Count Razumovsky

Something which, as dogs in the area of missing a couple of flocks of wandering through the nearby parks and backyards old-houses. “You still Remember gnarled poplars in the bank! – disgusting giggled my double. “Great idea! These trees grow only in the field of ritual murders>>. “It was! Roman-online “Knee Emmanuel” forgot? “” It does not matter! Get to school program, I do not try “Actually, that for the genre – the novel-online? – Tried to calm my imagination my friend from the subconscious.

“This is when the writer seeks to deceive everyone and announces that he is writing a novel in the literal inetovskom mode, and the Indeed Leave me alone!>> Strangely, this segment of my walk somehow always associated me with the music of John McLaughlin, or more precisely, from his album Promise>>. Envelope in the church Matvey Kazakov, and forward to the palace of Count Razumovsky. Someone told me that if you look at the church from the outside, it seems that it stands on chicken legs, also a very amusing piece. “Also it was. Screenplay “Velvet underground.” Is not it? Yes and no rolled lip on Palace of Count Razumovsky, there have been episodes of “Velvet Underground”, “Death in the theater,” “Knee Emmanuel” and even screenwriting Gold Label “starts with>> Yes, it seems, sorting, but on the other hand, I adore its “Erogenous>> area and is ready to write about it endlessly, so I think, the palace of the graph we are using, painfully wonderful texture, in the ruins anything can happen, not to mention the soaring there astral debris and ghosts.