Art Oil Painting By Frida Kahlo

Permanent exhibition in the German Art Museum in Baden Baden. Art oil painting by Frida Kahlo at the Kunstmuseum Gehrke Rafique Gehrke Rafique Art Museum is a popular, privately owned German Museum that housed several years ago in an old enamelling factory in Baden Oos. The pure specificity is now that this art of oil painting Museum is the representation of the complete works of famous Frida Kahlo to devote. “Suffering and passion” when you think about the famous, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, then come Frida Kahlo from her the picturesque disputed issues such as suffering, their chronic disease or their marital problems to the fore. The Mexican image author knew to help stop in her whole long suffering, as they lost their three children. She said the children were replaced by their images. Her great work she saw just as the only way to realize themselves. Art oil painting exhibition, and whether in fact succeeded, just for you, you can Choose personally by visiting the Museum.

Gehrke Rafique Museum of art is with his name for a unique art experience. The Museum visitors have not only the possibility of Frida Kahlo’s art to admire oil paintings but to also create your development as a painter himself. This museum has to offer also the jewelry and dress pieces by Frida namely except the licensed replicas of images. Everyone can find so something special for themselves. The visitor numbers speaks for itself many visitors were already there and those who have visited the Museum, were very impressed. For the visit to the Museum, another fact also speaks, that the Museum will be open daily on all holidays. Also the arrival there is very detailed in the Internet.

The only small downside is ticket prices. The adult ticket costs 15 euros. If however is a pupil or student, the lower the price. Now can so don’t mind speaking, the art museum with 116 art To visit oil paintings by Frida Kahlo. You should do something for the spirit also in the normal daily routine. This should not be forgotten. By Marta Martuscha