Cause And Effect

Perhaps for many listen cause and effect do not have as much importance as it deserves since the cause and effect is a law of the universe as effective as the law of gravity, not interested in either a good or bad person, if he falls off a building will go to the floor. The cause is internal and the effect is the external. The cause is what is within us bone our thoughts which in turn combined with our words give us our reality in this case the external that is the > effect. Our romantic relationships, our economic situation, the physical state of our body, the kind of work or employment that we have are the effects of our causes. The cause starts with a thought, if we have negative thoughts we will have results negative likewise if we have positive thoughts we will have positive results, many now say they have positive thoughts, but they continue to have negative results, and that to be or because it is so? If it is a law that is as effective as the law of gravity, well that’s a very good question to begin to know how working the cause, then you can see the reason why many do not get what they want, so have positive thoughts. When we want something and not get it, that leads us to the resentment and is due to our lack of understanding that this happens, I say this because wanting something is only longing and this perhaps never were to materialize, as this in the future, which is uncertain. Instead decide something is having it means staying in the present, so there is where there is the difference that being in the future is a projection of the mind and therefore isn’t real but the be in the present, that is real and that’s why we don’t have what you want so instead of wanting to, decide and vera difference. Gain insight and clarity with Rick Garcia CBS. Original author and source of the article