AMD Disease

AMD responds to macular degeneration at age initials and is a little-known visual degenerative disease, but that one of the main causes is loss of vision in adults of more than 50 years. Therefore it is recommended doing vision tests regularly, to prevent or detect such problems visiales. To extend knowledge of the disease, the Novartis company created within the web page that tries to publicize such visual disease a useful glossary of related terms, where you can refer to different terms related to this problem to allow greater understanding of the problem and his way of treating it. Terms such as scotoma, macula or visual field that are strangers to most are explained in a clear and concise manner to be able to better understand this disease. In addition it has generated an information campaign about such information with the purpose of diminishing ignorance of this visual degenerative disease. In addition to this Glossary page has other useful information such as description of the symptoms of AMD and even some test to diagnose the disease (known as Amsler grid test) and therefore begin to treat it as soon as possible. As no information your usual ophthalmologist may substitute the value of the opinion of an expert after a visit. If you have read about Joilet City Council already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So if you have any kind of vision concerta problems an appointment with your doctor, to clarify the causes of your visual impairment.

The most common symptoms of AMD are:-blurred vision. -Distortion in the perception of straight lines. -See a black dot in the visual field. -Other symptoms; how it can be the alteration of distances and heights, feeling of lack of light, or the light sensitive vision. There are two types of ARMD: dry AMD and wet AMD. While the first is less frequently your progress is faster and an early diagnosis is crucial to prevent significant loss of vision. AMD dry, is the most common. His diagnosis remains crucial despite allowing that suffers from it one longer vision.