-Like operations can be carried on in this part of polotne.Glavnoe accurately mark the location the second half petli.Na the moment we have a rack with two or three hinges and set the canvas, placed vertically or gorizontalno.Sovmeschaem two loops and are putting the stand to face fabric so that the top stands above the top edge of the blade no more than 2 mm.Krepim upper loop to polotnu.Slozhno but neobhodimo.Nizhnyuyu loop mount easier when the top is secured by two samorezami.Ocherchivaetsya circuit selects the pot as well as on the rack. Castle or latch can be cut in by applying the previous opyt.No have to turn the lock on the contrary, attach to the edge of the castle paintings, nakernit awl, drill deep, to consolidate the two samorezami.Vybrat sweat under the ground and after the select niche at a castle or zaschelku.Zdes can approach the matter in two sposobami.Libo drill drill special pen, and later choose a chisel, or immediately begin sampling chisel, a suitable size. Sharpening chisels-O should say otdelno.Dlya quality work to sharpen, keeping a straight ugol.Skoshennaya side grinding is no good sdelaet.Zatochennaya surface should be otshlifovanna to a mirror electric bleska.Na sandpaper to rough grinding, and small bars, pre-moistened with water, bring to the ideal state. -Brace, which is embedded in 'tongue' and bolt Castle is marked as follows obrazom.K face cloth is applied on the lock side stand, just not speaking more than 2 mm. the upper edge of the boundary polotna.Otmechayutsya pencil 'tongue' and rigelya.Spetsialnym hook can be noted planting depth 'language'. that did not work 'nezakryvaniya' or conversely, excessive chatter polotna.Skobu can embed using the same tricks as applied in inset hinges. -Placing the blade horizontally, to collect box neslozhno.Verhnyuyu crossbar boxes should cut to size, with a chisel to remove the protruding part korobki.Krepit bar to the racks should only through drill holes and of course samorezy.Mozhno nails, but there is a danger from a hammer to split the bottom of the rack stoyku.Podrezka done taking into account the gap between the floor and the bottom edge of the canvas.