Capoeira Rabo

The same movements of the Regions, if you do them in the manner of Angola, require much more effort. Angola distinguished conduct playing in the lower positions and the overall smooth, slow tempo. Activity in the Kiev school of Angola, I honestly confess that the end could not resist. In the summer, in a stuffy and dark room, it was necessary to slow and long (20 minutes) repeat the same bunch. In the end I left. Although people are very nice. Cordao de Ouro here I did not get due to geographical distance. Classes are held at the Heroes of Stalingrad.

Now such a group in the center, must go. Heard a lot about their style that it extremely difficult physically. Capoeira Rabo de Arraia In this school, I wanted to go to trial lesson to determine to do it or not. But on the phone offered me these 2 options: either to come and look, but do not engage in, or immediately buy 5 lessons for $ 240 usd (by the way, in the same month stands Senzale 250UAH). I personally would like something very interesting to go to the district not a short to just sit and watch without participating. And to pay a prepayment is not known for that, too, is not desirable. This is all despite the fact that many schools are first class – free of charge. Yes, and no one is against porazovoy payment. In general, the client, they have lost. Belt system kapueyre system by which students for the progress in the development of combat Arts issued zone, introduced in the early 20 century, Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo.