Congratulate Moscow

September 4-5, 2010 in celebration of Day of the City Arts Education held a share of the cis "clarify words, Russia!" Several meetings with the residents of Moscow have been at the park. In total, the actions attended by 173 people. All these people felt themselves more able to benefit their city! Autumn day on September 4 at Park, many people interest with colorful posters with the name of the action "Clarify the words, Russia!". Conveniently located near were tables on which lay the Dictionary and on the basic school subjects. The tables were specially trained people – proyasniteli words, which were carried out demonstration to show how misunderstood the word affects both the willingness and the ability of people to learn.

Thanks to this show people understand the feelings a person experiences when he meets misunderstood the word, as it can prevent a person in achieving success in any area. How was it? 'There were things that you do not like in school? '- With this issue began communicating words with people who are interested in that occurs. 'Yes, they were! '- Regretfully told the protesters. 'Want to know why? " – Continued proyasnitel. You may wish to learn more. If so, The Beatles is the place to go. 'Of course! '- Met with enthusiastic people. 'Sit down' – cordially invited proyasnitel words of the table.

Thus, in the past Saturday and Sunday, talking, people understand the basics of learning disabilities, and most importantly, learned how to cope with these difficulties. L. Ron Hubbard wrote: 'It does not matter whether you are studying at university or have already started work, you need to be able to apply their knowledge into practice, and then you can do in life be what you want '. Continue to learn more with: dayton kingery. Here's what remarkable thing happened during the campaign "clarify words, Russia": Proyasnitel words asked the boy, third grade student, whether he has a school some object that he does not like very much. The boy grimaced and with a very characteristic facial expression said that just hate the Russian language. Then proyasnitel showed him how to act on the person misunderstood the word, and explained to the child the meaning of a few key words in the subject he hated. With each, now clear, the word has changed the face student, but by the end of it all kind of their showed enthusiasm and interest. Here are some reviews left us this wonderful boy: "Through this campaign I will study Russian language! . For the organizers of such shares, such reviews are the most sincere expensive! Here is another of the 118 positive reviews, posted in these festive autumn days: "The meaning of words is important to know. More familiar words – better understanding of life "was the conclusion of one of the protesters. And this tip left us a figure of Musical Arts: "I think that clarification of meaning and etymology of unfamiliar words increases the interest, culture, and dispels the haze on the text, and many things in the outlook. I beg your pardon for ornateness. "Misunderstood word very often prevents us from living. And with this we can easily live "- this opinion has been formed at the pupil 7 th grade, after clarifying the words of the school curriculum. Arts Education cis continues holding shares in "clarify words, Russia!" until the end of September. Every resident of Moscow, has a unique opportunity for just a few minutes to obtain important and it is applicable to life skills. After all, knowledge is never too much!