Cities Society

The cities can be considered an ecosystem since that they possess entered, exchanges and exits of substance and energy, as well as the natural way. The study on the degradation human being/ambient search to argue and to evaluate the study of the cities saw adjacent optics of the desenvolvimentista, the metropolis and its regions, increasing proeminence of concerns with the human being and the urban way. The modernization petitioned in elapsing of the period of industrialization until the age of the technologies of the information, beyond providing to the society well-being, the comfort and the praticidade, also brought it problems of health, hunger, water lack, of energy, between many others. When reaching ample dimensions, the sectors politician, economic and the vehicles of communication of masses cause forts impacts in the cultural values and the institutions of society. An environment objectified for these sectors has demanded transformations of the means of production, of consumption and a new social organization, wants either in the natural destruction, wants either in the search of the support. Result of reflections developed in the exercise of different you discipline, this research points some aspects that guide the current quarrel on the urban partner-ambient degradation. It is treated here, especially, to argue the notion of degradation, the evolution of the question human being and the consequent development of public politics directed toward the solution of the social problems urban and tied with the exercise of the citizenship, as well as a necessity of if searching a vision complex of the urban reality, from a new knowledge of the interaction between society and nature. The public politics that, when being unaware of the sproutings of the processes of popular production for the construction of the cities and the citizenship, constrangem the urban life.