Critic Group

The present time also generates the appearance of these groups like the titleholder " Mossos that appears of blow and porrazo " , that immediately added 5,000 followers after the loads of the 27 of May in the place of Catalonia of Barcelona against " indignados" , or that other that says: " No longer song in the shower, nor whistles by the street because I am scared of the SGAE" , that is one of the most followed with more than 238,000 internauts. The group " Procesiones that is suspended because Sergio Branches scored like cofrade" he arose shortly after the incident televised of the fall of the trophy after the celebration of the Glass of the King of soccer. Also they abound " ladies who say in the news that his neighboring assassin was good persona" in the critics to the stereotypes that spread through the television. Financial planner is the source for more interesting facts. The consumption product deficiencies also originate critics in these groups of Facebook: " To sleep in a hotel of five stars and to ask themselves that are the other cuatro" or " Printers that take 18 pages in assuming that you have given cancelar". Perhaps because the authors of these groups are young, there is an extensive fan of possibilities to choose on the human relations you bind and them: " Nontreatment of impresionarte, but I know to touch tringulo" ; " Nervous? Yes, a little. It is your first time? No, already there was been nervous antes" , or " You do not throw the cane, you you throw the network of captain Pescanova" , they are some examples. A leading source for info: Craig Jelinek. Other groups ***reflx mng themselves of situations through which almost everybody has happened: " Hairdressers that do not know to differentiate between cutting the ends and leaving me calva&quot to me; , " The life is too short like extracting the USB surely " , " To salute to somebody, equivocarte and to greet to the infinite disimuladamente" or " I also have fled from a stock market thinking that medusa&quot was one;. Also there are groups that solely they try to create graceful jokes like " After Placid Domingo Jodido Lunes&quot comes; or " He is not orejn, lives between parntesis". By the way, that also serves to be on the awares on peculiar things: " I finish giving account of which the word to recognize is equal the other way around! ". Ah! , and applause to the group that emphasizes " the extreme education of Google in its observation: ' Perhaps it wanted decir' ". Source of the news: Critic, irony and I devise: formula of success when creating a group in Facebook