A Woman Of Letters: Alicia Rosell

In a beautiful town of wide streets, near Bilbao, where the River Ibaizabal River trickles metaphors in its path; front mount Basagestion, a woman of letters dreams stories for many years. He is a warrior who passes his life from literature, a being passionate about freshness of the ink, the aroma of the letters and dedicated to writing. It has been working silently continuing perseverance. Every day. Alicia Rosell is a great woman who has even postponed his literary career to give a hand to others. It is important for us, those who we are on the path of letters, learn a little more about its history.

Juan Pomponio Castiglione Ranelagh (Buenos Aires) on September 7, 2009 – when born Alicia Rosell? Where does that name come from? Alicia Rosell, my pseudonym, was born four years ago with the intention of being able to write in my first blogs. For three years I have been a blogger and published my writings at the time which I served to make me known far beyond the borders of my country. In fact, I am better known in Argentina than in Spain, for example. Even many people believe that I am of Argentine nationality. It actually took time searching for a name to write and publish in the not distant future. Took the name of Alicia’s a great woman who marked my life for his humanitarian works; a Asturian with courage but very sensitive, so which tell me that I am. I took his name as not the surname, to pay tribute to his memory and how accounted good in my life. Rosell came me to mind no more. I took it right away because I sounded like pink and suggested passion, that is the feeling I get as soon as I do. -Who is beyond that name? Beyond the pseudonym Alicia Rosell is purification Avila, a simple woman who has great intellectual concerns, who writes from girl and always had very clear his vocation as a writer despite having studied accounting or commercial expertise.