a part of the opening is lowered and cut into pieces of lifting or broken. In the residential application of sliding door stop technique is limited in such cases, initially cutting the opening made in installments of 50 kg. This method is almost unique. Sometimes, to reduce cost, an opening cut into six or nine parts, weighing about 100 kg. When cutting the opening in the brick and cast-in walls thicker than 60-100 cm, applied diamond drilling concrete in the thicker walls are used Cutting diamond wire Gaps made by other methods, can not be increased because of inability to consolidate the metal in the doorway.