Aristotle Water

But for this project him energy would be used to distill the marine fresh water water. DISTILLATION OF THE MARINE FRESH WATER WATER Aristotle obtained fresh water by means of the system of distillation of marine waters. In the century XVI Blasco Garay and Leonardo l$da Vinci, they presented/displayed similar machines that using boilers obtained fresh water distilling the water of the sea. In that then limited energy it was an obstacle. But 15 MW can provide electricity but that sufficient for all the operation of the treatment plant it requires. Turning thousands of cubic meters of fresh water salt water to the day. Closing the valve of the drainage pipe, the valve of the distribution pipe is abre that as to his same it says it name, distributes the water from sea to the boilers by means of the unloading pipes. These pipes of unloading also are used for pre to warm up the water before they enter the boilers.

When providing amounts of lukewarm water to the boiler, use excessive respect the times of the treatment process. Within the boilers, the marine water will boil like in a pot under pressure. The water of sea contains 4% of solids dissolved like salt, chlorine, etc. that can separate completes easily and by means of what is called individual distillation, first evaporating the water and soon condensing the steam in a cold camera, since it becomes in any still, obtaining like result; pure or distilled water. At heart of the boilers it would be the pure brine, that will have to be removed once in a while and can be given back to the sea, since it does not contain any type of chemistry or also it can be industrialized, extracting of this salt marine sodium chloride (86%) and the rest of other trace elements as they can be calcium, magnesium and manganese.