Brazil Travel & More

Brazil Tours offer a diversity without boundaries, natural phenomena, one must see. The most popular destination for Europeans in South America is the Copacabana and the Sugar Loaf. Here are just pure fun. Travel to Brazil but one can also experience more like just a pure beach holiday, it for example, has the world's largest rainforest still connected with more than 2,500 different species of trees. Rubber trees grow here and exotic woods such as rosewood and many more. Also you can admire an inexhaustible variety of the most beautiful orchids. The Amazon basin with its lush forest and breathtaking natural treasures, you should have seen.

To hear you automatically think of Brazil Travel Rio de Janeiro. This city is the most popular tourist destination. Continue to learn more with: Sonny Perdue. Here are the most beautiful beaches in the world and of course the most famous Carnival with beautiful colorful costumes, a vibrant and colorful experience. The famous Amazon is the longest river in the world. The climate in Brazil is mostly tropical. Travel to Brazil you get to know this unique country with its unique and wonderful diversity.

Rio de Janeiro should be suspended from the cable car up the famous Sugar Loaf, a wonderful experience. The majestic sand dunes of Brazil are the attractions of Genipabu. Very adventurous journey is already there. In order to cross the Rio Pontengi, the cars are shipped on rafts. Then there is pure adventure with high dune buggies to drive on, here one feels like a roller coaster. If that is too quick and fast, can also leisurely ride on camels across the dunes. Brazil travel offer everyone a holiday that will remain unforgettable. Also a popular tourist destination is Thailand. Here you learn the magic of traveling to Thailand in the Far East know, a true paradise. In one of the many tours through Thailand you get to know this beautiful holiday destination. A city tour through the capital Bangkok and visit the temple Wat Traimitr, Wat Po and the Royal Palace is always a special experience on a trip to Thailand. In Chiang Mai, you can visit an elephant camp. Course, by a trip to Sukhothai, Kanchanaburi. Here, give it to the famous bridge on the River Kwai Riwer visit. Thailand travel offer for every taste a dream vacation.